Tempe, Turmoil and Triumph


Flying back to the states Brennan and Alana slept the entire way. Getting on to the flight hadn't been the challenge that Booth expected. Apparently Jared had made quite the impression while in India and had managed to make some pretty helpful contacts. Watching the women sleep, Booth asked Jared what the next plan was.

"Well, her family needs to know she is ok…so I think we should work on finding them." He replied.

"WE?" Seeley asked w/a slight smile. "Yeah, I'd like to help her find them and then take her there myself. I feel…well, I don't know, I feel 'right', like I'm needed by somebody-weird huh?"

"No, I know exactly how you feel man."

When they got back to the states and made it through Dulles without incidence Booth was more than a little jealous of his brothers connections, "That's a nice skill to have Jar" he said, "I know", Jared winked helping Alana into the cab. They had decided to drop Jared at a hotel to get cleaned up and the girls and Booth we're going to go back to Brennan's house.

Max & Russ were overjoyed when the group walked through the door, scooping Brennan up into a bear hug Max held on as tight as he could. "I was so worried that our time together would be cut even shorter," he said as he released her. Booth had gone to show Alana where the spare bedroom was and to fill Russ in briefly on what had happened, "Tempe," Max said, "I don't know what is going on-but that man risked his career, his future and his life to save you", She cut him off and said, "I know dad, his future and mine are linked, believe me." Russ came into give her a hug and welcome his little sister back, "We're going to go for now, but we'll both be back in a couple of days, "he said.

Going into the spare bathroom, Alana groaned aloud at the thought of a real shower, "Thank you ma'am…Tempe" she amended, "I really appreciate this."

"There are clean towels in the closet and I'll loan you some clothes." Brennan felt so protective of the young girl, "And you don't have to thank me, you saved me whether you know it or not."

That's a story I would like to hear Booth thought to himself, saying aloud, "Bones-why don't you take a shower too, I'm going to head to my place and get cleaned up, I'll be back in an hour or so," Brennan grabbed him and told him she was afraid to let him go. Handing her his St. Christopher medal he promised her he'd be back and then kissing her on the head, he took her to the master bath and told her to take a shower and relax. "I love you Bones, I'll be back."

After the much needed showers and clean clothes Alana mentioned that she was hungry and asked if she could get something from the cupboard, Booth, having had returned along with Jared, said, "I have a better idea, get your shoes on."

Everyone loaded into the SUV and Booth headed to the lab. When they got there it was unnaturally quiet. The remains of the 2 missionaries had been shipped to Canada and the squints were really there out of habit and concern. They didn't have any open cases, yet didn't know where else to go. The lab really was a gathering place for the various 'family' members. Knowing they would be upstairs, with the lower level so empty, Booth herded the rest of them up there and said to the assembled group of scientists, "Don't you people ever leave this place?" Loud shouts erupted from everyone at once. "How-What-Who-Oh My God!" everyone was talking at once. Introductions were made and everyone hugged Alana like they'd known her their whole lives.

"HOLD IT, HOLD IT, HOLD IT," Cam said, "let's go to the Founding Fathers and we can sit and eat and talk about it-sound good?" They all agreed and then Cam said, "Just a second", pulling out her phone and texted:


"Let's see how they like it," she smirked.

As they were leaving, Angela pulled Brennan aside and said with her characteristic grin in place, "Sweetie, whose house are you going to afterwards? His or yours?"

"Well," Brennan said shyly, "ours, I think…"


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