*This is the very first fan fic I ever wrote…please be kind, if you can't be kind…be honest! MK

Tempe, Turmoil and Triumph

Chapter 1

'Booth- Hi, it's Tempe, I'm going to China to check out some Mongol remains that were found in Siberia from the Bajkal region and south of Turkai areas. It's very exciting! It could be a major coup for my next contribution to the Anthropological Journal. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I'll be out of the lab for the next 9 days; I don't expect it to take any longer than that. Take care of yourself, and I'll call you to pick me up when I get back! BYE!'


Booth pressed 5 and listened to the message again. After he heard the last line, he wearily closed the RAZR phone and looked around his office. The rays slanting through the blinds indicated that the day had ended without him knowing it. Again. He looked through the glass door to the silent outer office-noticing that there was only one desk still lit for work.

Propping his feet up on his desk and moving the recent case file from his lap to the floor Booth steepled his fingers over his chest and sighed. 8 days. 8 days now he has been listening to that message. Over and over again he's heard her excited voice explaining her latest foray back into her "true passion" her anthropological world, and gotten more upset each time he's heard it.

Closing his eyes Booth pictured her. Tall, strong, smooth and clear skin; bright and inquisitive eyes, chestnut hair falling from the casual pony tail. Her scent, like lemons and vanilla and the ocean breeze wafted across his memory.


Shaken from his reverie, Booth looked down at his phone- CAM S- showing on the caller ID "Camille" he spoke into the phone. "Hey Booth, the squint squad and I are heading to the Founding Fathers for drinks, would you like to join us?"

"No thanks Cam, I'm going to wrap things up here and head home"

"Seeley she's coming home tomorrow-you've been moping around all week and it's time you got out of the office and saw your friends."

A slow, small grin graced his lips as he pictured Cam's face and the rest of the squints. 5 years now and they'd all grown on him, especially Hodgins. He admired a man that stuck to his principles and stayed true to his beliefs.

"Booth? Booth, you still there?"

"Yeah, Cam I'm here"

"Well, are you going on your own, or do I need to come and get you?"

"Camille, I'll be there in 20"



"Don't call me Camille" – Click.

Booth laughed quietly to himself and decided to get up and meet his friends for a much needed drink. On the short drive to Founding Fathers Booth reflected on just how little time he had spent at the lab this week. Was it wrong that he felt out of place being there when she wasn't there? Maybe he should make more of an effort to integrate himself? Of course, he grinned, that would mean more interaction with Sweets and right now that was less than appealing.

A few years ago Sweets had asked to monitor Brennan and Booths relationship for his book. Now that the book was (for all intents and purposes) finished they were still agreeing to the weekly sessions. During which time Booth was so focused on Bones, her scent, the rustle of her clothes against her skin as she shifted, the smooth honeyed timbre of her throaty voice that he couldn't even tell you what they talked about. Sweets' had noticed and was trying to catch Booth every chance he could to get him to open up about his "inner feelings".


Hodgins smacked the driver's side window of the SUV w/his open palm, forcing him to realize that once again he'd been drifting into space just thinking of her. DAMN! Get a grip Seeley he thought to himself.

Smiling at Hodgins he got out of the Sequoia and headed into the bar with the shorter man leading the way into the noisy and familiar place.