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Three of them were sitting at a white table clothed table; James, Kendall, and Logan. Carlos was seated under the table, licking his lips in excitement. He was the designated blower of the night. The short boy decided to kick off the fun with Kendall. He crawled over and cupped the blonde's crotch through his pants. The boys were invited to a ball/lecture that was to be given by the executives of Pepsi, which was a drag because they only drank Coke, and this was going to be a long night. So Logan thought it would be fun if one of them was hiding under the table, giving all of them blow jobs throughout the night. After a game of Nose Goes, or really Nose Blows, Carlos was the unlucky one-or was it lucky?-that got to suck off his best friends.

Kendall smiled. James and Logan glanced at him and knew Carlos was getting started. The Latino under the table slowly unzipped Kendall's' fly, leaving his button in place. There lay a small tent of Kendall's boxers, and the cut that was always placed above the crotch of boxers. Carlos leaned his head forward and licked the blonde's length through the thin green cotton layer. A black shoe nudged Carlos's leg, signaling him to keep going. The tan skinned boy stuck his tongue in the cut and hooked it around Kendall's dick. Carlos took his hands and pulled the two sides of boxers split by the cut to the side, not tearing them but making enough room for the full length to be pulled through. Kendall was doing his best to keep a poker face, but James knew what magic Carlos could do, and poker wasn't ever Kendall's game. As soon as the head was in his wet, hot mouth, Kendall had a grin that stretched from ear to ear, a smile to be compared to the Cheshire cats. Carlos mouth would slide from the base of the cock in his mouth to the head, and repeating until Kendall finally came into his mouth. Carlos choked it down and redid the boys fly and stuck a thumb up from under the table. It was met by a wet finger. Lovely, just lovely Kendall, Carlos thought. On hands and knees, Carlos crawled over to Logan's legs and feet.

This time, both button and zipper were undone. Carlos ruthlessly stuck his hand down Logan's boxer and pulled the boys dick from the cover of his pants. It sent a chill up Logan's spine at the sudden skin to skin contact, but there was no evidence of what Carlos was doing on his face though. The fair skinned boy had the talent to not make noise or have an expression on his face; he didn't even feel heat coursing through his veins. Carlos made little bites trailing up the shaft that was Logan's manhood. Then he soothed the marks with his tongue. When all cock to be offered from Logan was in the darker skinned boy's mouth, the fair skinned one still hadn't show any trace of cuming or even hardening. What drew the line was Carlos simply biting down hard near the head, and then Logan was all in his mouth; the salty liquid filling throat and crawling across tongue. And Carlos just crawled away; with all fly undone and a button to be redone.

And last but not least, James. Carlos would treat him special. When they were in a starting position; a placement where the Latino could blow without any complications. Light kisses were placed everywhere. James had tilted his hips up a little so that Carlos wouldn't have to stretch, and the boy under the table took advantage of this. In less than a minute of Carlos working on James, heat and saliva covered James cock. The taller brunette couldn't help it; he let a small moan escape his mouth. Kendall and Logan glared at him. But Carlos had already started tracing James veins and pulse spots with the tip of his light pink tongue. James was hard. He could've been in a separate country than Carlos and he would still remember the feeling. Carlos did this so well, and not having more was simply putting James in hell. The Hispanic boy leaned up and grasped James' dick, running his wet tounge along the underside of it, causing a shiver to errupt through the long haired teen. Then, Carlos took his pretty pink lips and wrapped them around the cock in his face, slipping it into his hot mouth. The Latino could be a little vixen when he wanted, teasing the taller boy with his wiggiling tounge. James could take no more, as he gripped his chair and squirted his cum down the smallest boys willing throat.

When they all got back home, James, Kendall, and Logan kidnapped Carlos into one of their rooms.

"We were thinking...that since you did such a good job keeping us entertained...that we would like to entertain you as well..." Kendall said slowly, smirking. James reached forward and yanked down both Carlos's pants and boxers, and the rest of the boys licked their lips staring at Carlos's crotch.

It was gonna be easy making Carlos happy tonight.