*Summary* It's been a few, peaceful years since the digidestined have fought in the digiworld. However, when a new evil appears and makes unforeseen threats, Gennai deems it incapable of being beaten. To keep the digidestined and their children safe, he seals the digiports, thus creating a grim future for the digital world. However, can the tides turn 7 years later, once the new children grow up? Perhaps, if their parent's adventures didn't have to remain a secret. Knowing some of the digidestined, though, odds are at least one of their children has a knack for getting in trouble.


"Does it really have to be this way, Gennai?" A dark figure of a man asked. He kicked a stone with his foot and shoved his hands deep inside his pockets.

"I'm afraid so, Taichi." The old man responded, regret in his voice. "It appears not even you can defeat the evil this time."

"You barely let us try.." The man responded, his words as gentle as the wind that carried them, yet stronger than anything he'd said before. Taichi clenched his fist and pushed his foot down on top of the tiny stone.

Gennai grunted. "If you have not learned by now that my wisdom surpasses yours, I don't know what to tell you." The usual humor the old man used was gone. It seemed as if nothing remained of him.

The bluntness of his tone took Taichi a big by surprise, he thought there'd be a little more of an explanation, but if he knew one thing by now, it was that Gennai never explained anything thoroughly. Although his head kept pounding, 'don't let it be this way', Taichi knew Gennai was right. He mustered up all the strength he had before asking one final question. "Can I say goodbye to Agumon?" He sighed after he said it, as if he knew by asking for farewell was giving into the enemy.

"I'm afraid not." was Gennai's simple reply. "If the enemy finds out you're here, I doubt you'll make it home. You have your family now- they need to be protected as well, Taichi, you know that just as well as I do."

The man gathered a pile of dirt together with his feet, remaining silent for a moment. In his heart, he knew Gennai was right. Gently, he pushed the mound over the single stone and patted it down with his shoe. "So this is really it?"

Gennai didn't answer Taichi's question. Instead, he turned around and held his hand in the air. An opening appeared in the darkness behind him. "Here's the portal." Taichi took a step forward, but Gennai turned around before he could go any farther. "Thank you for everything you've done for us. I'm so sorry. I didn't think it would end like this."

Taichi sighed and walked past the man, regretting each and every step he took towards the future no one wanted. With one foot through the portal, he turned around and took one last look at Gennai. "I didn't think you were the kind to give up."

Gennai remained quiet. The only way Taichi could tell his words had an effect on him was by the single crease that appeared in his forehead. For a second, the man regretted what he'd said, but he held his composure. Without another word, Taichi looked back towards the portal and pulled his other, heavy foot through the hole. In a single night, he'd managed to abandon everything he'd worked for years to protect.

As the light from the portal disappeared, Taichi's home world lit up. As the man stepped out of his computer screen, his living room became illuminated in a bright white light. However, all was silent in the apartment. He ran a cold, shaky hand through his hair, half expecting it to be longer than it was; for the trip to the digital world reminded him of his younger days. Taichi had wanted the new, short cut to bring out his maturity; however, even the most mature section of his brain could not handle what had just happened. Without picking his feet up, Taichi made his way to the sofa on the other side of the living room. He collapsed on the soft, comforting surface and buried his head in his hands. How was he going to sort this out? More importantly, how was he going to explain this to the others? For he had been the only one Gennai had called to the digital world that night, partly to keep everyone out of danger, and partly because Gennai believed if he could convince the most stubborn group member to cooperate, everyone else would follow. Still, Taichi was torn about how easily he'd let the digital world slip away. Had he been selfish with his decision? Taichi lifted his head up and leaned back farther on the couch. Admittedly, when he'd decided to give up his, rather, the group's protection to the digital world, he'd only had one person in mind.

The man got up and slowly crept to a door down the hallway. As quietly as he could, he pushed it open and let his eyes adjust to the darkness. In the room, there weren't many things. After all, how many pieces of furniture did a baby really need? There was a dresser, a changing table, a standing lamp, and a crib, of course, that stood at the far end of the room. Next to the crib was a night light that let off a simple pink glow, one that the baby refused to sleep without. As Taichi inched closer to the crib, a face became recognizable in the small amount of light. A smile slid its way onto Taichi's grim face as he saw the girl- she was innocent, unharmed, unaffected by the huge decision her father had just made. Well, she was affected- protected, if you will, by Taichi's choice. She just didn't know it yet, and hopefully, Taichi thought to himself, she would never have to.

The man leaned over the crib and pushed a thin wisp of brown hair out of the baby's face. "Manami.." he whispered, his eyes wrinkling with affection as her name left his lips. Carefully, Taichi leaned down and kissed her forehead, ever-so-gently, so she would not wake.

"What are you doing in here?" A familiar voice asked. Surprised, Taichi turned around.

"I couldn't sleep." was his simple response. Although it wasn't a complete lie, Taichi knew his wife would be able to see through any lie he could possibly make up about why he hadn't been in bed.

The woman pushed a clump of thick, auburn hair behind her ear and raised her right eyebrow high. "What's wrong?"

Taichi couldn't look at her- he settled for an area slightly above her shoulder. "We need to talk, Sora."

As the two made their way to the kitchen, Taichi tried to sort his thoughts out. What was he going to say to her? It was certainly going to be a lose-lose conversation. First, she'd be shocked. Second, she'd be upset she hadn't been included in the decision. Third, well… he wasn't really sure how his wife would take the news after that. However, he was certainly about to find out. The man pulled a chair out from under the table, beckoning his wife to sit down. Only after stalling with many other questions such as: Would you like a drink? Some food? More comfortable clothes?, did Taichi sit down himself. In the time it'd taken them to get settled in the kitchen, he hadn't been able to think of a single good explanation. Perhaps it'd be best to be completely honest about it; after all, Sora was his wife.

"Love," he began, as he often began many sentences, "The digital world, the evil.."

"What about it?" Sora asked, clearly worrying about the uncertainty in his voice.

Taichi sighed and felt his lungs grow heavy. There was no turning back now, although he deeply wished he had different news. "Gennai decided this evil was too much for us."

Creases appeared on the woman's forehead as her eyebrows shot up high. Her mouth drooped open gently, although her eyes were fully alert. "What do you mean, 'was'?"

"He's stopped the fight." Taichi responded, setting his eyes on the same spot above Sora's shoulder. For a man who was supposedly full of courage, why was it so hard to find it now, especially when facing the love of his life?

Sora didn't speak. Her lip gently began to quiver- it would have gone unnoticed by a stranger. Quietly, she pushed her chair back, stood up, and walked towards one of the full length windows that surrounded the table. It felt cool and comforting against her skin as she leaned on it, worriedly staring into the night sky. "Why didn't you let me have a say in this?" she coldly asked.

Taichi's heart started beating faster than it ever had before. The tone of her voice pierced him like a knife. "Gennai thought you would have made the same decision as me, especially after what happened." He got up from the table himself and began to walk over towards her. However, when he reached his hand out to touch her arm, Sora backed away. "Please don't do this." Taichi continued. "I.. I had no choice, Gennai really already had his mind made up. How were we supposed to protect-"

"Manami?" Sora interrupted, her voice pleading this time. "Why couldn't we just have protected all of them? We've done it before."

"Sora, you know me." Taichi responded, trying to sound assertive. "Out of all of us, you know I'd be the first person to go out there with Agumon and fight. But we have a child now… the others, they have children now. No digimon's ever threatened to kill our children before."

Sora slit her eyes and moved her feet so she was facing the man directly. "They've come after our neighbors, Taichi. They've come after our parents, our siblings! Yet we've never backed down. When it was Hikari, you didn't back down!"

"Don't bring Hikari into this!" Taichi retorted, raising his voice just loud enough to yell and not wake the baby. He flung his arms out and put his face near hers. "What did you want me to do? Did you want me to even try to defy Gennai? Did you want me to force Manami to grow up hiding, in danger? Is that really what you would have wanted, Sora!?"

Hurt, Sora dropped her defense. The look in her eyes made Taichi instantly regret the way he'd spoken to her. "No.." She muttered, holding tears back. Her voice shook as she tried to explain herself. "What kind of mother do you think I am? I'm a great mother, Taichi, but I'm also one hell of a friend. Aren't you worried about Agumon?"

"Of course I'm worried about Agumon.." Taichi said, letting the thought settle in- for the first time- that his digimon was probably in danger.

Sora leaned back up against the window. "We have to go back.."

This was the point in the conversation that Taichi had been fearing the most. The words he spoke were barely audible. "We can't… the digiport's already been sealed.."

Sora turned her head to look at him; had he really just said that? The creases in her forehead deepend and her eyes glistened with fresh tears. Without another word, the woman stood up straight, and with raging thoughts, walked into the bedroom and closed the door.

Taichi stood by himself in the kitchen. That certainly didn't go as smoothly as he'd hoped. Feeling defeated, he walked himself over to where Sora had been standing next to the window. He leaned himself up against it in order to see what Sora had been so earnestly staring at. However, there was nothing outside except for the lights of the city and the stars in the sky. How could something be so simple, so beautiful, in such a terrible, terrible time?

Taichi walked back into the living room and sat back down on the same couch he had before. Frustrated, he put his head in his hands. He felt like time had gone backwards- like he'd made no progress at all. However, as he sat there, he was totally engulfed in darkness. The light of the computer wasn't there to comfort him- the instant access to the place he knew so well was gone. Sora was right, he could no longer help his friends. He wouldn't even be able to know if anything bad had happened to them. Was it really for the best though? It had to be.. especially after that what had happened to them..

"Taichi!" Sora called desperately.

The man spun around in his office chair to face his open door. For a second, he was frozen, not sure what had happened, but once he heard an enormous bang, he knew something was wrong. Taichi jumped out of his chair, left his work, and dashed down the hallway towards Sora's cries.

"I'm coming!" He called, trying to protect her with the comfort of his voice. However, once he reached the woman, he couldn't believe what he saw.

A digimon, tall in structure, yet skinny, stood above his wife. It's arms were long and gruesome looking, with claws on the ends of both of them. It's legs were similar, although slightly thicker, and it's feet were long and heavy. The monster's face, however, was the most horrible part. It's eyes were bright red and gleaming with the need for death. The nose was hidden by the shadows' covering its face, masked in the darkness. Finally, the mouth was large and open, revealing many teeth. The digivice Taichi wore honorably on his belt loop was beeping like crazy, alerting Taichi to the obvious problem they had.

"What is that thing!" He called to no one in particular. "Get away!"

Sora tried to run towards him, however, she couldn't get away fast enough; her pregnancy wore her down. She cried out desperately as the monster grabbed her from behind, throwing her to the floor. Sora clenched her stomach in pain before being pinned to the ground with one of the monster's claws. He wrapped it around her neck, increasing the pressure until her skin began to change color. Taichi dove at her, desperately trying to get the digimon away. As he ran at it, though, the monster used it's free arm to send Taichi flying across the room. The man yelled as he was pushed away from Sora, her baby, from everything.

"No!" He called, just before his head smashed against the computer on the far side of the living room. As his vision went blurry and the room around him began to turn black, all he could mutter was "Agumon… help…"

The man struggled to stay conscious, he needed to help Sora; her anxious attempts at screaming were killing him. However, it proved to be impossible. His head eventually fell, knocking against the keyboard. As his body went limp, it shifted though, hitting the enter button on the keyboard. Once that happened, the computer turned bright, sending beams of light out into the apartment. Taichi slowly raised his head to try and process what was going on, but more importantly, to try and protect the love of his life.

"Sora…" He whispered.

"Don't worry Taichi" A strong voice boomed from behind him.

With his last bit of strength, Taichi turned his head. A digimon he knew well was in the process of morphing out of the screen. "Metalgreymon.." He smiled, realizing everything would be alright.

With that, the digimon flew at the monster, knocking everything off shelves, out of book cases, and onto the floor. "Leave her alone!" Metalgreymon called right before pushing his claw through the digimon's black body. With one final moan, followed by a scream from Sora, the dark digimon disintegrated into thin air.

Really, the only reason Taichi, Sora, and Manami were alive was because Metalgreymon saved them that day. Was it really right, pushing their savior away? Was it better for there to be no threat at all? Just when Taichi was about to let himself utterly fall apart, he heard a door creak open. The sound made his heart jump and his chest tighten, and he hoped to god that Sora wouldn't come out more upset than she went in. In a matter of seconds, his wife appeared before him. Silently, she sat down on the couch next to him and wrapped her arms around his body. Both of them could tell the other had been crying- the puffy eyes gave it away for Sora, and the unsteady rate at which Taichi's chest was rising up and down did it for him. However, once Taichi felt the comfortable, loving embrace, he allowed himself to calm down. Perhaps somehow, someway, everything would turn out alright in the end.


Alright, I was really, really excited to start this story, I couldn't wait any longer. Sorry the first chapter was so Tai and Sora centric, more people are on the way! Every character is going to be in this. So, let me know what you guys think so far! Hopefully you all liked it. Until next chapter..