The Ultimate Shinobi: Namikaze Naruto

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Chapter 1: Birth of the Ultimate Shinobi Pt. 1

Underground ROOT Base Laboratory

In a dark and barely lit lab was a tank contained with a green liquid. In it was a small figure that was 9 years old and naked. Over his mouth was what looked like a breathing apparatus and tubes were connected to certain parts of his body. He was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, the son of the Kiiroi Senkou and Aka no Shi, Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze.

During the Incident where the ambassador of Kumo tried to kidnap the Hyuuga Heiress Hinata, Danzo took this opportunity to have one of his ROOT ANBU kidnap Naruto and bring him back to the base since the matron at the orphanage kicked him out and he was found in an alley barely alive thanks to a mob. So for the next 4 years, he had his ROOT teach Naruto the shinobi basics and had the medics and scientists perform experiments on the boy and inject the DNA of the strongest Ninja to ever live in Konoha and a few others who were just as powerful.

The DNA of Madara Uchiha, Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, Hanzo the Salamander, The Third and Fourth Kazekage, Second and Third Tsuchikage Mu and Onoki , a member of the Yuki and Terumi clan as well as the Third Raikage was injected into his body by melding their latent abilities or bloodline traits into a single body.

Danzo Shimura, the war hawk who competed with Hiruzen for the title of Sandaime, watched with look of glee in his single left eye. A dark smile was on his face as he watched the boy's unconscious form float in the tank. 'Sarutobi you fool. You have given me the ultimate weapon and with him under my command I'll overthrow you and create Konoha in my image. With the abilities of the greatest ninja to ever exist and the powers of the Kyuubi no Yoko in his being, I'll be unstoppable. The Shinobi world will be mine to rule.' He thought and would've ranted on in his mind until an alarm went of and several explosions were heard.

"What was that!?" He yelled as a ROOT Member appeared kneeling before Danzo.

"Danzo-sama. We have been breached. The Sandaime and his ANBU forces have surrounded the hidden base and right now his men have entered." He explains and the war hawks eye widens in horror.

"What!? How did he find the base!?" He demanded as another explosion echoed in the base.

"W-we don't know Danzo-sama." The ROOT ANBU answered while the man grits his teeth and squeezes his cane.


Outside Danzo's compound, Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Shinobi no Kami, and Sandaime Hokage of Konoha was currently in his battle armor with 60 of his best ANBU surrounding the compound. His double agent, Neko had sent the man a message that she had found Naruto in the Hidden base that was under Danzo's compound.

To say Sarutobi was pissed was an understatement. He was gonna kill that fool for what he's done. He already had a few of his men set explosives on the key points of the compound and they dealt with the ROOT guards. That was when an ANBU with an Inu mask and gravity defying silver hair appeared, kneeling before his leader.

"Hokage-sama, the compound is completely surrounded and we have dealt with the guards." He says and the man nods.

"Good, have your unit along with Tori and Taka get ready to enter once the explosives are set off." He says.

"Hai!" Inu says and shunshins away. Sarutobi bites his thumb and performs a few hand seals.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu." He says and in a puff of smoke, a monkey with wild white hair and brown yellow eyes appears. He was the monkey king, Enma.

"Sarutobi? Why have you summoned me?" He asks.

"Enma I need your help in dealing with a bothersome fly. He's actually an old associate named Danzo." He says.

Enma's eyes widen but the return to normal. "So that war hawk is up to his old tricks again? Very well I'll help you deal with that fool. Hopefully I'll get to break his other arm." He says with a chuckle. "Henge." Enma transforms into an Adamantine Staff that was black with gold tips on the end. Sarutobi then looks at Tori.

"Do it." He says. Tori nods and lights up a flare and 15 more light up from different locations and then does a ram seal.

"Katsu." He mutters and an explosion from the first gate is seen. Then a few more explosions are heard.

"Go!" Sarutobi says, and that was when ANBU leaped from the trees, passing Sarutobi, and heading towards the compound as do the other black ops. Sarutobi twirls the staff in his hands and leaps out of the trees to join in the battle.


Danzo was pissed. No, he was beyond pissed. He kept wondering how that old fool found his base. ROOT ANBU were running left and right and the sounds of explosions, blades clashing, and screaming was heard. Another one of his ROOT ANBU appeared.

"Danzo-sama, half of our forces have been killed or captured. We must retreat to one of our bases." He says.

Danzo growls in frustration as he gazes at his soon to be weapon in the tank. "No, I am not leaving without my weapon!" He says and the Ne member looks at him in shock.

"D-Danzo-sama we are being overwhelmed. Almost all of the escape routes have been destroyed or blocked. We must escape now!" The ROOT ANBU reasoned. Danzo snarles and slams the tip of his cane on the floor, creating a small crack.

"Damn you… damn you Hiruzen Sarutobi! Let's go!" He says and takes one last glance at the sleeping Naruto and frowns be fore heading into a hidden escape route. Meanwhile, Sarutobi swatted away a tanto that was aimed at his head by a ROOT soldier and then strikes the drone on the side of his head and a sickening crunch was heard as he fell to the floor with blood and brain oozing out of his head.

He then throws a volley of shuriken at a few and performs a few hand seals. "Kage Shuriken Bushin no Jutsu." He says and the five shuriken become 15 and hit three of the distracted ROOT who were dodging some of the attacks the ANBU pulled and fell to the ground dead.

"Chidori!" The Inu masked ANBU yelled out as he cut through the ROOT leaving a lightning streak as he ran by the smoking and electrocuted bodies of the drones he killed.

Inu sees a door that had the kanji lab on it and kicks the door to the lab down, surprising the med and scientists. A group of ANBU leap passed him and restrained the medics and scientist that tried to escape. Inu looks around and notices a green tank. He walks towards it and gasps when he sees a blonde seven year old floating in it with a breathing apparatus covering half of his face and tubes were on certain parts of his body.

"It's him." He says and walks over to a restrained scientist and picks him up by his collar. "You, how do we get him out of that tank?" he demand and the scientist just scoffs at Inu. Inu then pulls a kunai out and stabs him in the shoulder, making him scream out in pain. "The next one will end up in your skull." He says as he pushes the kunai even further into the man's shoulder, making a blood stain appear and squirt out.

"How do we get him out?" He demands in a dark tone. The scientist looks up and speaks.

"I-it's the blue button." He says only to get knocked out by the man.

"Get this scum and the others out of here and send them to Ibiki. He hasn't had any decent playmates for awhile." He says and the ANBU drag the kicking and screaming scientists out of the lab.

"Neko with me." He says and she nods as they walk towards the tank. "Check for traps." He commands.

"Hai Sempai." She says and checks the tank for any traps. "No traps Sempai." She says and he nods and pushes the blue button. The green liquid bubbles up and starts to get drained away until it was empty with the unconscious blonde boy hanging from the tubes. The tank moves down and the boy's body starts to fall out but Neko catches his sleeping form.

She carefully removes the tubes and breathing apparatus and sets him down gently. She then grabs one of the lab coats and wraps it around his body to keep him warm. Inu was currently holding the side of his mask and static was heard. He then moves his hand down and looks at Neko.

"Neko I am going to join up with Hokage-sama and help him hunt down Danzo. I'm leaving you in charge with the squad. Make sure nothing happens to the boy." He says and she salutes him while he shunshins away.

Outside the compound

Danzo and four of his ROOT were heading for the south gate until a barrage of kunai stopped them in their track. Danzo curses as 20 ANBU appear and surround him. "Do you honestly think I'd let you escape after what you have done Danzo?" Said a deep and harsh voice. The war hawk turns around to see a pissed off Hiruzen glaring at the man with his Adamant Staff in his hand.

"Hokage-sama to what do I owe the honor?" He asks in a mocking voice.

"Silence you traitor. What you have done is unforgivable and considered an act of treason. I know you had help from certain members of the council and I will find out who they were. Give up. Your forces are defeated, the village is on complete lockdown and I already have my Jonin tracking down your other bases." He states as he releases his KI on the man.

Danzo grits his teeth and glares at Hiruzen. "You were a fool to not let that boy be a weapon. I did what was necessary to make sure this village remained as the strongest. Why the Nidaime let a weak fool like you become Hokage I'll never know." He said and that only pissed Hiruzen off further.

"I suggest you pick your next words carefully Danzo. You have nowhere to run or hide. You didn't become Hokage back then and you won't become it now. Not as long as I draw breath from my body." He says. One of the ROOT tried to charge at Hiruzen with a kunai only to be decapitated and stabbed by three ANBU. The other three were killed by a volley of kunai and shuriken and fall over dead.

Danzo's eyes widen as he saw his last line of defense perish. He then pulls out the hidden blade in his cane and charges at Hiruzen. The god of Shinobi swats the blade away with his staff, making Danzo's eye widen in shock. Before the man could react, Sarutobi struck him in the kneecap, and the sound of bones snapping from his leg was heard. Danzo cries out in pain and collapses.

He then reaches for the blade and tries to grab it, but Hiruzen slams his foot on the man's hand, crushing it. "You never did know when to quit Danzo." He says and adds more pressure on his foot and hears the man's knuckles crack and break, making his hand useless. Danzo looks up at Sarutobi with a look of hate in his eyes.

"I may die Hiruzen but as long as you hold on to your stupid beliefs of peace in the ninja world, Konoha will always be weak. That boy will bring our village to the top of the elementals." He stated. Sarutobi grabbed the man by his hair and pulled him up to his eye level.

"Yes he will but it won't be through your envision." He says and buries his fist into the man's gut making him hunch over and then backhands him in the temple, knocking him out.

That was when Inu appears knelling before the Hokage. "Did your squad recover the boy Inu?" Sarutobi asks and the ANBU captain nods. "Good. Have Danzo sent to Ibiki and tell him to show no mercy." He ordered and Inu nods as he grabs Danzo and shunshins away.

"Show no mercy? Damn. I almost fell sorry for the poor bastard." Tora says as some of the other ANBU nod. A smirk appears on Sarutobi's face when he heard the comment but then spoke up.

"Alright then, the rest of you make there are no stragglers and place a restriction sign around the compound. Tora inform the ANBU commander that the lockdown is over." He says and the ANBU nods and shunshins away.

That was when Neko appears with the blond haired boy wrapped in a lab coat. "Here's the boy Hokage-sama. The squads have managed to kill most of the ROOT ANBU and the ones that survived are being detained." She says. Sarutobi nods. "Good work Neko. You and Shishi (lion) come with me to the hospital, Jackal!" He called out and an ANBU wearing a Jackal mask appeared. I need you and two squads of ANBU try to find Jiraiya and Tsunade and tell them it's urgent. He says getting a nod from jackal and shunshins away.

Sarutobi looks at the sleeping form of Naruto and his gaze softens. "I don't know what that man has done to you my boy but I promise he will pay." He says and the three head to the hospital. Hiruzen was currently sitting beside the bed the sleeping boy was in. Naruto still had his blond spiky hair but it was longer (Ichigo's hair style from dangai) with crimson red streaks in his bangs. His whisker marks were faded and he had canines jutting from his upper lip.

Neko and Shishi (lion) were guarding the door outside. That was when a white blur shot through the window shocking Sarutobi and the two ANBU bust through the door with their hands on the hilts of their Ninjatos. They then realized that the panting man was none other than Jiraiya, the Gama Sennin.

"S-sensei I got her as fast as I could and Tsunade is currently on her way he-GAAHHH!" He says as a female with long platinum blonde hair that was tied in a pony tail wearing kimono-style blouse with no sleeves which revealed her impressive cleavage with blue pants, open toed heels, and a green jacket with the kanji for gamble on it came through the window and landed on Jiraiya's spine panting heavily.

"Where is he Sen-mmmph?!" She started to yell but Sarutobi covered her mouth doing a shushing motion with his finger.

"Oh Kami my spine." Jiraiya groaned out laying across the ground face first while the ANBU sweat drop at the scene.

Sarutobi removes his hand from her mouth and gives her a stern look. "Use your inside voice Tsunade and please get off of Jiraiya. You're standing on his spine." He informed her and she looks down at her perverted teammate.

"Oh sorry about that pervert." She hops off the groaning man who then got up and popped his back in place.

"Man that hurt." He says and then turns his head to Naruto's sleeping form and his eyes widen. "Sensei is that" Jiraiya asks and Sarutobi nods.

"I'm glad you both are here. Jiraiya I need you to check his body for any odd seals and to check that one." He emphasizes. Jiraiya blinks but nods.

After checking the boy's body for any odd seals, he looks at the Shiki Fuin and blinks for a while. "That's odd. The seal is intact and hasn't been tampered with but for some reason it looks like its formation has been rotated or reversed. Sensei what the hell is up with this?" He asks. Sarutobi was about to speak up until the head doctor walked in.

"Excuse me for the interruption Hokage-sama but I am finished analyzing the blood and DNA samples." He says.

"I see, Can you tell me is there any odd changes Nishiki-san?" He asks and Tsunade blinks at this wondering why he'd do that. Nishiki tilts his glasses up and sighs.

"What I'm about to tell you will shock you, especially you Tsunade-sama." He says and they raise an eyebrow.

"What does his condition have to do with her?" Jiraiya asks.

The doctor sighs and brushes his hair back before speaking "You're not gonna believe this but after doing some careful analyzing of the samples and matching them… I found out that the boy carries the DNA of a couple of individuals in this village and some of them are foreign. Tsunade-sama… your DNA and blood type apparently matches the boys." He said. Hiruzen's eyes bulge out of his head and his jaw drops, Jiraiya fainted, and Tsunade was gapping like a fish.

"Please tell me that this is a joke Nishiki-san." He asks and the man shakes his head.

"No and he also carries the DNA of not only his biological parents but also Madara Uchiha, the 2nd and 3rd Kazekage along with the 2nd and 3rd Tsuchikage, 3rd Raikage, and lastly a member from the Yuki Clan, Terumi Clan, and Hanzo the Salamander ." He finished.

"HE WHAT!?" Hiruzen yells and the entire room shakes. Shizune and Tonton were panting as they finally made it to the hospital until they heard the yell.

"What was that?" She wondered and Tonton just oinked.


Hiruzen couldn't believe what he heard the other day. Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze was injected with the DNA of not only the strongest Hokage's and Uchiha to ever live, but he also that of Hanzo's, five different kage, has possibly inherited their bloodlines and latent abilities such Kazekage's ability using magnet release to manipulate elements like iron, sand, or other earthly based materials as well as Onoki's and Mu's Dust Release power and flight and maybe even Mu's camouflage technique that can't be detected by sensor-types. "This is so troublesome. I can't believe Danzo did this to him." He mumbles.

Tsunade walks in the waiting room yawning and rubbing her eyes. "Hey Sensei, you look like you've been through hell and back." She jokes and he chuckles at her comment.

"I really need to find a successor and soon. I'm really getting too old for this. The council is gonna be a pain today." He mumbles. "Anyway you did a physical on the boy. Is he still asleep?" He asks

She nods and frowns. "Yes. Danzo had his medics put a powerful sleeping drug into the boy's body. It only lasts for a day so he should wake up in three hours. As for his physical, aside from the slight muscle on his body and the color streaks in his hair and incisors in his upper jaw being longer than normal, he's fine but the real question is how in the hell Danzo acquired those DNA samples most of them were top secret and some of them are foreign?" She wondered with a serious expression on her face. "But that's not got me worried. He shouldn't have survived the process of having different forms and structures of DNA into his body. It should've killed him since his blood and DNA type didn't even match half of them. I mean when we found out about how Orochimaru tried to replicate the mokuton my grandpa had with those 60 babies, only one survived the process." She explained and he nods.

"It must've been the fox's doing. That's the only explanation I can come up with Tsunade." Sarutobi states and she sighs.

"Question is how in the hell did Danzo get his hands on the boy?" She asks. That was when Jiraiya walked out the door wiping a bead of sweat off of his forehead.

"I'd like to know as well Sensei. You said Minato's kid would be safe in your hands and away from Danzo so spill it." He said in a tone that meant he wasn't joking. The reason he couldn't visit Naruto so much was because he had to update his spy network that was spread across the elementals. He did however send the kid gifts and small sums of money to Hiruzen for Naruto.

But when he was sent that message about how his sensei and several ANBU squads found the boy in his underground basement, he moved at speeds that would make Gai and his late student green with envy and look like a joke. Tsunade did the same since Sarutobi only contacted her when the situation was dire.

Hiruzen rubs the bridge of his nose and speaks up. "It happened during the incident with Kumo when their ambassador tried to kidnap the Hyuuga heiress. The matron of the orphanage kicked Naruto out and left him to fend for himself in the street. I was busy at the time dealing with Kumo and the council and that was when Danzo had his men kidnap the boy. I had one of my ANBU play as a double agent in his so called 'disbanded' organization for 4 years and when I got the message of a blonde boy being experimented on I had placed the village on lockdown and I along with my best ANBU stormed his compound." He explains.

That was when Jiraiya clenched his fists in anger and he was releasing a small amount of KI in the hospital. "I'm gonna kill that crippled bastard." He snarled and slammed his fist into a wall, leaving a small crack in it.

"Please tell me you're gonna execute that bastard. Because if you don't I will." Tsunade said as she cracked her knuckles.

Sarutobi has a grim look on his face. "Oh don't worry I plan on executing him. He's now under the care of Ibiki and Inoichi. I know that certain members on the council are in league with them and they too will pay the ultimate price." He says. That was when Jiraiya spoke. "So let me get this straight old man. Naruto's genetic structure not only carries the DNA of two powerful Senju and an Uchiha but also that of his parent's, Hanzo's, two clans from Kiri and a few Kage correct?" He asks and Sarutobi nods.

"So it's possible that he has inherited the abilities of said people like the Sharingan and the Shodaime's Mokuton and let's not forget about the Nidaime's ability to manipulate water out of thin air." He says and Tsunade's eyes widen.

"But there's a slim chance that he can even have the Mokuton since no other male in my clan other than my grandfather had the bloodline other than that ANBU but his form of Mokuton is weaker and it doesn't have the properties of the one my grandpa had." She stated.

"True but with the kyuubi sealed in the boy it's still possible Tsunade." Jiraiya says.

"Hanzo had one over water which made him faster and due to his affiliation with salamanders he could use poison as a weapon." He says and Sarutobi rubs his chin in thought.

"Then there's kushina's chakra chains along with her affinity to creating seals." He answered and Jiraiya crossed his arms and thinks about it.

"It does seem possible. Is the compound still intact sensei?" Jiraiya asks and the man nods. "I know that war hawk has a journal or files that he keeps. I'm gonna go see if I can find some clues on what Danzo was planning to do with Naruto and those DNA samples." He says and Sarutobi nods at the man before he disappears in a puff of smoke.

Tsunade gets up and was about to speak up. 'Hold on Tsunade. I need to speak with you for a moment." He says and she turns to blink at him. "What is it sensei? I need to go check up on Shizune and Tonton." She says.

"I know but this won't take long. It's about Naruto." He says.

"What about him?" She asks.

"I know you just got back to the village but I was wondering… since the boy is in some form your last living relative, would you consider adopting him into your clan?" He asks and Tsunade's eyes widen.

"A-are you serious? Why would you ask me of all people to adopt him?" She asks and gets a smile from the old man.

"Tsunade… know you still hold some form of resentment with Konoha due to the death of your brother and your former lover." He says and her eyes widen slightly and turned around fully.

"But you shouldn't spend your life wallowing in self pity. You did the best you could to save Dan and you lost Nawaki due to the war, but they along with your grandfather and uncle wouldn't want you to live this way. If you adopt Naruto then you would have someone aside from Shizune in your life to live for." Tsunade looks away for a while but then speaks up.

"But why me? I don't think I'd be a good role model and influence for the boy." She states and Sarutobi shakes his head. "Don't doubt yourself Tsunade. You did manage to take care of Dan's niece since you left the village." He commented and Tsunade smiled sheepishly while rubbing the back of her head.

"More like she was taking care of me sensei." She said and he chuckled. Shizune was in a hotel sleeping on a bed and she sneezed. "All kidding aside Tsunade, I would like you to adopt him." He says and she thinks about it.

"What about the council?" She asks and the old man scoffs. "I have no issues with the shinobi council and clan heads but it's the civilians that'll be a pain, but I'll put those fools in their place. I may be old but I can still keep their sorry asses in line." He says with a dark grin on his face.

Tsunade has a smirk on her face. "I haven't seen that smile in a while. You're gonna screw them over aren't you?" She asks and the man nods keeping the smile on his face.

"I sure am and I'll show those fools what happens when you cross paths with the Shinobi no Kami." He answers. She ponders on the thought of adopting the kid.

She always wanted a kid after the second war ended with Dan and wanted to be a mother. But biologically he is related to her and there was no way she was gonna let Jiraiya adopt him and turn him into a pervert. "Okay sensei I've decided to adopt him since he is in a way 'related' to me and carries the DNA of a Senju and since I am part Uzumaki through my grandmother's side of the family." She says and he smiles.

"Thank you Tsunade. So do you plan on staying in Konoha? You can still leave whenever you want but you have to cut back on the sake and gambling." He says and she pouts.

"Fine." She relented while he snickers at how she was acting.

"Also I plan on training the boy personally." He says and her eyes bulge out of her head.

"Say what!? I thought you were done once you finished training me, Jiraiya and Orochimaru." She states.

"Nope. I still have a few good years left in me Tsunade. I wish to pass on my knowledge to Naruto. That boy is the future of this village and he'll without a doubt surpass all of the previous kage including his father." He says.

"Oh kami if he's anything like Minato and Kushina then he'll be a force to be reckoned with." She says and Sarutobi nods.

"Yes he will." He says.

"You know we'll have to inform Fugaku of Naruto possibly inheriting the Sharingan." Tsunade says and he sighs.

"Kami being the Hokage sucks." He mutters and she laughs and pats him on the back. That was when a nurse walked in.

"Hokage-sama, Tsunade-sama, the boy has awakened." She says. "Well let's go Tsunade." Hiruzen said to his student and they head to Naruto's room. Said blonde was opening his eyes slowly and looks up at the ceiling.

"Where am I? This isn't one eyes lab." He mutters and hears a voice in his head.

"It's about time you woke up kit." Said a deep yet melodic voice.

"Kasumi-chan? Where the heck are we?" He asks. Kasumi is the Kyuubi and it was thanks to her that Naruto was still alive but at a price. She had to force half of her power into the seal and reverse the effect, turning Naruto into a hanyou. Naruto's speed, strength, stamina, senses, and healing factor increased to super human levels.

"We're in the hospital. Apparently the Sandaime and his ANBU rescued you from that war hawk's clutches." She says and he slowly sits up. His blue eyes were slitted he had a tint of red around the pupil. He sees the door open and Hiruzen and a blonde haired woman walk in.

"Hey Saru-oji, long time no see." Naruto says and the man smiles.

"Hey Naruto, how do you feel?" He asks

"Like my head is gonna split open." He answered before Tsunade walked forward.

"You seem to be suffering from a bit of head trauma. Here let me help." Tsunade offers and he looks at her and back at Sarutobi who nods.

"It's alright Naruto she's my student and the best medics in Konoha." He assured his surrogate grandson. Naruto nods and watches as Tsunade's hands glow green and she presses her hands against the sides of his head.

Naruto lets out a sigh of relief. "Is that better?" She asks and Naruto nods.

"Yes. Thanks pretty lady." He says with a grin on her face and she ruffles his head while eye smiling. "Well aren't you sweet?" She says and Hiruzen chuckles at this.

"Naruto I need to talk to you about your 'condition'." He says. "You mean the Kyuubi?" He asks and their eyes widen in shock. "I found out from that Danzo guy and met her when I was 5. That guy did something to me that could've killed me but Kasumi-chan kept me alive." He answers and Sarutobi's jaw dropped.

The Kyuubi was female and she kept him alive all this time. "I see. Now Naruto I need to know has any part of your body felt… odd in some way like your eyes for example?" He asks and Naruto nods.

"Yeah my eyes kept feeling funny and when I open them, my vision is clearer and I can see an odd energy, I think it's called chakra and everything else seemed to move slow." He says.

Sarutobi's eyes widen. 'It must've been the Sharingan. I wonder.' "Naruto can you try to focus chakra into your eyes?" He asks. Naruto nods and he focuses some chakra into his eyes. They were now crimson and there were three tomoe in each eye.

"Can you see my chakra Naruto?" He asks and the blonde nods. "Apparently Naruto you have activated the Sharingan and a fully mature one at that. It's a doujutsu that belongs to the Uchiha clan." He explains and Naruto looks at him.

"Oh. So does that mean that I'm an Uchiha?" He asks.

"More or less but they're not the only ones you're related to." He says and Naruto blinks in confusion. So for the next 10 minutes, Sarutobi explains to Naruto how Danzo injected the DNA of the Strongest Shinobi that ever lived in Konoha and a few from a different nation into his body. Naruto was shocked but was calm about it.

"I see. So what does gonna happen to me?" He asks as he deactivates the Sharingan and Hiruzen smirks at him.

"Well Naruto Tsunade here is gonna adopt you since you are both related from your mother's side of the family and I'll be taking you on as an apprentice." He says. Naruto's eyes were now the size of dinner plates.

"R-really?" He asks and Sarutobi nods.

"Yes really. Do you know the basics of being a shinobi?" He asks and Naruto nods.

"Yeah, that Danzo guy had some guys wearing blank masks teach me the basics but that's about it." He answered and Tsunade's finger twitched and Sarutobi frowned.

"I see. Naruto when they were 'training' you did you go through any processes that would 'kill' your emotions?" He asks and Naruto blinked for a while and speaks up.

"Yeah he tried by having those guys with the blank masks cast something called genjutsu on me but thanks to Kasumi all they did was annoy me but she me told to play the fool and make them think they were 'killing' my emotions." He answered and their eyes widen at that.

"That's very impressive for someone your age Naruto. I'm sorry you had to go through that traumatic experience but don't worry. You won't have to worry about that fool ever again."

He says with a look of assurance on his face. Naruto looks at him smiles. "Thanks for getting me out of that place."

"You're welcome. Now then I'll be going to get the adoption papers ready for you and your new guardian Naruto." He says and then leaves the room. Tsunade sits in a chair and looks back at the blonde boy.

"Since I'm gonna be adopted by you do I call you Kaa-san, or Oba-san?" He asks. A smirk forms on her lips and she ruffles his hair again.

"I prefer to be called Kaa-san. Oba-san makes me sound old." She says while he grins at her.

"Okay… kaa-san. Are you gonna help me with my training too?" He asks.

Tsunade ponders on it for a while and nods. "Yes I'll be training you along with my assistant, Shizune." She says.

"Thanks. Are you really strong Kaa-san?" He asks and she chuckles and nods. "Yes I am… sochi. I am the strongest female ninja in the elemental nations. I can break a boulder with my index finger and cause earthquakes with a tap of my heel." She says and his eyes were the size of dinner plates when he heard that.

"Whoa! You can actually do that?" He asks and she nods.

"Do you think I can learn I can learn how to do that Kaa-san?" He asks with stars in his eyes.

"Sure. Once you get the basics of medical jutsu down I'll teach you how to do that." She says.

"Yes!" Naruto cries out and she laughs at this but in her mind she was wondering how Sarutobi and Jiraiya would react if they found out about her teaching Naruto the secret to her secret strength. Jiraiya was currently in Danzo's compounds looking for journals and files but then sneezes.

"Someone's talking about me. But why do I have this feeling in my body that I'm gonna suffer in the future and that Tsunade is the reason for it?" He mumbles while pulling out another journal.

Sarutobi also sneezed and felt a shiver go up his spine. "Something bad is gonna happen to me in the future and I believe that Tsunade and Jiraiya will be the cause of it." He says and finishes getting the adoption papers ready.

Danzo's compound

Jiraiya was currently reading a journal that had the title 'Project Chimera'. Apparently, this journal contained info on the previous failed experiment with former subjects that were kidnaped from various clans of Konoha.

"Just what the hell was Danzo thinking when he injected the boy with the DNA of the world's strongest ninja?" He says to himself as he closes the book and opens up a black file and on it had the names of said ninja.

As he reads off the names to himself he closes the folder and looks in a chest that contained several scrolls. His eyes widen when he sees one of the scrolls was a summoning that disappeared when Uzushiogakure was destroyed. "How the hell did that old bastard get his hands on these? I've got to report back to Sensei." He mutters and grabs the rest of the journals and shunshins out of the compound to inform the man about his recent discovery.

Well this is it for the rewrite of the first chapter of Ultimate Shinobi. Now in case you all are wondering Naruto will not be all powerful in the fic just stronger than his age group. He'll probably be around Itachi's level when he was an ANBU captain. And as for his training he'll not only be trained by Sarutobi, Jiraiya, and Tsunade but by a couple of other people. I'll give you a hint: Inu, Hebi (not Orochimaru), and Tora (He calls Kakashi sempai). Also most of the Uchiha clan will be alive.

Also regarding the multiple bloodlines these are the ones Naruto will have

Wood Release

Ice Release

Lava Release

Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan

Rinnegan (Not until later in the story)

Poison Release (Bloodline From Hanzo)

Magnet Release

Dust Release and Flight

Chakra Chains

Until then Peace out^^