Title: Naughty

Chapters: 1/3

Paring: Alice/Tarrant

Rating: M for later chapters. Really. Serious M.

Written for a challenge over at LJ. Having to do with Alice/Tarrant and a naughty tea party.

First chapter is short and sweet, the rest of the chapters will be longer. Promise.


It certainly couldn't have been a year since her return to Underland. Time must be playing a trick on her, although it usually reserved that kind of mischief for Tarrant. But, as Alice checked her journal, she saw that indeed, a year had come and gone. It had been a year since realizing why she had been so depressed, sailing around the world for adventure when it was always where it was supposed to be. In Underland. A year since she had found her way back, found Tarrant waiting for her, found not only the adventure she longed for but love that filled her completely. A year of fun and madness.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she smiled as memories washed over her. Of course there had been moments of curiosity, if life up above went on, if she was missed, if her family understood the letters explaining her sudden absence from their world. But only seconds would pass before Tarrant would find her and sweep her about. Hold her tightly. Kiss her passionately. As if he knew when she was thinking about the life she willingly abandoned for him, for this lovely world.

Sighing, Alice wondered if anniversaries were celebrated in Underland. There were un-birthday parties, royal balls held in honor of various days, but anniversaries? Surely she could start the tradition if there wasn't one already. Not that she had a proper marriage by the terms of society in her old life. Tarrant and herself were bound together by more than just a few spoken vows and pieces of metal. And yet, Alice felt the need to give him a special gift. An anniversary present to show him how much it meant…their life together.

But what to give a mad hatter?