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Name: Nova Rhea (Ray)

Age: 16

Appearance: Medium brown skin, dark brown eyes, dark brown, mid-back length hair. 5'1"

Abilities: She has sensitive senses, like that of a blind person, but her eyes are normal.

Rhea found herself walking aboard the Hunter-Gratzner with several other passengers. Some were staff, some were normal passengers, and some were convicts. Everyone that boarded had to be put into cryo-stasis chambers because the journey was going to be far and long. The passengers were being escorted to their cryo-stasis chambers a group at a time. One of the chambers caught her attention because it seemed to harbor a beast of a man. Every muscle in his body was bulging under his tanned skin. He stood about 6'0" or so, maybe taller, he had a shaved head, and was decked out in all black attire. He had his eyes covered and had what looked to be a horse bit in his mouth, and was chained up as well. And though he had a blindfold over his eyes he seemed to follow the group as they passed by his chamber.

To answer the question of what category Rhea fell under as a passenger on the ship, would be a convict. Like the man chained up in his cryo-stasis chamber, she was also decked out in all black. She wore a black wife beater, and black cargo pants that were tucked into her black calf-high black boots. She had been told that going into cryo-stasis was like going into a coma, and that when someone is in a coma it only feels like they've been out for a few minutes, when in reality they could have been out for years.

As she got into her chamber she was told that she would be ejected once they got to where it was they were going and would be handed over to whichever slam was supposed to be receiving her. Her last moments of freedom would involve her sleeping in a cryo-stasis chamber. Every teenage girl's dream.

She had been out for what seemed like ten minutes when she started hearing a really loud alarm go off, and saw red lights flashing through her eyelids.

"Seriously?" She said, thoroughly annoyed at the noise and lights.

She was ejected from her chamber and had to stand against it to keep her balance. As she looked around and saw everything was in ruins she became more roused from her half sleep.

"What? What the hell is going on?" She exclaimed panicked.

She looked around to see if anyone else had been ejected from their chambers. If they had been then they had already left out of that part of the ship, or what was left of it since one whole side of it was gone. She stumbled around the ship and ended up walking past the chamber of the man who she had labeled, 'The Beast'. It was empty. The glass had been smashed so she could only assume that, 'The Beast', forced his way out.