I sat looking over the scene before me with disgust. From my perch in the tree several miles away I had the perfect view of the couple. I almost felt bad spying for a minute but then I got a bead on the emotions flowing from the pair and couldn't bring myself to leave.

Thoughts can be hidden, and blocked. Futures are ever changing with the whims of person making the decisions. But emotions, those, can't be faked or hidden. Emotions are pure, and unavoidable. Be it happiness, joy, sadness, lust, love, lies, or deceit. Deceit that was a emotion that had been all to prevalent with this couple, and it made me sick to think about. How one can so blatantly lie to the other. Claim to love, claim to be faithful, claim to be devoted, if only he knew. If only I could tell him. So sweet and innocent, never a negative emotion from him. Loyal almost to a fault, loving and true. He didn't deserve what she was putting him through.

Decades of lies were soon going to come to a head, and it would either destroy him, or help him open up to true love. I was hoping the later would be the case and I would do anything within my power to see that come to fruition. I had been told for years to be patient, that matters of the heart must run their course, that my time would come. I was tired of waiting.

I continued to watch as she rebuffed his attempts at intimacy and affection. How anyone can deny him the affection he so desperately seeks, has been craving, and has been constantly denied for months, is completely unfathomable to me. I have watched on for months as his will has been beat down by the constant denial of his "mate", till he is barley a shell of the confident man I meet almost 70 years ago. Of course the others are unaware of the extent of the damage that is being caused, but like I said emotions can't be hidden. He puts on a great act. Perfected over centuries of living. I just pray(ironic I know) that he isn't broken beyond repair when the shit finally hit's the fan.

I was so lost in my musing that I barely noticed I was no longer alone.

"Soon, Jasper, just be patient a bit longer." My pseudo wife begged of me placing her hand on my shoulder.

The truth was that we have never been married, or romantically involved for that matter. Like everything else in this life, it was all for show. The family was none the wiser. Yes she found me, and saved me, like we had always claimed. That was not a lie, but she was my best friend, sister, confidant, never a lover. She knew from the first day what I was, and who I was destined to be with. Though in our three year prior to joining the Cullen's she would not tell me who this person was. She only said that it would be difficult, but in the end worth it. I had to trust her. The second we met the Cullen family I knew who she had seen. I also knew why she didn't tell me, it was going to be a long few decades.

"I know Alice, this is just killing me. I can feel him becoming more depressed, and despondent everyday." She laid her head on my shoulder wrapping he small arms around my waist to hug me.

"I know Jazz, but something's have been set in motion in the last few days that are pushing up the time line. It will happen sooner then you think. Just don't push." I sighed heavily and ran my hands through my hair, a trait I had picked up from Edward and him in the years we had been in the family. My training as a soldier has given me impeccable patience, but this testing even my restraint.

"Come on Jazz lets go hunt. The next few days are going to be intense."

One last glance back to the clearing where he now stood alone and dejected yet again I nearly crumpled under the weight of his despairing emotions.

Soon my Carlisle. I thought as I pushed waves of contentment towards my love. I jumped from my perch and joined Alice as she ran in the opposite direction.