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Forbidden Lemon

He took an agonizingly long time releasing her from the bikini top, the jerk. He continued to kiss her lips; nipping and licking them at his leisure while slowly and deliberately tugging the string that kept her breasts covered. Noodle swallowed a groan before it was heard; she could only imagine why he was prolonging what was well overdue. Was he shy about this? Trying to cherish the moment—they would certainly have more—or bask in their newly professed love for one another?

The Japanese guitarist decided in about five seconds her patience was going to run out and she was going to rip his clothes off his back. Surely he was feeling tormented as well—

Suddenly the tautness of the bikini top slackened, the right string fell over her chest while the left string remained in 2D's hand. He smirked against her lips and she felt him chuckle by the exhalation of his breath across her cheeks. She was about to snip at him for taking so long—she was not required to have patience at this moment in her life—when he moved his attention away from her lips and attacked the soft skin of her exposed neck with his lips in a hot kiss.

Noodle gasped, her body arching on its own, her chest colliding with her lovers and her hands flying from where they had been around his neck to bury themselves in his soft blue locks. The sensation! It was unlike anything she had ever felt before! Noodle moaned her appreciation, her voice and her body almost completely out of her control. Everywhere he touched her suddenly felt aflame—she became hyperaware of his mouth on her neck and shoulder, the fabric of his t-shirt separating the heat of his torso from hers. His hands, the one that had held on to her bikini string migrated to her lower back, right above her rear and the fabric covering it. The other…Noodle swallowed as her eyes involuntarily rolled back into her head. His other hand slid up the length of her spine, as if he was savoring her skin by touch, and grabbed the ties of her top knotted against her back and quickly yanked them apart. Now the only thing keeping her breasts covered by the bikini was his chest.

No sooner did that thought cross her mind, the singer pushed her hips against his own and ground softly against her, his erection colliding with her pubic bone. The guitarist gasped, phantom pleasure seeming to mock her, like the angle had not been quite right…

2D bit the flesh of her neck, earning another startled moan from her, before lifting his head to lock his endless eyes with her green ones. He smiled down at her, the bewildered look on her face one he would remember forever—and hopefully see again and again as he showed her more pleasure than she could possibly take in one lifetime.

The blue-haired singer kissed her stunned face once more. "Yeh taste like sun lotion, lil' love," he whispered, licking his lips for effect and watching how her eyes followed his tongue.

Biting her lip as his tongue retreated back behind his own, Noodle found her courage hiding under her blush. "Perhaps we can continue this in the shower," she said brazenly. She silently cheered when she noticed 2D's eyes go wide at her statement. Before the singer could open his mouth to object, Noodle stepped away from him, allowing her top to fall away and reveal her breasts. She paused only for a moment before him, wondering if his eyes could go any wider before she skirted around him and headed for the bathroom. She added an extra swagger to her step, knowing his eyes were glued to her swaying behind. Noodle smiled, pausing again in the doorway and without looking back, wiggled out of her bottoms before disappearing into the bathroom.

2D winced as he watched her bare rear disappear from his view into the bathroom. His cock was straining painfully against his jeans. He reached to readjust himself until he heard the shower turn on and the shower curtain swish close. Wot the 'ell am I doin'?

Noodle giggled, hearing 2D trip over the various objects that were supposedly between him and the door to the shower and cursing up a storm in the process. It was not until he ripped back the shower curtain did she realize what he had been tripping over. Noodle gasped.

2D had been tripping over his own clothes.

His eyes, she could only guess, were locked on her. His breathing was erratic, from short gasps to long sighs. Noodle glanced down from his face to his—she could not stop the blush that crept up her neck and had nothing to do with the heat of the water. She had never seen his...before. Her mouth began to water as she watched his cock move with the movements of his body. She wanted him…she wanted him badly and she wanted him now.

Grabbing his arm, she yanked him into the shower, grabbing his face and kissing him with ferocity while he sorted out getting the rest of his body into the shower and slamming the curtain shut. This time she took the lead and grazed her tongue across his lip, alerting him to her wants. He grabbed her face then before giving in to her and leaned back to meet her gaze.

"I…I wanted…I wanted to go slow at first. Make 'is somethin' yeh'd always rememba."

Noodle shook her head fiercely, "I doubt I would ever forget this, 2D. Please," she whined, begging him to touch her, kiss her, taste her, anything.

2D groaned, reminding himself that this is about what she wants at the moment, and dove for her lips, capturing them with his own in a searing kiss. His hands immediately found her breasts, cupping them as if he were weighing them before they were swallowed completely by his large hands as he massaged her. Noodle groaned into his mouth, her own hands gripping his sides. Feeling adventurous, the guitarist slid her hand down the singer's hip to his thigh, squeezing him before dancing her fingers over to the erection poking her stomach. 2D suddenly pulled away from the kiss, hissing at the contact. Alarmed and thinking she had done something wrong, Noodle snatched her hand away.

"Sorry! Sorry! I didn't mean to hurt—"

2D was quick to silence her with another kiss. "No, no, love, i's awright. It felt good love, I promise."

Noodle did not look convinced, but was effectively distracted when 2D lightly pinched one of her nipple between his fingers. Gasping loudly, she arched her back into his ministrations.

"More…!" she whispered. Not one to deny his love, 2D leaned down to lick the other nipple before capturing the bud in between his lips. The water from the shower combined with her own sweet taste created a nectar he felt he could sustain him for the rest of his life.

Noodle's hand began its quest once again toward the singer's jutting erection, this time a little more confidence and gusto came with her. She grabbed his cock at the base, her fingers caressing the blue-haired sacs before gripping it in her fist and slowly working her way toward his tip and back. This time when 2D shuddered from her ministrations, she began to pump faster—touching and kissing him like tomorrow was not an option.

2D had begun a mantra of sorts in his mind so he could remain focused and prolong her enjoyment as much as possible. Kiss her, touch her, lick her, caress her—anything to keep him from throwing courtesy and ritual to the wind and taking her right then and there. The singer groaned again when his lovely guitarist ran her thumb across the tip of his cock; he bit his lip to help restrain himself once more before an idea came to him and he attacked her breasts with licks and kisses before sliding down her torso and kneeling in the shower, the water pounding on his back as his face came in line with her groin.

Noodle had whined softly when she was unable to continue her ministrations as the singer moved away from her, but that was quickly replaced by a gasp when his fingers found the lips of her womanhood and spread them.

"'D! What're you—ah!" 2D had thrown one of her legs over his shoulder to spread her further apart and then licked her entire slit. The singer groaned mentally, he was trying to do everything that could make this enjoyable for her and it was constantly tormenting him!

Fortunately for the poor singer, Noodle had never experienced a pleasure like what he was giving her and felt ready to explode at any moment. Her fingers laced through the singer's blue locks and gripped his head with a strength that matched the tension in her body. She felt something building within her, something she did not recognize, but it felt…powerful.

2D heard his name muttered over and over again in a broken litany from the gasping woman in his arms. He squeezed her thighs in his hands and licked the tiny bud at the top of her slit. Noodle's reaction was almost instantaneous; her body jackknifed off the shower wall, her back arching and half her weight leaning on the singer's shoulder. Her mouth gaped open in a silent scream as an explosion of tremors danced across her entire body. 2D watched her the entire time, fascinated and aroused by the sight. Ready for her to finish, he licked her in the same spot one more time, his tongue circling her core before slowly tracing up to her bud once more.

This time a shriek erupted from the Axe Princess' open mouth, her body stiff and unmoving as the orgasm coursed through her body. The blue-haired singer smiled in relief, glad he could give her as much. Now…

Standing, the singer slid her one leg down to the crook of his arm and lifted the other to his waist. Leaning in, 2D captured her lips in a hot kiss, the guitarist barely responding as she slowly came down from the euphoria she had been in. Then she felt it, felt the singer position himself at her entrance and carefully slide the tip in. Noodle groaned, her body still in spasms from her orgasm and arched her back once more, pushing down slightly on the singer's erection. Still kissing the woman in his arms, 2D shoved his hips against hers, breaking past the barrier that kept them apart and burying himself inside of her to the hilt.

He stopped. Noodle's gasp disappeared in the kiss as her body clenched around him from the sudden invasion. The singer waited patiently, breaking the kiss and whispering soothing words to his love as the pain started to subside. Once the pain was nothing more than a lulling ache, the guitarist shifted her hips experimentally and gasped at the explosion of sensation that came from where the two were joined. Looking up at the singer, Noodle noticed the poor man was shaking with the amount of restraint he was forced to exhibit. She smiled, pulling her legs against the singer's backside and bringing him closer to her.

2D took this as a vague hint to move and burst into frantic motion almost instantly. Pressing her against the shower wall, both his hands supporting them, the singer began to pump his hips against hers, grunting at every collision of their hips.

Noodle moaned loudly at the new sensation and feelings she experienced…feelings she never imagined such an act could produce. Post-orgasm, she felt everything; every drop of water sliding down her body, every inch of her flesh that was pressed against the tile, every point where her flesh met his. She felt incredible.

Feeling particularly sexy at the moment, Noodle leaned forward with her arms around the singer's neck and began licking the shell of his ear, kissing his neck, biting him, anything to make him feel the pleasure that she felt at that moment.

Later, Noodle would assume that her naughty behavior had worked. Almost immediately the singer's pace had sped up, his breathing turning to gasping pants. This in turn increased the guitarist's pleasure almost ten fold. She came again on a particularly hard collision of their hips and shouted her orgasm out to the shower ceiling. Then, just as she came down again she had the pleasure of watching her love come with a groan, his body stiffening as his back arched. Noodle just stared, hyperaware of him, of how he felt against her. He was beautiful.

As the singer tried not to collapse in the shower, he slowly slid out of the guitarist with a gentle movement. She also slid down the shower wall, leaning against it since her legs were not very trustworthy at the moment. 2D rested his forehead against hers, an exhausted smile tracing his lips. Noodle smiled back, kissing him softly on the lips.

He reached past her and grabbed the soap, working the suds in his hands and slowly working it over her body. Very slowly. At first, Noodle reveled in the sensation, still coming down from her second orgasm and loving the feel of her lover touching her.

That is…until her arousal started to build again.

The guitarist bit her lip, wondering if she was becoming a total wretch only after her first time. However the singer's still naked and dripping wet body was there for her viewing pleasure and only kicked up her arousal even more.

Feeling filthy, Noodle grabbed the singer and whispered something very un-Noodle-like in his ear. The singer paused, his mouth gaping open before he grinned and wrapped his arms around the woman he loved.

"Give meh fifteen minutes, lil' love."


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