Before we jump to conclusions! I just want to say that it is true that my computers firewall has been breached and now is swarming with virus'. But I managed to upload this. P.S. This is a Prequel to the Twelve Gate Saga. Enjoy!

It was raining. Not too hard, but not too soft either. It was also cold. Very cold. Despite the fact it was the middle of June. The streets of Shuggazoom were completely empty. Well not completely. A small, single figure stood there, waiting in the middle of Shuggazoom's biggest Plaza in the center of the city. Shivering in the wind and rain hitting her pelt. She sighed. Then looked up. 'Where are you, Hyperforce?' she thought to herself.

Next Morning 6:30 am

Knock, knock Those sounds echoed through the whole robot. Knock, Knock Who can it be? KNOCK, KNOCK It came louder. KNOCK, KNOCK, THUD! "Will somebody get that already?!" Sparx roared. He obviously isn't to fond on waking up this early. Knock, knock

"I'll get it." Antauri mumbled and got out of bed and headed toward his bedroom door and quickly zipped down his transport tube. When he opened the door it revealed a hot pink monkey like himself, with sapphire blue eyes and pale pink chest.

"It's about time someone got the door." She said. "Hello, my name is Savanna Anderson. Savanna spelt like this: S-A-V-A-N-N-A but no H. But I guess you can call me Ms. Anderson if you'd like. Uh no. Just call me Savanna." Antauri gawked at her. "What?"

"Another robot monkey?" Antauri asked. "Where did you come from?"

"The alchemist made me before he made the Hyperforce. I was an experiment of his. I was supposed to be one of the four elemental monkeys. Well actually one of them was a cyborg human, but you get where I'm getting at right? Anyway with the help of this thing called 'The 12 Gate Prophesy' I was reactivated and the first thing I had to do when I was reactivated was to find you. The Hyperforce."

"The 12 Gate Prophesy? What is that? And what is this about elementals?"

"Your question will be answered in time. All I'm gonna say right now is that it is very important that we fulfill this prophesy. The fate of the entire universe depends on it! Right now, if we want that prophesy to be fulfilled we must find my colleagues so we can pose as the Hyperforce's allies during the time of The 12 Gate mission. And if you think I'm crazy. You're not far off, BUT it is my team and I's destiny to stand by you guys when we all defeat the ultimate evil."

"...I have so vary many questions."

"It's alright I understand. I'll explain everything inside." With that Savanna glided past Antauri and went into the super robot.

Short Chapter. So yeah here is the prequel to the Twelve Gates Saga. And you probably have millions of questions. (Quote)"Your questions will be answered in time."

The whole plot of the story will come in the next chapter. This is just a prologue a/o info chap. How ever you wanna say it.

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