The Ultimate Shinobi: Namikaze Naruto

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Anyway if anyone is wondering Naruto is gonna be adopted by Tsunade and she will become the Godaime Hokage after Danzo is executed for his actions and the Uchiha clan will not plan a coup in this fic. Hiruzen also finds out that the elders restricted the Uchiha's movement throughout Konoha because they suspect that they were behind Kasumi's attack so he removes them and disbands the civilian council's power and replaces the elders with competent people.

Now for those who guessed who will assist Naruto then I have to congratulate you, the other three were Kakashi Hatake, Anko Mitarashi, and Yamato. He'll also learn from a few others aside from Kakashi, Anko, and Yamato and will also be trained by Hiruzen with be teaching Naruto things involving battle tactics, politics, bojutsu, ect. Tsunade and Shizune in medical jutsu, Jiraiya in fuinjutsu, Hitomi (Fem. Itachi) in using the Sharingan and Mangekyo Sharingan properly, and by a few others. Now the story begins.

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Chapter 2: Birth of the Ultimate Shinobi Pt. 2

Hokage Tower

Sarutobi was currently talking to Ibiki and about what info he got out of Danzo and Jiraiya was there telling him about the files he found in the war hawk's office and the Professor was not happy in the least. He found out that Danzo took 'missions' that he personally rejected due to their succession rating, was kidnapping orphans and 'training' them into emotionless drones, performing illegal experiments, and keeping his disbanded organization operational. Funds from the village's treasury had been taken out by members of the civilian council to keep his ROOT Organization running after it 'disbanded' while they covered the missing funds up but that wasn't the worst of it. Danzo had his most trusted members infiltrate village of both major and minor countries to spy on them and to assassinate shinobi he deemed as a threat to Konoha.

But that didn't compare to what he also found out. Apparently Danzo was performing secret experiments with Orochimaru and had the cells of his sensei Hashirama and several Sharingan eyes implanted into his arms as well as his right eye (No not Shisui's). The man was officially pissed. To raid the graves of a clan was one thing but to defile the grave of the man that founded the village was beyond disgusting.

He swore that Danzo would pay big time for this. He was still in his thoughts until he heard Jiraiya speak up. "Hey sensei, I also found a scroll that was from Ame. Apparently Hanzo made some sort of deal with Danzo to help him overthrow you if he had his drones assist them in dealing with the rebel forces." He explained and he handed it to the man.

Sarutobi looked at the scroll and growled dangerously. "And that was not the only thing I found. "And that was not the only thing I found. It would appear that Danzo took several scrolls from Kiri, Iwa, and Suna related to the abilities Naruto may possess." Jiraiya said as he produced several scrolls that belonged to the Yuci and Temuri clan that contained a list of bloodline based techniques, ones for the secrets in the Kekkei Tota Dust Release and the flight jutsu, Lightning Techniques from Kumo Kuma like the Lightning Release Armor, Black Lightning, and the Hell Stab Techniques along with the Magnet release techniques.

"There's also something else Sensei."

"And that would be?" Sarutobi asked his student. Jiraiya pulled two large scrolls of his back and set them down. The first scroll caught their attention as it had the kanji for Iron Sand on it. "Is that…"

"Hai Sensei. It seems Danzo collected a large amount of iron powder for Naruto's Jiton." The two men then looked as the second scroll and their eyes widened and mouths hung open. "Th-that's…" On the second scroll was a picture of a coiling red Chinese dragon on it.

"Yep, the Dragon contract. Apparently the war hawk raided the ruins of Uzushiogakure and stole the contract from the Clan Leader's grave." Everyone knew of the Uzumaki Leader's personal summon, the Dragons, ancient beasts whose powers rivaled that of the Biju themselves and the boss summons was said to be even stronger than Kyuubi.

Hiruzen was now in a state of shock and could do the only thing that came to his mind. He fainted which caused Jiraiya and Ibiki to sweat drop. "This day just keeps getting better and better." Ibiki said sarcastically while Jiraiya sighs and nods in agreement, pulling out a vile of smelling salts.

With Naruto

Naruto was currently sitting in the hospital bed rubbing a happy Tonton behind the ear and that was when Shizune walked in. Naruto met Shizune right after Tsunade told her the she'd be adopting Naruto into her family which worried the brunette at first but Tsunade gave her a look that told her to back off as her decision was final.

"Hey Shizune-nee-chan." Naruto says and she smiles back.

"Hey Naruto-kun." Shizune says. "How are you doing right now?"

"Fine, Tonton's been keeping me company." She said while the pig oinks in agreement while Naruto patted her on the head. "So when can I get out of the hospital?" He asked the brunette.

"You're being released today and Tsunade-sama had me come here to pick you up and take you to her clan compound." She said and then pulled out some clothes which consisted of a white short sleeved shirt with red flames on the sleeves and hem of the shirt with a leaf spiral along with a pair of dark blue shorts and black ninja sandals.

"Finally I can get out of this hospital." He said as he got off the bed while Shizune blinked in confusion a couple of times.

"What's wrong Naruto-kun? Don't you like hospitals?" The brunette asks the young blonde.

"There's nothing wrong with the hospital it's just that it has a strong scent of medicine and it's killing my nose." He said as his face scrunched up while Kasumi giggles tirelessly.

"Don't worry kit that's only temporary until your body can handle your enhancements (yawns) well I need to take a long rest. Turning you into a hanyo cost me a lot of chakra." Kasumi said.

"How long do you need?" Naruto asked the vixen who yawned again.

"Give or take, at least 3 to 4 months since I can recover the power I lost easily. So until then I'm gonna cut our link off." She said and then closed her eyes and drifted off into la la land.

Shizune however giggles at this. "Oh that well that's what a hospital usually smells like Naruto-kun now go into the bathroom and get dressed so we can meet up with your new kaa-san." She instructed getting a nod from the young hanyo who took the clothes to change in the bathroom. Afterwards, Shizune signed Naruto out of the hospital and they along with tonton left the hospital.

They were quiet as they made their way through the village until Naruto spoke up. "So Shizune-nee-chan, will you be helping me when Kaa-san trains me?" He asked the black haired brunette who smiled back.

"I'm pretty sure I will be helping you out Naruto-kun thought it'll mostly be in the basics of the medical arts. Tsunade-sama will more than likely teach you the advanced ones once you've gotten the basics down." Shizune explained and got a nod from the blonde.

"Oh okay so what's she like nee-chan?" Naruto asked Shizune who pondered on his question for a second and spoke up.

"Well Naruto-kun, aside from being the grandniece and granddaughter of the first and second hokage, Tsunade-sama is one of the best medics in the entire nation. She can easily heal any damage done to the body that some would consider a lost cause and cure nearly any form of illness. That and she is feared for possessing the strength that can rival a biju's." She finished explaining.

"Wow. So she's practically the strongest female in the world right?" He asked Shizune who nodded.

"Yes she is though she does have her faults like her terrible skills in gambling and love for sake and money. She also is very short tempered so making her angry is one thing you don't want to do unless you're Jiraiya-sama." She said sheepishly while rubbing the back of her head. Naruto on the other hand blinks a couple of times.

"….she's really that bad?" Naruto asked Shizune who slowly nodded.

"Yes she is." She answered with a sigh while they made it to the Senju compound. The brunette opened the door and let Naruto and Tonton in the house. "Tsunade-sama we're here!" She called out in the compound. As they walked into the living room they saw medical books of different sizes sitting on the coffee table, floor, and on the couches and said female Senju was lying back on the couch snoring lightly with an open book covering her face.

The female brunette sighs and shakes her head at her teacher's antics and walks over to her she inhales air into her lungs and pauses for a few seconds before. "TSUNADE-SAMA WAKE UP THE DEBT COLLECTORS ARE COMING TO GET YOU!" She screamed which made the female Senju jump out of the couch and look around frantically.

"RUN FOR THE HILLS SHIZUNE BEFORE THEY FIND OUR…. Room?" she stopped and blinked in confusion as she looked around the house only to see Shizune and Naruto covering their hands with their mouths giggling while a tick mark appeared on the back of her head. "I hate it when you do that." She muttered in an irked tone and then looked at her adopted son with a smile on her face.

"So Kaa-san when do you think we'll start on my training?" Naruto asked in an excited tone getting a raised brow from the woman.

"You're really stoked on training aren't you kiddo?" She asked Naruto who nodded excitedly.

"I sure am. I want to learn everything I can and become a strong ninja like you, Saru-oji, and the other previous Hokages." He said happily. Tsunade couldn't help but smile at his enthusiasm as it reminded her of Minato, Kushina, and her little brother Nawaki.

"And you will Naru-chan I assure you but what do ya say for now we spend the day getting to know each other while Sarutobi gets things settled?" She suggested before getting a nod from the blonde.

Council Chambers

Hiruzen Sarutobi was garbed in his robes and hat with his hands interlocked together and waiting on the Shinobi Council to enter the chambers since he informed the clan heads of an emergency session. That was when the council doors opened and walking into the chambers were the head members of each clan. Hiashi Hyuuga, Tsume Inuzuka, Inoichi Yamanaka, Shibi Aburame, Fugaku Uchiha, Chouza Akimichi, and Shikaku Nara.

Hiashi has long dark brown hair and featureless white eyes like all members of his clan and normally wears very traditional, loose fitting robes with a cloak.

Tsume has an animalistic look and she has long spiky brown hair, vertical slit-like pupils, elongated canine teeth and nails. She also has the clan fang markings on her cheeks as well as markings over her eyes and a dark shade of purple lipstick and she wears the standard outfit of a Konoha shinobi.

Inoichi has long blond hair reaching into his back, which he wears spiky on top and ending in a long ponytail, blue-green eyes and strong facial features. Inoichi is wearing the standard flak jacket over a black outfit, complete with hand-guards, forehead protector and a sleeveless red coat.

Shibi, like all members of his clan, has his eyes obscured by dark glasses which feature a single tassel hanging down from one-side. He has very spiky short black hair and a moustache. He typically wears a high collared outfit, while carrying a gourd on his back that is used for holding more kikaichū. He also tends to keep his hands in his pockets a lot, another trait he and his son share.

Fugaku had short, black hair and onyx eyes (when the Sharingan is not activated), with visible creases below them made more pronounced whenever he adopted a stern look. He wore the standard flak jacket, along with a black shirt with the Konoha Military Police Force symbol on the shoulders, shin-guards and a black apron with white diamonds on the bottom.

Chōza has long red hair and has markings on his cheeks, with the latter being a common trait in the Akimichi clan. He wears a samurai like outfit which entails a black suit completed with armor that has the kanji for "food" (食, shoku) on it. He also wears a rope belt, hand guards, and instead of a forehead protector, wears a piece of cloth tied around his head.

Shikaku has two scars on the right side of his face which are probably his most noticeable feature. He has dark hair tied up into a spiky ponytail, dark eyes as well as a goatee. His ears are also pierced. Shikaku wore a meshed shirt underneath his flak jacket, a deer skin coat over that and hand guards.

They each took their seats around their leader who remained silent before opening his eyes and gazing at each of them before sitting up straight. "Now that everyone's here I am sure you're all wondering why I called a meeting this early in the morning correct?" he asked the Clan Heads who nodded.

"Yes Hokage-sama and we are curious about the instant lockdown from last night?" Inoichi asked the leader of the village.

"Ah yes the lockdown the reason for that is because a traitor has been caught in our midst and that man is none other than Danzo Shimura." He answered, resulting in the clan head's eyes widening at the statement. "He was found not only with his so called disbanded ROOT organization still intact but also for smuggling classified Intel to unknown sources and current enemies of the village. Not only that but also taking missions that I personally disapproved of due to the survival ratings that not even my best ANBU could go through without being crippled or killed for that matter but also…." He shut his eyes for a few minutes before opening back up with rage and disgust in them which made some of them recoil since if the Professor ever got pissed then your ass was grass, "Danzo apparently had kidnapped Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze and spent the last five years attempting to turn the boy into an emotionless weapon and forced him to go through various experiments that could've killed him."

That right there made the members eye's widened in shock and some with utter disgust no their faces. "That sick bastard." Tsume Inuzuka snarled out and wanted to literally tear Danzo to pieces for putting a child through such a horrific thing.

"Trust me Tsume-san, what he has done is beyond sickening," Hiruzen then turned his attention to Fugaku who blinked a few times, wondering why Hiruzen was looking at him for. "Fugaku your clan personally has been affected more than any other aside from my mentors but… somehow Danzo managed to get access on the eyes of the late members of your clan and had them grafted into his arm."

"HE WHAT?!" Fugaku roared as he stood up with his Sharingan eyes blazing to life. That was when several ANBU leapt from the shadows with their blades at the ready before Hiruzen brought his hand up gestured them to go back into the shadows which they did. Fugaku took a deep breath before letting out a sigh and sitting back down with his eyes back to their onyx color. "My apologies Hokage-sama for the outburst." Hiruzen nodded.

"Your reason was valid but try to keep yourself recomposed from now on, now then not only were several Sharingan implanted into his arm and right eye but also had the cells of the Shodaime injected into his arm." He finished.

"My kami." Chouza stated.

"Yes, apparently from what Ibiki informed, he went through that procedure in order to 'tame' his new weapon should he get out of hand since he knew that the Uchiha clan's dojutsu along with the Mokuton con control a biju and suppress it's chakra." Hiruzen explained to the clan head and each were sickened at the action Danzo committed but no more than Fugaku was as he wanted the man's head on a platter for the atrocious act he committed upon his clan by not only stealing their prized eyes but robbing the graves of those who gave their lives and protected their home from enemies.

Hiruzen then went on to explain how Danzo also had several powerful bloodlines and latent abilities of other ninja grafted into Naruto's genetic structure and only survived the procedures thanks to his 'roommate' who kept him alive from the horrific event.

"That poor kid, to have gone through so much just because that monster wanted to create the ultimate ninja… he's no better than Orochimaru if not worse." Tsume lamented as did her fellow colleagues.

"Indeed and that is why Danzo will be tried and then executed for his actions."

"And the boy? What's to become of him Hokage-sama? Surely if what you say is true then it is possible he could without a doubt become the strongest ninja to ever be produced in the village if not even greater than his parents or any other kage for that matter." Inoichi stated getting nods of agreement from the others.

"I already have a plan for that Inoichi and later on I'd like you to run a psychological evaluation in his mindscape but only to ensure he is mentally ready and due to the training Danzo put him through." Said mind walker nodded in agreement since unlike physical pain, suffering from mental trauma was not only more life threatening, but it can also destroy a person's will as the psyche is what keeps the human body stronger like the physical aspects.

After the meeting, Hiruzen had Fugaku remain in his office and explained to the man that Naruto already had awaken the Sharingan which left the man stumped that someone aside from Kakashi Hatake had the eyes his clan was respected and feared for but unlike Kakashi, Naruto had the DNA of Madara assimilated into his genetic structure and informed him that it would be possible for the blonde to actually inherit the man's Mangekyou and Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan once it has matured to a point.

"Hmmm… this is indeed a very odd concept." Fugaku pondered on this before an idea formed into his head. "Maybe my daughter Hitomi (yes people Itachi is female in this fic) could teach him how to properly use his eyes in the correct manner since she has fully mastered the Sharingan despite her being so young." He offered to Hiruzen who nodded in agreement.

"That would be a big help Fugaku-san and I approve of the offer since she is the most gifted member in your clan to master the Sharingan's abilities, something that hasn't been seen since the time Madara lived. That aside I also plan on taking the boy personally under my wing due to his 'condition' and have several other get him started on the basics." Fugaku's eyes widened when Hiruzen said he would take Naruto as an apprentice especially since the man trained three of the strongest ninja to ever come from Konoha aside from Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. Aside from his skills, Hiruzen Sarutobi was an excellent strategist and tactician whether it is political wise or in times of war and despite his current age, the clan head knew this man was no pushover, having the longest reign as Hokage than his predecessors or late successor.

"I see" Fugaku pondered on this for a while before getting up from his seat. Well if that is all Hokage-sama I must take my leave." Hiruzen nodded in agreement and the Uchiha clan head bowed before taking his leave.

Later on that day

ANBU T&I Department

Hiruzen was making his way across the barely lit hallways of the ANBU headquarters with two fully equipped and battle ready ANBU flanking his left and right and were heading to one of the torture chambers. There, they saw Ibiki Morino and two interrogators who also wore black coats like he did. The scarred man stepped forward and bowed at his leader who nodded back. "Hokage-sama." He greeted and Hiruzen nodded back.

"How is our 'guest' doing Ibiki? I'm pretty sure you gave him your best form of treatment?" Hiruzen asked Ibiki and got a grin that would send a chill down any person's spine.

"But of course Hokage-sama. Anything less and I wouldn't be doing my job." Ibiki answered and got a chuckle from his leader. "The Old war hawk sang like a canary once I was finished with him and got a list on whose under his influence on the council." He said as he reached into his pocket and pulls out a list of the people, handing it to Hiruzen who skimmed through it. His eyes widened in shock and then narrowed dangerously.

"Thank you for this list. Have several ANBU find the list of these people who dare undermine my authority and perform treasonous acts against me and my village and ring them here and have them 'prepared to join Danzo on the chopping block." He ordered Ibiki who nodded.

Afterwards, Hiruzen and his two ANBU approached the door while one of the interrogators opened the door and the Hokage enters. As he and his escorts do, the door closes behind him. His ANBU stay behind while the man walks into the barely lit room.

As he does he comes across the figure of one Danzo Shimura who was strapped to a chair, bound in chakra absorbing cuffs and paralysis seals over his body. His right arm and eye were removed and from the dried up blood on the floor as well as the bruises, cuts, and rips in his clothes, the interrogators showed very little mercy on the man. He was apparently staring at the ground, already knowing that his former friend/rival for the title of Hokage was in the room.

"So in the end it all came down to this." Hiruzen said in a disappointed and cold manner. "You've done everything in your power to claim everything I along with my mentors and Minato have worked so hard to create, all of the back-alley dealings and treasonous actions by allying yourself with people who would love nothing more than to destroy the village many ninja have lied and died for so that the next generation can prosper and become stronger."

Danzo remained silent as the man talked. "All of these actions and for what? So that you can gain the title of Hokage in order to start your own accursed ambitions?"

"It would've been for the good of the village." Danzo answered quietly.

"Spare me the bullshit Danzo!" Hiruzen snarled through his teeth. "What you have done was not good for the village! Nothing you did brought anything good to help make our village stronger! This is the reason why Tobirama-sense didn't choose you for the title as he saw the dark nature that resided in you and foresaw what you would've done if he had chosen you!" He leaned forward into Danzo's face and the man looked up at him with his single brown eye. "You've robbed ninja of their emotions and turned them into mindless puppets to be used and tossed away when they served no other purpose. You experimented on a child, a child for kami sake and not just any child, the child of the Yellow Flash and Red Death and worse you were working with Orochimaru!"

Danzo simply smiled at the man. "Better to ally myself with the devil than be brought under this illusion of piece you and these other fools seem to believe in." He retorted before getting backhanded across the face by Hiruzen's knuckles. Blood dripped from the man's lower lip and the God of Shinobi stared at him coldly.

"Nothing I say will get into your head. As far as I'm concern you're nothing but an extremist and a traitor who's gonna be executed but don't fret, your friends will be joining you on the chopping block by dawn." He then turned his back and walked towards the door. Danzo watched as the door opened and the three figure exit out of the steel door that was closed shut.

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