She won't call it fear. Nerves, she tells herself, just pre-wedding jitters. Happens to every bride.

It's just... This can go so wrong. She barely knows Rasler, and while he seems kind enough, what if he's some sort of sadist, wants to... tie her up and do things? What if, once married to her, he treats her like a possession? She doesn't think he's that kind of person, but she's heard plenty of horror stories of women forced into marriages with men who transformed into something terrible once they got to the marriage bed. She's heard stories of... things she doesn't want to think about.

Rasler isn't one of those men, she decides. He's been nothing but perfectly noble and friendly to her. He gave her a puppy! A puppy that drooled all over her dress and who Vossler was clearly terrified of, but a puppy all the same. Bad men don't give their fiancees puppies.

They just don't. And that's that.

She smooths the non-existent wrinkles in her wedding dress. It's ornate, very heavy silk, decorated with heavy gold pieces and there are three obnoxiously long feathers in her veil -- this dress was made by someone who had never been to Rabanastre. No Dalmascan would ever make such a dress. She's going to be sweaty and possibly smelly at her wedding, and Rasler will probably think that she's one of those gross people who doesn't believe in bathing. For a moment, she entertains the thought of casting off the heavy dress and going out to be wed in her pajamas.

It's tempting, very tempting.

She has several light cotton night-dresses that are quite pretty enough to be married in, at least by her standards. The rest of Dalmasca (and Ivalice) may disagree, but she was the bride. Wasn't it up to her?

She's standing at her closet, deciding on which night-dress she's going to change into when Vossler walks in and coughs.

"Milady, it's time."

Drat, she thinks, and then oh. Her hand is shaking when Vossler takes it, leading her gently out of the room. Her whole body is shaking when she joins Rasler on the wedding float, to parade through Rabanastre.

She glances at him, and realizes that he's shaking just as hard as she is. He gives her a nervous smile and takes her hand. She's oddly releived to discover that he, too, is sweating. He's probably just as scared as she is. On a whim, she leans closer and whispers, "Laguna misses you."

He gives her a strange look, "Laguna?"

She nods. "The puppy. I named him Laguna. He whines when you aren't around."

Rasler grins, and squeezes her hand. He isn't shaking anymore, and she finds that neither is she. Together, they walk into the cathedral.




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