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Sitting in the passenger seat of the rental car I looked out the window watching the swamps of Louisiana fade away into the dry heat of Texas. I hadn't been back here since I left with Peter and Charlotte almost a hundred years ago. It was an odd feeling. We decided to head south down the coast line to Galveston first. That was after all where my life ended, it felt right starting at the end.

"Hon, I wanted to talk to you about something." Carlisle roused me from my musings. He looked decidedly nervous which was very different then the man from last night. I smirked as I thought of him taking me against he brick wall in the alley. Damn that was hot. I could feel myself becoming hard at the memory, "Babe, hello? You with me here?" I shook my head and peered over at the man in the drivers seat smirking.

"Yeah, sorry just got distracted for a minute." I cleared my throat, "what, ahh, what did you want to talk about?" His nervousness was feeding mine and I had to try to focus on staying calm.

"Well you know that I am not ashamed of our relationship in anyway. But this is your home "turf" so to speak, and I know that Texas isn't exactly open minded when it comes to our type of relationship." He paused for few moments to collect his thoughts before continuing. "If you want to keep it low key, you know no touching in public, no kissing, just platonic, well I understand. We are here for you and I don't want you to feel uncomfortable." He sighed as he finished and stared intently at the road.

I thought about it for a moment. Did I want to hide the fact that I finally had the man I had been waiting for, for almost 60 years from anyone? No. Not even narrow minded bigots that come from this state were going to make me keep my hands off my mate. What would they do to us, tar and feather? Ha, like they could catch us. Laugh at us and call us names? Hell I've had worse happen. To me the consequences of showing affection in public did not out weigh the bonuses of it.

I reached my hand across the consol of the car and took his in mine. I was then hit with an idea. Maybe he wasn't comfortable around people who weren't comfortable with us? I mean we spent most of our time in Europe which is very open minded. So maybe this is his insecurities playing out here.

"Car, I don't care what other people think of me. I have been waiting to be with you for 60 years," he went to interrupt me but I stopped him with a pointed look, "I know I said I wouldn't bring it up but you have to understand, I want to be with you, in public, in private, anywhere we are I want to be with you. I don't want to hide like I have had to, I want everyone to know that you are mine and I'm yours." I turned in my seat so I could get a look at him, God he really was stunning. "The real question Car is, are you comfortable being out with me?" I asked a little indignantly. I saw his brow furrow and then got hit with a wave of anger. Ok not what I expected, shit. He roughly pulled his hand from mine and pulled over to the side of the road.

He didn't say anything, he just sat there seething silently for what felt like ages. After a bit he open the car door and got out and started pacing back and forth. I slowly got out and leaned against the car just watching him waiting for his next move.

After about ten minutes he finally broke the silence and turned to face me.

"What have I done?" He asked me but I didn't understand what he was asking. What did he mean 'What had he done?' He hadn't done anything.

"Car, I don't understand." I shook my head perplexed as to what was happening.

"I mean you still seem to doubt that I am ok with our being together, and out in public. So I am wondering what I have done to put that seed of doubt in your mind?" Well damn I didn't think of that. Truth was he didn't do anything. I think its more in my head that has a hard time believing he is actually ok with this and everything that goes with it.

"Shit, Car, that's not what I meant." I try to go over to him and wrap him in my arms but he moves away from me. I hang my head in defeat and move back over to lean on the car once more.

"What do you mean then Jasper, because I am really starting to get tired of having to constantly reassure you. I love you, I want to be with you, I want all of you. How have I possibly not been clear on that?" He started pacing again. "Was it when I let you get me off in the fucking Museum? Or how about the time I gave you a damn blow job in that fucking elevator? How about the quickie in the bathroom at the airport? Oh, no I know, it was when I nearly killed a man for touching you then fucked you against a building! That must be it." He stops pacing and actually plops down on the ground in the most undignified manner possible. His knees are bent and his arms resting on them palms up as if admitting defeat.

I had made a right mess of this. He was only trying to make sure that I was comfortable and now I caused him to think that I doubted his commitment to us, to me. How the hell was I going to fix it. I had no idea, but I was pretty sure groveling would be in order.

I move in front of him and drop to my knees so I am level with him.

"Car, you honestly have been nothing but amazing. It's my fault. My head, it still sometimes just can't believe that you are here with me, and ok with it all. I had years to get used to the idea of being out and gay in society and I know all the ridicule that sometimes goes with it, even in this day and age. I have had time to prepare for it, you haven't. I wasn't asking you because I doubted your commitment to me. I always told you I would be ok hiding and only being open when you were comfortable with it, just like in the beginning you told me you might never be able to be open in public." It was kind of shitty for me to throw that back on him when he made such huge strides in the PDA department, but it was something he had told me the day we had our first date and it would always be in my head. I placed my hands over his and moved closer so that I was between his bent knees somewhat looking down on him but his eyes never met mine.

"I don't doubt your love for me, or your devotion. I may have doubts about your willingness to except the criticism and taunting of others. You have always been the well respected and renowned Doctor Carlisle Cullen, this is all new and you haven't had nearly the adjustment period that I have. Up until now we have had a few sideways glances, but Texas is a whole other ball game baby, I just want to make sure you're as ready for it as I am." I heard him sigh again and figured I still had some ground to make up but was surprised when he finally raised his eyes to meet mine.

"I'm sorry. You're right actually. This whole out and proud thing is new to me and even though I am confident in my love for you and wanting to be with you I do still have a hard time with the idea of public affection. Well the simple stuff anyway, holding hands, light touches things like that. But I want to. I want to be with you in everyway. I never want to give you a reason to have to doubt me." My forehead fell forward and rested on his.

When would we ever both just be secure and comfortable in our relationship that we didn't constantly have to have these discussions?

"I don't know baby, but I think it will just take time and some action on my part." He answered what I thought was my thoughts but I guess I said it out loud.

"I said that out loud huh?" I chuckled and he joined me.

"Yes you did. But it's a valid question. It seems like one or the other of us is having issues with this. I think the only thing we can do is just keep working through it and talk it out. I am sorry I got angry. Your question was just as valid as mine." He turned his face up and captured my lips with his. His taste was overwhelming and I moaned leaning myself into him further between his legs. Pushing him down so he was laying with me now flush on top of him our mouths worked together the lust building to the point where I was going to take him here on the side of the road.

I was about to work his shirt off him when I was pulled out of my lust induced haze by a blaring horn.

"GET A ROOM!" A voice yelled from the road as they sped by and I felt Carlisle chuckle under me. I was thankful that they didn't add any derogatory sentiments to that statement and felt the lust start to retreat to a more manageable level.

"We should go if you want to explore the town today at all." He leaned up and pecked me on the lips before I got off him and held my hand out to help him up. Not that he really needed the help but it was the gesture that counted.

"Alright let's blow this popsicle stand!" One final kiss and we were back in the car headed to the place that started the end of my life.

We arrived in Galveston a few hours later and the usually sleepy town was alive with activity. I was concerned about us being noticed but the weather channel called for overcast skies all day. As a precaution we donned our cowboy hats and long sleeve thermals, sure that might look odd in the Texas heat but people would question that less then our sparkly asses.

"You ready to explore?" Carlisle asked me as we exited the car.

"Yes, it's weird being back here, obviously nothing is the same. Last time the city was devastated by war, buildings were crumbling, screams were everywhere. Now," I was cut of by a loud boom in the distance.

"What the hell was that?" Carlisle looked a bit concerned, but to me the sound was oddly familiar. I was trying to place it but the memory was fuzzy meaning it must be a memory from my human life.

"I'm not entirely sure baby, lets go and find out." I made my way around the car and was shocked as hell when Carlisle reached out and grabbed my hand.

"Are you sure?" I asked him. I really wanted to take this whole PDA thing at his pace.

"I'm not sure of anything other then the fact that I love you and don't really care who knows it." He beamed at me and I couldn't help the happiness that flooded my body and the smile that lit my face I was sure was the size of Texas itself.

We started heading in the direction the boom came from and it was coming from the area I knew to be the old battlefield. I was curious as to what had been going on and honestly couldn't believe my eyes the second we hit the top of the small hill we had been climbing.

The hill over looked the battlefield which was very close to the beach, it was a port area after all. The whole point of the Battle of Galveston was for the Union army to cut off our importing of supplies. Most people are unaware that there were actually two battles for the Port of Galveston. The first battle was the one that I was in. The city was nearly destroyed with all the women, children, and immigrant occupants still inside. A young Major was able to negotiate a four day cease fire in order to remove the occupants of the city to safety. The Union army then took control of the port.

Three months later the Rebels moved back in on the city and this time were able to take back control of the Port, and Galveston remained in Confederate control through the whole of the war. The battle's weren't big ones but there was massive explosions and a considerable about of deaths so they worth remembering.

Looking over the port now it was like stepping back in time. I was flooded with memories of blood and carnage all around me. Men and women being pummeled by mortar fire from the Union ships, children screaming, it was total chaos. I could feel myself losing it.

This was a bad idea a very, very bad idea. Why did I ever think coming back here would be helpful? I felt dread building up in the pit of my stomach and could do nothing to quell it as I surveyed the carnage on the field before me. I can't believe this is happening I had no idea they still did this kind of stuff. I was suddenly pulled from my thoughts by a voice in the distance.

"Major Whitlock, we have an assignment for you." I froze in place, very bad indeed.

I was looking around frantically. There was no way someone here could have recognized me. But it was like I was teleported back in time. The grey uniforms, the boom of the cannons, even the smell of the sea, all served to transport me back to 1863 and the last operation I would ever take part of as a human.

Just as I was about to answer the commanding officer a young man about 4 inches shorter then me and much less stocky came rushing forward.

"Yes Colonel?" said the man who was apparently suppose to be me. He saluting the officer waiting for the assignment. I had to blink a few times. What the hell was going on. It was only then that I noticed someone to the side of me trying to get my attention.

"Jasper, Jasper, relax. It's just a reenactment. It's not real." The voice was soothing and low and I could feel the fog lifting. I turned to look at him and could see the question in his eyes. I moved forward and he wrapped his arms around me.

"They are reenacting the last few hours of my life here Carlisle." I whispered lowly so only he would be able to hear. Before he could answer a voice filtered over the loud speaker.

"Major Jasper Whitlock was a decorated Confederate soldier who quickly rose through the ranks of the Confederate army. To this day he remains the youngest person to ever be given the rank of Major. Joining the army at the age of 17, his charismatic personality instantly made people want to follow him, and his leadership and negotiation skills were a vital part of the Battle for Port Galveston. He was charged with the task of evacuating the civilians from the city to safety. Shortly after the city had been cleared Major Whitlock went missing in action. He was presumed dead. No body was ever found of this brave young soldier."

The voice then continued to read off the names and short histories of other important players in this particular battle but I had tuned out.

"Jasper that's amazing. You were such an intricate part of the victory here. Even if you don't see it. That's amazing baby, you are remembered and thought of that's as much as any of us can hope for, and you achieved it. You helped to change the course of history. So brave and strong, selfless. That's something to be proud of baby." His voice held a sense of awe and wonder and I loved him even more for it.

He is probably the person I admire the most in the world. His accomplishments since being turned have inspired so many. His control, his compassion, intelligence, and acceptance, his ability to overcome so much pain, has made him pretty much my hero. Now here he was telling me how much I have achieved and changed history when all I have ever wanted to do was strive to be more like him. It was overwhelming, and it helped me to see us more as equals then ever before.

"Thank you so much. It means so much to me that you think I did something worth while with my life. You have always been the pinnacle of what I want to be, but to hear that I at least did something right, just makes me feel a little more worthy of you." I buried my face in his chest and breathed in his comforting scent.

"Jasper, I never wanted you to feel that you had to be 'worthy' of me. You are my mate and I love you as an equal, outside of the bedroom," he chuckled at that and I couldn't help but join him, he was definitely in control in the bedroom, "but I have never felt like you were beneath me. What you have accomplished switching to this lifestyle after so many years of the traditional diet, it's amazing. Maybe it's my fault you feel this way. I don't tell you enough how proud I am of you and how far you have come." I looked into his face and the shear love, devotion, and pride that shown back was tangible.

"Thank you." I whispered out. It was all my brain could think to say I was so overwhelmed. I had no idea he ever thought that I had achieved anything in this lifestyle. Out of all of us I still struggle the most. But I haven't had a slip up in decades so I guess that was an accomplishment.

"How about we move on from here. Don't want you accidentally answering when someone calls for Major Whitlock again do we." There was humor there and playfulness and I loved it. His ability to distract me was amazing.

We walked back to the car with me tucked securely into Carlisle's side. I loved being this close to him. I felt loved and cherished which is something that I have never felt before. Of course I felt love from my family but this was so different. To have someone cherish you, to be the center of someone else's world, to be the reason for their existence is quite the heady thing.

We decided to head north and deeper into Texas. I didn't remember much from my human life, like the town I came from (accept that it was near Houston) or if I had siblings, things like that were not what I focused on once I awoke to this life. I was mostly concerned with surviving, and blood and the only way to keep hold of your human memories is to think about them while they are still fresh after your turn. I will forever regret that I wasn't able to retain the information.

I was a bit on edge being in Texas again. Over the years I had not heard or kept track of Maria and what she was up to. So I had no way of knowing if she was still alive, or if the vampire wars were still raging.

"Don't worry, Texas is a big state I am sure we won't run into any problems." Car kissed the back of the hand he was holding gently before turning back to the road. How did he always know?

"Thanks, we should probably hunt before we hit the next city. It's been a few days." I could feel the ache in my throat starting to worsen and knew it would be safer for all involved if I fed now.

"Good idea, let's see if we can find a good place." We drove for another forty-five minutes until we found an old logging road that was out of commission and lead deep into the forest. There weren't always a lot of wooded areas in Texas so when we found one we had to make good use of it.

"Come one baby lets get you fed, then maybe we could have a little fun." Carlisle teased as he winked and took off into the cover of the trees.

I quickly ran after him catching his scent and following it. I paused when I saw him fly through the air and land in front of a herd of deer quickly snapping ones neck before sinking his teeth in. The grace and flawless actions of his hunt did things to me and I was suddenly hungry for more then just blood. I was hungry for him and wanted to devour him now.

"Are you not going to partake?" He questioned when he finished his meal, tossing it to the side.

"Oh, I'm going to partake, I just think something else is on the menu beside deer, dear." I saw his eyes go black and was hit with his lust as a shiver went through his body.

I stalked forward eyeing my prey and calculating the best course of attack. When I was about five feet from him I darted away leaving a confused Carlisle in my wake.

"Hey, I thought you wanted to devour me?" He questioned as he whipped around trying to pinpoint where I ran.

"Oh, I do…." I chuckled from up the tree I climbed, "but I like playing with my food, you know this." I jumped to another tree silently so he wouldn't be able to tell where I was in relation to him. I was actually to his back and he was walking in the opposite direction. I stalk him in the tress making sure to stay down wind.

"Jasper, you have no idea what I want you to do to me," he starts and I know he is bating me trying to get me to cave and end the game I have started, "I want to feel your mouth around my aching cock, licking, sucking, taking me all the way down your throat." I almost groan out but catch myself lest I give away my position.

"I want to taste you at the same time you are taking me," he snickers, "you know that's something we've never done before, you want to try that baby?" I so badly want to answer him, my cock was throbbing in anticipation, but I was never one to give up the game easily and showing myself now would mean he won and we just couldn't have that.

"Don't you want to come out and so I can fuck that amazing mouth of your's." Oh shit that did it, my resolve slipped and I growled lowly and jumped from my tree and onto his back, pressing a kiss into his throat.

"You are going regret making me give up my game so easily." I hiss at him.

"It's not my fault you can't seem to control yourself at the thought of me violating your perfect mouth." God even when I was suppose to be in control he was a cocky bastard, and I loved it.

In a swift move I flip over his back so I am standing in front of him I pushed him so he fell back on the ground and moved to sit on his chest.

"No here is how this is going to go, I'm going to shove something in your mouth and your going to swallow it like the good boy that you are, understood?" I didn't give him time to answer the lust that hit me was confirmation enough for me. I quickly lowered my zipper and released my pulsing cock.

With in seconds I was surrounded by the warm wet heaven that is Carlisle's mouth and I couldn't help but thrust my hips.

"Oh, shit that's fucking amazing." The sensations were incredible, I leaned forward a bit and started thrusting my hips harder into his mouth forcing him to deep throat me. It was a good thing that we didn't have gag reflexes or I fear he would have vomited all over me with the force I was using to fuck his mouth.

"FUCK, shit….Car, so hot." I was really finding my rhythm when I felt him grab my hips to still my movements and release me from his mouth.

"What, why did you stop?" I was pissed and frustrated I was really close damn it.

"I told you I want you to do it together." He stated simply and in one swift movement had me flipped so my face was right on top of his cock and I was on all fours hovering over his mouth.

I quickly lowered the zipper on his pants and pushing them down a bit. His monster cock popped out to greet me, like it was happy to see me, and why wouldn't it be.

"Well hello beautiful." I whispered reverently to one of my favorite of Carlisle's appendages. I heard him chuckle lowly and felt his cool breath on my dick which was used to the semi-warmth of his mouth twitched at the new sensation.

"Talking to it aint going to get me off babe so get to sucking." With that I was enveloped in his wet mouth again. I took a few moments to savor the feeling before languidly swirling my tongue around his engorged head before taking him fully in my mouth.

The duel sensations that we were creating was mind blowing. The only thing that I didn't like about this was that I couldn't see him or hear him, which was one of my favorite things about being together. He was always a very vocal lover.

I had a good rhythm going again and it matched the one Car had set, it felt fan-fucking-tastic and it was all I could do not to come like a 14 year old seeing his first porno. I hummed in appreciation around his cock sending the vibrations through him which cause him to moan around me. My eyes practically rolled back in my head as I was overcome with the ecstasy.

I was so close to the edge, I was right there, but I needed something to push me over. I suddenly felt a cool finger circle my puckered hole gently and pushed my hips back trying to get more. The finger breached my hole and began pumping in and out slowly. Before I could register the new sensation the finger in me swirled around brushing across my prostate.

That did it, that was all it took, no warning could be given as I crashed over the cliff and into the sweet abyss of pleasure. I rode wave after wave of my orgasm as Car took all I had to give.

Once I finally stated coming out of my blissful fog I was now aware that I had neglected to continue my ministrations on him and set out to rectify that immediately once again engulfing in my mouth.

I didn't have access to his ass because I was on top so I double my efforts on his cock and moved my free hand to massage his balls gently. His hips stated thrusting up to meet my mouth as I slid a finger lower to massage his perineum.

"Jasper, shit going to….." He didn't have time to finish as I applied more pressure to both his cock and perineum sending him flying into the abyss as well. His body arched off the ground as hot streams of his nectar hit the back of my throat. I swallowed quickly not wanting to miss a drop.

Once he was drained dry I fell off him to the side breathing heavy and basking in the post coital bliss. If I hadn't been so blitzed out I may have noticed the three unfamiliar scents, but it wasn't until I heard the clapping did I realize we now had an audience an all to familiar one.

Car and I quickly made it to our feet in a defensive position next to each other.

"That, That was just, WOW! HOT as HELL!" The first intruder spoke and I hissed as another form entered the area. There were two but I knew that another was still here somewhere.

"Where is she!" I demanded and sent out waves of fear and compliance. They were about to speak when a voice lilted through the area.

"Oh Jasper, always so dramatic. I'm right here lover." The owner of the voice was beside her two minions in the blink of an eye.

"Maria." I said in acknowledgement and Carlisle growled lowly at the name.

"Dear Jasper, how I have missed you. What brings you to my neck of the woods and what on earth is wrong with your eyes?" Maria the one responsible for turning me into the monster, and I don't mean just turning me into a vampire. She turned me into fighting, killing machine who bent to her every whim. But I was stronger now, I wouldn't ever let her manipulate me again.

"My mate and I were just passing through we will be out of your way immediately." I was hoping and praying she would just let us go, but I knew in my cold dead heart it wouldn't be that easy. I could feel her emotions, she wanted me back for her army, and she wanted Carlisle for her bed. The lust she was radiating towards him was killing me.

I grabbed Car's hand and made a move to leave only to be faced with the two unknown vampires blocking my way.

"Jasper you really don't want to fight me. Just come back and I promise you can play with your mate on occasion. You know the only thing you have ever been good at is fighting, why try to be something your not." I dropped Car's hand and spun around to face her snarling at her.

"You know nothing about me! I will never join you again, and are you really willing to lose these two you have with you today? I have trained my mate to fight just as well as any soldier the three of you against us are no match!" I hissed in her face and grabbed her by the throat. I could end her right now and was about to until I heard another growl.

I turned to see what was happening and instantly dropped the wicked witch of the south to the ground. Her two companions were circling Carlisle.

"Touch him and I will dance on your ashes!" I bellowed at them.

I knew Carlisle was a decent fighter I had taught him myself, but I didn't like the idea of him taking on two highly trained foot soldiers. I quickly made my way to my mate and crouched low in front of him.

I didn't want to fight. I wanted to leave peacefully but if they kept threatening my mate they were quickly going to call down the wrath of the God of War. One of the two closed in on us and went to swipe at Carlisle and I lost it quickly I pounced and had him in a head lock before he knew what happened.

"Maria it seems as if whoever is training these new soldiers of your's isn't doing a very good job! Predictable and slow." I squeeze his head and was about to remove it from his body when I hear a chuckle.

"Your are correct, Saul has not the experience nor expertise that you had. I will make you a deal let dear Javier there go, I am fond of him after all, and you will be free to leave." I was shocked as hell but then got a dose of her emotions and felt the mischief, resolve, and again pure evil radiating off of her.

I wasn't sure what to make of it and didn't immediately let up on poor Javier. Then it hit me.

"My mate and I will be free to leave if I let Javier here go, that's what you meant to say correct?" I realized she only said I would have been free to leave. I wasn't a moron I knew all her little tricks and wasn't about to fall for it.

"But of course Major, I would never try to deprive you of what is rightfully yours, like I am sure you would never try to do to me." I snorted and let Javier go pushing him into he body of the other vampire who was apparently inconsequential as to have not been introduced.

"I was never your's Maria. You used me and manipulated me. It won't happen again." I seethed out as I backed up keeping Carlisle behind me and holding tight to his hand.

"I'll be seeing you soon lover." She called out and I stopped dead in my tracts.

"The fucking hell you will HELL BITCH!" I screamed out.

"Jasper you really should reign in that temper, your are scaring you very passive mate." She replied coolly. She knows something and I need to find out what it is.

"Car, stay behind me." I commanded my voice leaving no room for argument.

"What the fuck do you know?" I asked her lowly sending out a wave of fear.

"Everyone knows about the great Carlisle Cullen, founder of the vegetarian coven. Although I never would have imagined you would turn into one of them. You've changed your weak. I will correct that once I get you back." Shit that was not good. She would be able to find us so much easier if she knew actual details about our family, which she obviously did.

"You just said we could go, what the hell are you playing at? I will never join you and the only way you are getting my mate is over my pile of ashes!" I was losing my patience quickly but I really wanted to avoid Carlisle seeing me in full out kill mode.

"I said you can leave, I never said that I wouldn't come after you. I may have picked up a few new talents over the years to join the ranks. So run along, but just watch your back because when I come for you, and I will, hell is coming with me!" With that she turned and retreated.

Not wanting to wait around to see if she came back with reinforcements I turned and pulled Car along with me running as quickly as we could back to the car. I pushed him into the passenger seat and in the blink of an eye was in the drivers seat tearing out of the area and on the way out of Texas.

"Jasper." I heard my name being called but couldn't pull myself out of the zone I was in.

"Jasper, baby, please come back." I felt a finger caress my cheek and growled lowly. Whoever this was should know better then to touch the God of War. But there was something comforting and familial in this touch and slowly the rage was lifting.

"Jas, come on were safe, she's not a threat now, please, please baby snap out of it." That voice, I knew it, my mate, my lover, Carlisle.

I turned to look at him and could see the worry and love shinning in his eyes. It had been decades since I had gone into Major mode, even when I was being attacked my James I hadn't fallen back into the role. But when my mate was threatened it's amazing how quickly he resurfaced. That wasn't even full on Major mode that was like a teeny tiny glimpse of the Major, if Maria and her 'army' ever did come for us you bet you ass that you will see full on God of War, and something told me that might not be to far fetched.

She mentioned new talent. Did she along the way obtain some form of tracker? Or future seer? The possibilities were endless and all of them not very promising that we had seen the last of her now that she knew I was alive.

"Jasper, please you're projecting. I know you are worried but it will be ok, please just come back." He took my hand and squeezed as he finally fog lifted and I breathed in a sigh.

"Shit, Car I am so sorry. We never should have come back to Texas. I never even thought we could run into her. God DAMN IT!" I punched the steering where causing it to bend under the pressure.

"Jasper you need to calm down, everything will be fine." How could he think that. If Maria did come we were down three people in the family and two of them were the best fighters.

"Carlisle do you understand the seriousness of the situation, honestly. Maria she is an evil maniacal, crazy ass bitch. Now that she knows I'm alive she will stop at nothing to get me back. I felt it in her emotions. She won't give up." I was speeding down the highway intent on making the twenty-six odd hour drive back to Montana in as little time as possible. I believe that Emmett and Rose were there now, and we would need to call Bella and Edward to come back from Isle whatever soon. If there was a threat I didn't want to face it with out everyone present. Well almost everyone.

"I do understand that Jasper, but we will move again we will do whatever we have to do but she won't have you again. None of us will allow it." I sighed in relief a little as we passed the sign that said Now leaving Texas. I must have been in my stupor for longer then I thought.

"How long was I lost in my head?" I asked Car quietly.

"About six hours. You made good time." He laughed trying to lighten the mood and I felt myself chuckling next to him.

"We should call Emmett and Rose and let them know we are on our way, and Edward and Bella and tell them to get home." He immediately pulled his phone out and made the calls that needed to be made.

We drove mostly in silence making amazing time back to Montana. We had been gone for several years and I had to admit it was good to be back. This was the first place I ever felt at 'home'. It was the first place Carlisle and I were together as a couple, it was where my life finally started.

We pulled into the driveway and were instantly greeted by Rose and Emmett.

"Welcome home bro, I hear you brought a fight with you. Can't fucking wait!" Emmett boomed as he yanked me out of the car and into his signature bear hug.

"Yeah well I think you're the only one." I muttered as Emmett went to greet Carlisle and Rose stepped up.

"Don't worry brother, we got your back. This bitch hasn't faced the Cullen's before, she doesn't know what she's walking into." I appreciated there support but was terrified.

"Hey, we don't even know if she will actually try anything." Carlisle called out as he grabbed some of our luggage I went around to the trunk to help him.

"As much as I would like to believe that Car I just can't. You don't know her. Once she gets something in her head that's it, she will see it through with a single mindedness, almost to the point of reckless. It's quite disturbing." Her ability to see things through was one of the only traits I ever admired about her even if she didn't use it for good.

"Let's not think about it now. Let's just get settled back in shall we?" I knew I was pulling away from them all as I turned to enter the house. But I couldn't stop myself.

I knew that if I had to I would willingly go with her if it meant that rest of my family was left unscathed. I prayed that it didn't come to that. I wish we knew what Maria was planning.

Oh Alice where are you when we need you?

I thought in desperation.

Edward and Bella came home two days later but the house still felt horribly empty with out the bouncing pixie infiltrating every aspect of our lives. The traveling and time away had served as a great distraction. Now life was coming back at full force and there were noticeable things missing.

About a week after we got home I got a text from an unknown number, it simply read:

Clearing, 10 mins. Bring the family.

I was perplexed. Was this a trap? Who would send this to me? Who outside of the family even had my number? Should I get the whole family and risk them? Shit I didn't know what to do.

My phone beeped again.

Just do it!

That really didn't help.

I had to at least give them the option so I called a quick family meeting.

"Jas, what's going on?" Rose asked as they all started to file in to the living room.

"I just got a text from an unknown number telling me to get the family and be at the clearing in ten minutes." I told them simply cutting right to the chase.

"So why are we sitting here instead of heading to the clearing?" Emmett of course ready to run right in with out any thought to the consequences.

"Well Emmett, we don't know who sent the text or if it could be a trap." I informed them.

"While it maybe a trap what other option do we have, I mean how would Maria even get your cell number?" Bella always using that brain. She was right Maria wasn't exactly plugged in to modern technology. So I could imagine how should we be able to obtain it.

"I honestly think that Emmett maybe right in this case, as much as it pains me to say it. We won't know unless we go." Carlisle shocking the hell out of all of us by actually agreeing to this. He never was one to be rash.

"Alright if we are going to go we better get to it." I concluded as we all made our way our of the house and into the clearing I hadn't seen since the day our family had been separated.

We made it with several minutes to spare and I took this opportunity to wrap my arms around Carlisle's waist pulling him into my side kissing his temple lightly.

"Do you smell that?" Edward asked.

I took a whiff and it smelled familiar but I still couldn't quite place it. Suddenly I noticed Edward break out in a huge smile and had a feeling that whoever it was we would be ok.

Before I had a chance to ask him about it I saw Jane and Alec enter the clearing. Shit why the fuck would Edward be happy about this. What the hell were they doing here? We hadn't done anything wrong. Had Maria some how convinced them to help her? No there was no way that would happen.

"Hello Cullen's." Jane spoke. Her voice didn't hold the normal malevolence. Alec just nodded in acknowledge. I was waiting for the rest of the guard to follow them out of the forest but no one came. This was not the way the they do this. I was utterly confused.

Carlisle taking over the role of leader again stepped forward and out of my arms. I didn't like that at all.

"Jane, Alec, Welcome. To what do we owe this visit?" Carlisle addressed them trying not to upset them in anyway. No one wanted to feel the wrath of Jane.

"We come baring news of your family." I instantly perked up at that.

"What news? If you did anything to them I will find a way to kill you, I swear to…." Before I could finish my threat a very familiar voice could be heard at the tree line.

"Oh Jazzy, calm down no one hurt us." I blinked a few times. I had to be dreaming, something had to have malfunctioned in my brain and I am the first vampire to go into a coma.

"Jasper you're not in a coma, she is really here." Edward whispered to me.

Before I could even comprehend what he had said a small blur crashed into my body hugging me tightly.

"Oh Jazzy, I missed you so much, you have no idea! Oh, and what a mess you have gotten yourself into. Don't you remember me telling you to stay away from Texas? I told you that like 50 years ago. I said 'don't ever go to Texas again' but you didn't listen and now well we can talk about that later. Oh you have to met my mate, wow so much has happened." I must have looked like a fish out of water cause my mouth was opening and closing but no words were coming out. "I'll let you absorb all this for a minute then come back." With that she flitted off to great the rest of the family.

"Hey bro, good to be home. You might want to close your mouth though don't know who might try and shove something in it on ya." My jaw snapped shut and I started dumbfounded at the face of one Peter Whitlock.

"Wh…how….when? What the hell is going on?" I asked him. Instead of answering me he just pulled me in for a hug.

"All in good time brother, first you have to met our mate." I cocked an eyebrow at him and was again trapped in my confusion. But once again was denied answered as I was encased in another hug. This one from Charlotte. I held onto her for a bit longer then Peter but not as long as Ali. God I missed them all so much.

"Ok, ok, I think that we should explain a few things before the Major here has a major melt down." Char always more sensitive then the others finally threw me a freaking bone.

"I think all of us could use some answers." Carlisle responded making his way back over to me and wrapping me securely in his arms as I tried to work all this out in my head.

I was thrilled that they were here, but what about these mates they talked about, and why were the witch twins with them? Was this just a visit and they had to go back? I couldn't figure it out and it was driving me nuts.

"Hey bro, give the hamster on the wheel a break, we will explain it." Peter said as he playfully mused my hair before going to stand next to Alec. What the hell.

"First I would like to say that I hope you all keep and open mind and heart as we explain this to you." Alice stated with a bit of concern edged on her face.

"Ali, you know no matter what you are still a part of this family and any mate you have chosen also. The same goes for Peter and Charlotte also." Carlisle ever the patriarch informed her and the rest of us just nodded in agreement.

"Ok, thank you, so first and foremost, this is not a temporary visit. We have fulfilled our obligation, sort of." she chuckled slightly at that as if it were some inside joke, and I was suddenly filled with jealousy and I wasn't sure why. "Secondly, I would like to introduce you all to my mate," she paused briefly taking a deep unneeded breath, "Jane."

I was astounded. Was she serious? She had never before mentioned having a preference for women. Why didn't I know this? We had been companions for decades and never once did she mention liking pussy! What the hell was going on here.

"Also, Char and I discovered the reason we were meant to go to Italy also. We had always felt like something was missing from our relationship, like we had a hole. While we loved each other completely we still had so much more to give. Well we found the person that fills that hole," again with the dramatic pause, "Alec here is the other part of our equation. We really hope you can all except this." Peter finished and was also looking a bit concerned.

What did they think we were going to ostracize them because the each had two mates? I always knew that they didn't feel 100% whole, I knew that they had experimented before. I also felt for quite sometime that there was another person that they were both suppose to be with. Did I ever think in a million years three of the most important people in my life would end up with two of the most important and lethal guard members? Hell no. Was I happy that they had all found their counterparts? Hell yes.

Now it would just be interesting to see where we all went from here. I have a feeling life will never be boring again.

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