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"Sooo...what are the chances that we'll get a nice quiet...relaxing...non life threatening year at Hogwarts?" Hermione Granger teased Ginny as they entered the Great Hall. The said girl threw her arm around Hermione's neck and pulled her close that only she could hear her and whispered. "What are the chances that you and my brother make it through the feast without shagging your brains out...like you did on the train?"

"How did you know?" Hermione's eyes shot open as her face rivaled her boyfriend's hair. It was all Ginny could do to not burst out laughing at her.

"They made silencing charms for a reason Hermione." Ginny didn't think that Hermione's face could get any redder, she was so very wrong.

"Y-you heard us?" Hermione squeaked, as she looked around to see if anyone was listening.

"Sweetie, you're a screamer...the whole bloody train heard you."

"Oh Merlin!" Hermione gasped before she buried her face into her hands.

"Oh...by the way," Ginny reached inside her pocket and retrieved a small article of clothing, "I found these on top of my trunk on the overhang. Just how they got there I never want to know," She finished while waved a pink thong in front of her friend. Hermione quickly snatched it out of her hands and shoved it into her robe.

"Oh Merlin! Oh Merlin! Oh Merlin!"

"You sure like saying that a lot. I wasn't aware he was also the Patron Saint of Orgasms."

"Oh...shut it! So, I like a good shag. Does that make me a slut?" Ginny laughed to herself. Hermione certainly had come a long way from the bookworm that she met just five years ago. Then again, hadn't they all.

No longer was she the naive little girl that dreamed of marrying The-Boy-Who-Lived. Neville was cute and all, but he didn't do anything for her. Plus, he changed after the Chamber of Secrets incident. True, he did save her life, but he didn't do it alone. He had help, he always had help. Dumbledore was always there. She would be surprised if the man didn't hold Neville's wanker for him, when he used the loo.

That and the Daily Prophet kissing his arse every ten seconds only made his head that much more overinflated, and it was big enough as it was. His grandmother made sure he had the best of everything, tutors, clothes, you name it he got it. She often wondered what Longbottom's parents would think if they could see him now.

His Grandmother was another story altogether. To say that Ginny disliked her would be an understatement. The woman was the bane of her existence. She didn't hate her as much as Tom, but she came in pretty blooding close. Her mother said to be respectful to her at all times."She a very powerful woman and we don't want to make her our enemy," Her mother said on more than one occasion. Then again, her mother would be very happy if she became the next Lady Longbottom.

Ginny wanted none of it, but her feelings weren't the issue. Dumbledore had become quite fond of reminding her that she owed Neville a Life Debt. If not paid by her seventeenth birthday, he could claim her. As a wife...mistress...slave, whatever he chose. Because Longbottom was the last of his line and of a Noble House, Dumbledore reactivated an old law that said that he could have many wives. Well, one wife and a shite load of mistresses, so he could rebuild the Family Line with his seed. Seeing as she had little choice, she agreed to be his girlfriend. Ginny hoped that she could make him into something she could learn to live with. At least, that's what she told herself at the beginning. After the Department of Mysteries fiasco, she gave up such hope. Anything that was left of that silly crush she had died there. She would never forgive him for that. He wasn't a Savior of the Wizarding World like she was lead to believe...he was a bloody coward!

Ginny didn't know what was worse; the fact that her so-called Headmaster was always spouting off that greater good shite, or the fact that the git never once apologized for it. She was given an extremely long lecture on forgiveness by her mother, she really was blind to it all, and it was strongly suggested that she should take him back if, and she quoted, "You plan to continue your education at Hogwarts." Bastard! It wasn't like she really had a bloody choice.

Ginny would snog Neville, if he pushed the issue, but it made her skin crawl every time his hands would wander over her body. You could only play the 'I'm-waiting-for-my-wedding-night' card so much. On more than one occasion that manipulative old bastard tried to slip her a love potion. One thing she learned from having Fred and George as brothers is never turn your back on your drink.

Ginny was so lost in thought that she didn't even realize that she had taken her seat at the Gryffindor table. The first years had already been sorted. When the hell did that happen? She looked to her left, and saw Ron getting about a hundred pats on the back, by half the guys in the school. Though her brother wasn't the type to brag, he certainly wasn't denying either. Hermione's face was even redder than it was before. If this kept up she would pass out any second. Thankfully, all it took to make the herd of gits to scatter was Ginny pulling out her wand. Her Bat-Bogey Hex was known far and wide.

"Who - is - that?" Dean asked. Ginny rolled her eyes. It was another year and another girl for him to drool over. Is that all boys ever think about?

"Damn she's hot!" Seamus agreed. Apparently, it is.

"Those eyes - those lips - those-" Dean was leaning over the table to get a better look. Ginny smacked him in the back of his head. Well, that felt good at least.

"Dean you git, she's a new Professor. Plus, she's old enough to be your mother," Hermione scolded him, as she rolled her eyes and threw her arms up in the air in disgust.

"Yeah, she's definably a MILS," Dean said grinning at Seamus.

"And what, pray tell, is that? It's not another one of those muggle sayings, is it?"

"Yep! It stands for Mum I Like to Sha - OUCH! THAT HURT GINNY!"

"It was supposed to hurt you foul git."

"Hey, what's up with Snape?"

"Who cares?"

"Well, look at him."

"Which part, that his hair doesn't have a gallon of grease in it, or that he's drooling at your would-be-girlfriend Dean?"

"Hey! I saw her first!"

"As if you even have a shot, you get more delusional every year Dean."

"No one asked your opinion Longbottom."

"Oh look, the Chosen One has graced us with his presence."

"I was in a personal meeting with Dumbledore I'll have you know. You should be grateful that I waste my time with the lot of you."

"Under his desk is more like it." Ron whispered to Hermione. She nodded her head as she held back a laugh.

"Yes, you never know when you will need to sacrifice someone to Bellatrix Lestrange to be tortured, so you can run away," Ginny muttered resentfully under her breath. All eyes in ear shot snapped to her. Apparently she was louder than she thought. Ron clenched his fist, as he remembered how Neville gave Ginny up without a fight. Hermione softly put her hand on his arm to calm him and give a look that said now wasn't the time.

"Will you get over that already? We rescued you didn't we."

"NO! Tonks rescued me!"

"Same difference."

"Shut it the both of you! Look, Dumbledore is going to say something," Hermione cut them off before it got heated. They all looked to the podium as Dumbledore stepped up. For a few seconds he said nothing. He seemed to be looking for someone. Then he sighed and addressed the students.

"Ah, another year is upon us. It looks as if our new Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor has yet to arrive. Rest assured I have every confidence that he will be here in time for class tomorrow. I regret to inform you that Professor Flitwick has taken a leave of absence for personal reasons. However, I am most pleased to announce that an old friend and former student has agreed to fill in for him. Let's all give a warm Hogwarts welcome for Professor Lily Potter." The Great Hall erupted in loud applause.

"Dammit! That means that he's coming here. I don't need that right now," Neville growled. With all the clapping that was going on, no one heard him. No one except Ginny, and it sparked her interest greatly. Neville looked worried. It was a warm welcome from his usual smug pompous look. The applause was just dying down when a patronus burst through the doors of the Great Hall. Not just any patronus, but a full corporeal one at that. The silvery white stag charged down the row between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff tables.

"GET OUT OF THE WAY! GET OUT OF THE FREAKING WAY!" Was what they heard as it passed by. Professor Potter leaped over the staff table with a twirling flip that left more than a few shocked. She landed gracefully before pulling out her wand. With a lazy flick of her wrists, a spell shot forth from her wand. The space between the two house tables tripled in size. Oddly, not a single student fell out of their seats, as the Great Hall itself seemed to expand.

The red haired woman stomped to the edge of the stage to meet the patronus. Her fists were clinched and she displayed a livid look that Ron knew all too well. The stag came to a halt in front of her.

"Mom...I can explain everything."

"You bloody well better!" She snapped with a tone that Ron knew even better.

From the grounds outside a roar was heard in the distance. It was rapidly getting louder, much faster than it should normally be. All eyes looked to the door in anticipation of what was coming. The noise was so loud that many students were now covering their ears to block out the sound.

Two motorcycles burst though the doorway. One was just a tire length behind the other. Both riders wore helmets that covered their faces. Their oddly designed robes were flapping behind them, parallel to the floor due to the speed they were going. It didn't seem possible that they would be able to stop in time to save them from crashing. Even the Professors at the staff table were taking cover. All except one, Lily Potter stood her ground with a look that could kill.

Both riders launched into the air, as they were casting shrinking and levitation charms. They flipped and twirled through the air just as Professor Potter did just moments ago. Their movements were mirroring each other perfectly. Both landing at the foot of the stage and in unison opened their robes. The odd robes were made of some dragon hide that no one had seen before. The inside of the robes was black as midnight. The shrunken motorcycles flew at them. The black inside of their robes rippled as if it was water when the motorcycles passed through them. With a final wave of their wands the helmets dissolved away revealing their faces.

The older of the two's hair was as black as his name. Only a few random hairs fell over his face. The rest was pulled back neatly in a ponytail. It was held in place by an elegant golden clip that bore the Crest of the House of Black. He wore a neatly trimmed goatee on his handsome face. His eyes were gray and gave of an air of danger. It had the ability to stir something deep inside women that even Minerva McGonagall wasn't immune to.

On the right was the younger of the two. His hair was just as black but only came to his shoulders. In contrast to the others hair, his spiked all over the place in a wild fashion that oddly worked for him. He ran his hand through his hair, making it more wild than it was before. Ginny noticed the Signet Ring on his finger. Whoever he was, he was a Noble Lord. Brilliant emerald green eyes scanned the student body. This wrought a sigh from more than a few girls. Even the Slytherin Ice Queen herself, Daphne Greengrass had a dreamy look in her eyes. A slow sly grin slid over his young face; it screamed of mischief. He lazily held out an upturned hand to the other.

"Told ya." He said with a grin. This made the other roll his eyes, as he pulled out a bag of gold and dropped it into his hand.

"You got lucky pup."

"That was pure skill and you know it." They shared a cheeky grin that Lily Potter knew all too well. It never ceased to amaze her how they could thrill and aggravate her at the same time. At this current time aggravation was kicking thrill's arse big time. She went into full mother mode.


"Why is she always threatening our bits?" Harry asked out of the corner of his mouth. Sirius opened his to answer, but was stopped when Lily flicked her wand and their heads smacked together.

"OW!" They yelled at the same time and started to rub their heads.

"Because it's the only thing that seems to get your attention, that's why!"

"I hate it when she does that." Harry said to Sirius as they turned around to face the wrath of Lily Potter. Sirius put up his hands in defeat while Harry gave his best puppy-dog face, working his eyes for all they were worth. Lily rolled her own eyes in disgust.

"One, I don't believe that innocent look for a second," She said as she pointed her wand at Sirius, then she leveled it at Harry. "And two that face stopped working on me when you're five young man."

"Worth a shot," Harry said with a shrug. Lily scowled and he gulped. He was a good six inches taller than his mother, and his broad muscular form overshadowed her petite one. His magic was much stronger than hers, as was his knowledge of dark curses. There were lines that he knew that she would never cross. The same lines he put behind him long ago. Knowing all this, he still knew better than to cross her.

"Now Lils-" Sirius started before her head snapped back at him, stopping him cold in his tracks.

"Don't you dare "now Lils'" me, and I swear if I find out that you dragged my son off to some damn Succubus Colony so you could go whoring. I will hang you by your bits from the tallest tower."

"One! I didn't go "Whoring" as you so delicately put it. Two, I was introducing my godson to Magical Creatures as part of his training. One that we both agreed on if you don't recall."

"I don't recall giving permission for my son to lose his virginity to a damn Succubus."

"Hey! I'm standing right here."

"SHUT IT!" Both Sirius and Lily snapped at him before rounding back on each other.

"That would have happened sooner or later anyway and you're being stereotypical. Succubi are seriously misunderstood Magical Creatures."

"That's true," Hagrid agreed from the staff table. Lily snapped her head to him. He lasted only one second under her scowl before he quickly ducked his head. It appeared that his spoon had a water-spot that needed his immediate attention. Lily turned her glare back to Harry and Sirius.

"I'll have you know they're quite lovely creatures. Their beauty is as much internal as it is external. They have a strong sense of family, as well as, a playful sense of humor."

"Very playful...and energetic...limber...giving...adventurous...open minded... "Harry pointed out each adjective on a finger,"And the things that they can do with their tails"


"Oops! Did I say that out loud?"Oh crap! She used my middle name.

"Your dad would have been so proud."

SIRIUS ORION! What have I told you about encouraging my son?"

"To not to," Sirius said doing his best Tow Mater impression while looking at his boots, because he sure as hell knew better than to look her in the eye when she was like this, "Don't make eye contact pup."

"What, like I'm new at this." Lily snapped her eyes from Sirius to Harry, then back to Sirius again.

"Perhaps this is a conversation best left for a more private location," McGonagall interjected. Though she greatly enjoyed Lily's giving the boys the riot act, she felt that it was going to get out of hand, and fast.

It was then that it dawned on the three that they were still in the Great Hall and that the entire school was in attendance. Lily looked horrified, Sirius just grinned and Harry gave a cheeky wave.

"I do apologize for the boldness of our arrival Headmaster. Our meeting with the new Minister of Magic ran a little longer than expected, I'm afraid. Then we ran into some old friends, and had a rather spirited conversation outside of Gringotts. So sadly, young Harry missed the train. Well, no point crying over spilt butterbeer, as they say. Harry suggested it was a perfect time to test the limits of our new motorcycles. So to kill two birds with one stone, I thought it would do good to test the Wards around Hogwarts as well," Sirius casually said as he walked past Lily. She understood what he meant and gave a look that said that they would talk later.

"And how did they hold up Professor Black?" Dumbledore asked, catching the look that the two shared. He would have to keep an eye on the three of them. They were definitely not the same people that he knew. If that was for good or bad he wasn't sure, only time would tell.

"We got through, so I would say that they could use some improvements."

"I look forward to that conversation."

"As do I."

"Good...good, now...Harry my boy. You still need to be sorted." He was the other one that the prophecy could have been about. Another pawn for the chessboard, this could be interesting.

"I think not," Harry told him flat out. This brought a gasp from several students, and a smile slid across Ginny's face. Got backbone - this one has - cute too.

"Excuse me?" A bewildered Albus Dumbledore asked. Not in all the years that he had been at Hogwarts had anyone refused to be sorted. He would put a stop to this and fast. The boy would learn just who is Headmaster here and who is student. Dumbledore looked into Harry's mind and didn't like what he saw. With Lily as a mother he expected to find at least some kind of mental block. What he got was a full blown trap. He stood on a vast desert. Before him written in the form of fire ants was the message.



Then he felt himself sinking into the sand, as thousands upon thousands of fire ants swarmed his body. He could actually feel the stinging burn of their bites. Albus made a quick retreat from his mind, to find one Harry Potter grinning ear to ear. It's not every day that you can make a Wizard of Dumbledore's caliber run like a little bitch.

"With all due respect Headmaster, regardless of the different social types, we are all here for the same reason, to learn magic. My mother has told me of the different Houses and what traits they value. I am well aware of what traits I possess and what I value. Hardworking and loyal, intelligence and open mindedness, cunning and driven, bold and passionate, I value them all and I used all to get past your wards, did I not. I hold none over the other. They were meant to complement, not exclude each other. I understand tradition, I only ask that I be given time to get to know each House and their inhabitants before I chose which one best suits me." Lily beamed with pride at her son. He had grown into such a fine young man. Though she didn't always approve of his choices, he had the best of his father in him. It also looked like he actually learned some of her lessons, after all.

"You make a good point my boy. Where would you like to begin?" You call me 'my boy' one more time; I swear I'll put my boot knee deep up your ass!

"My parents and godfather were Gryffindors. It's as good a place as any to start." Harry turned to go sit at the Gryffindor Table. As he did, Lily walked over to Dumbledore and gave him a friendly kiss on the cheek. He felt her wand poke him in the ribs as she whispered in his ear.

"If you ever violate my son's mind again. I'll feed you your bits for breakfast." The sweetness of her voice left a cold chill in his old bones. She returned to her seat, to find it occupied by Sirius. He quite effectively cut off any chance that Snape could sit near her. He saw the way the git was looking at her, and he would have none of it. Lily just rolled her eyes at that. Like I can't handle him, thanks for the confidence Sirius.

"Sorry, old habits die hard Lils" Sirius whispered as she took her seat between him and McGonagall. She understood; he had been at her side since James died, and she also knew that she and Harry never would have made it if it wasn't for him. She gave his arm a little squeeze, as to say forgiven. Then, she narrowed her eyes to let him know that he wasn't off the hook...just yet. He gave a small nod and turned his attention to the meal in front of him. One thing he learned from living with Lily Potter was that she was just as quick to forgive as she was to explode.

"For a second there, when they were standing side by side -" Minerva started only to have Lily finish.

"I know, you thought you had your boys back." Lily gave her a slight nudge and McGonagall sighed, Lily knew her all too well. In her youth she was quite the prankster herself. As the Head of the Gryffindor House, she had to come down hard on them. Secretly, she would return to the privacy of her room, before she would laugh till her sides hurt.

"I miss him."

"Me too."

"What's Harry like?"

"Well, as you can see, he has a lot of his father in him."

"Which, Sirius encourages I see."

"You have no idea."

"He also has your keen mind."

"That he does."

"Please tell me he doesn't remember that terrible night."

"There are some things that you can never forget. It drives him...the things that he can do...it's just amazing."

"And frightening?"

"That too."

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