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Chapter One: Invites, Billionaires, and Burglars

Collage life was great, but sometimes lonely. I loved my high school back in my home town, even with all the stuck ups and jocks. I shouldn't have saved up money for my own apartment 30 minutes from campus. What few friends I had managed to make during class were living in the dorms, having a blast sharing secrets and nail polish. I'm not good at making companions. I hadn't even had a boyfriend during my high school years. Still, sometimes lonely was relaxing. I pick my own bedtimes, no one plays obnoxious music at 1 am, and I can throw my own parties. Now, I'm my own boss and I don't share a room with stupid little siblings. Sure, I love my sister, but it gets annoying when you don't have any privacy. Life was good, but boring.

After all, being an average hedgehog was already boring. No powers like that cool Sonic guy. 95 cm in height was average and I never share my weight, which is also average. My deep red, long quills were the only good thing about me. Many hedgehog girls can't grow long quills, so I was one of the lucky few. Amazingly, it stayed back, so I didn't have to use a headband or anything. My muzzle and the inside of my ears were very tan and the rest of my body was grey. My eyes were black and my ears were pieced. I wore my ruby earrings, black shirt with black and red tie, gold belt, red plaid skirt, black boots and fingerless gloves. The usual for the usual: boring.

So when I got to my apartment on the 4th floor, room 467, and find a blood red envelope shoved under my door, I got excited. PARTY TIME, I thought, yes… but whose birthday is it? I was so curious, I couldn't even wait until I got inside. I took my metallic blue pocket knife out and cut the letter open. I slipped the knife back on my skirt and read the following:

Dear Samantha Rivers,

I, Shadow the hedgehog, have invited you and ten guests into my glorious mansion. It has been years since anyone else has set foot in it. You are obviously one of the lucky eleven residents that will be staying in my wonderful mansion for twelve days. Bring only your important items, clothes, hygiene products, and anything else you desire. Food will be served at the mansion, and no need to bring video games, or anything to entertain yourself. You will not need them...for I assure you, you will not be bored.

There is only one stipulation: You must not tell anyone where you are going. I do not wish to make a big deal of this, and I wish you'd keep this private...even lie to everyone about this. I suggest telling them you're going to a friend's to stay for a while...I do not care what you say, but I just request that you tell no one.

I cannot wait for you to be at my wondrous mansion soon, Miss Rivers. I look forward to your visit, along with everyone else. Come to my mansion tomorrow at ten o'clock in the morning. I'll be seeing you soon.


Shadow the Hedgehog

In case you never get out of YOUR apartment, this is THE Shadow the Hedgehog: Mysterious Billionaire Extraordinaire. He probably is worth more than that, but no one knows. That's where the mysterious part comes in. As far as anyone knows, he's a rich hedgehog living in a massive mansion out in the middle of nowhere on and even more massive piece of property. He's the most closed up celebrity to ever walk Mobius, or that's what Time magazine said. According to the few pictures that circle the web, he's also the hottest/sexiest/whatever. I think good looks come into play once you know the person, not before.

This was not what was running through my little hedgehog brain as I read the invitation, though. I couldn't believe it. It had to be a scam or a practical joke. I looked around for the Candid Camera, but I never saw anything. If it was a joke, there would have been something by now. Besides, my friends wouldn't even dream of pulling a prank like this. Scam wasn't likely, either. What would the scammer get from it?

I stepped inside and locked my door. I threw my books on my lone couch and took a seat. My mind was reeling. I read it again. I touched the black ink on the ruby paper. His scrawl was neat and he was a soft writer. Someone defiantly wrote it; it was not typed. The paper wasn't lined, either. Shadow had written in a perfectly straight line. I need him to take my notes for me… I thought. I folded it carefully like it was gold (which the edges could have been) and stuck the invite to my fridge with a magnet.

Now, what does a person take on an twelve day sojourn to a home of a billionaire, assuming that it really isn't just a big, cracked-up scam? I went to my room to grab my suitcase. As I turned on the light, I remembered that I haven't cleaned in some time. My pasty white walls didn't help with disguising the mess. I might as well straighten up, I thought, I don't want to come back to this catastrophe. I managed to wade through the clothes to get to my bed. I started getting the clothes off of it and throwing them into my laundry basket when something caught my eye.

It was another red note.

I stood there, stalk still, staring at it like it was a snake.

"WOAH!!!" was my intelligent response, but what else was there to say? This was no practical joke or scam. Now this was getting plan creepy, and I didn't like it AT ALL. With trembling fingers, I read the next letter of doom:

Nice room, Miss Samantha. You have an interesting set of books...I seem to have grown attached to your book, Dragon Haven. You have many wonderful books that suit my tastes. I' can't wait to see what else we share in common. I'll see you soon. –S

O.K. Calm. Calm. Breathe. A billionaire broke into my house without me knowing. This was no joke. Apparently I know something else about the mystery-hog.

He is a burglar, and he likes Dragon Haven.

The worst part was that no one would believe me. I sat on my bed, staring at the empty space in my bookshelf were my once most precious book was kept. Call me a geek, but I liked reading, and fantasy satisfied my longing for other worlds. I have had moments where I could swear I could hear a dragon roar.

That's not the point now, though. Was I going to go or not? Pros of going: Meet Shadow the Hedgehog, spend 12 days in his mansion, get my book back, and cure my curiosity complex for good. Cons of going: He's a burglar, he has already shown he can be creepy, I have to lie to people about it, and 12 days is a long time. I, being my stupid self, decided to go. All the great stories have a brave protagonist, right? Well, now it's my turn.

With this new-found courage, I packed my bags for my stay at Shadow's, and lied to a couple of people so I could keep my end of the bargain. I was worn out by the stress of it all. I'm a horrible liar, so it takes a lot out of me.

I got together with some friends later. It is now one of my most fond memories because it almost was the last time I saw them in this life.

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