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"Waaaaaaaaaah!" BAM! Next thing Hikari knew, she was in a pile of dirt.

"What the--Where am I?" She got up and looked around, all she saw was flowers...rivers...and trees.

"Am I...still on earth?" She had no idea what happened, one minute Hikari was picking fruits, the next she slammed into a forest preserve or something. But...this felt nothing like earth, the air was to fresh, the sky was way to blue. It was like the planet had been sucked away of global warming, smog, trash, and other things that drastically changed Earth.

"I guess...I might as well look for someone." she muttered. She brushed the dirt off her now tattered clothes..

"Crap...where did the ocarina go?" Hikari's mom gave her a crafted wood ocarina when she was five, she knew how to play it really well and it always calmed her down when she was frustrated. It had a japanese love symbol carved on the front of it for luck. Hikari found it a few feet away and put it back in her pocket.

"Hello?!" She shouted "Is anyone here?! I got lost and I need some help!"

There was no response at all, just some chirps from some birds.

Hikari sighed "Am I going to stay here for the rest of my life?" she mumbled.

Hikari walked further and further on, she really liked the scenery, but she needed to know where she was before she could enjoy it.

"Gah! I need to calm down." she pulled out her ocarina and played a few keys. Everything seemed even more peaceful. Hikari saw a shadow behind her and turned around, she almost passed out because right in front of poor Hikari was a lion, an elephant, a monkey, and a bear. They did not look like they were in a good mood, their eyes glowed red.

"Ah...hi..." she squeaked, Hikari learned not to move if wild animals are by you, so she stayed still.

All of them let out a roar "Good enough for me!" she yelled then took off running as fast as she could with them chasing her.

"What did I do?! What did I do?!" Hikari screamed.

They let out even more roars "Is playing music a law here!? Come on!" she yelped.

Suddenly, the monkey jumped and landed on her head.

"Get off! Get off! Get off! Who's ever sick joke this is it isn't funny!"

She took the pissed monkey off her head and flung it back to its friends.

"Here! I don't feel like having a monkey for a pet!"

They let out another roar "Someone heeeeeeeeelp! This isn't funny!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. Suddenly she saw a flash and fell to the ground, she prepared to get mauled by the four, mad as hell, animals. But they never came. Hikari turned around and they ran away.

"Yeah you better run! You're out numbered!" She heard a voice behind her.

She turned "Oh! Thank--"

Hikari was staring down at five sprites or fairies, or whatever they were "You..."

"Shut it! We know you work for Hamil!" The Yellow one snapped.

"What?! Who is Hamil?"

"Don't play dumb--"

"Collin, quit it!" The red one snapped "She doesn't look like him."

"Alan's right." said the orange one, who wore sunglasses "She isn't a different color and she doesn't have pointed ears or those antennas."

"So what? She still shouldn't be here."

"Collin, please behave." a soft voice said. Hikari looked up and saw a beautiful women, she had long, braided green hair, brilliant green eyes, a flowing sea foam colored dress, wings, and an aura around her body.

"Where am I?" Hikari managed to ask.

She smiled "You are on planet Harvest. Sadly...I don't think that was the answer you were expecting."

She sighed "Yeah, I'm from a different planet...but next thing I knew I ended up here. It was like I was teleported or something."

The women's smile grew "I have a feeling you are supposed to be here, why else would you be teleported here?"


"You'll really like it here, the food is great! The views are awesome! Not to mention you can kick alien butt!" The orange one was all over the place.

"Uh...okay then." Hikari looked up at the women "I guess I won't get off this planet that easily, or even at all...but I will be willing to help you guys out."

She smiled "Thank you."


"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm the Harvest Goddess. These are the harvest sprites the red one is Alan, the yellow one is Collin, the blue one is Ben, the green one is Daren, the purple one is Edge, and the orange one is Finn."

"We are the Sprite Rangers!" Collin said in a confident tone.

Hikari smiled "That is neat."

She stared blankly at her tattered clothes "Sheesh, and I didn't even pack for the trip."

The harvest goddess giggled "I will fix you up." She snapped her fingers and Hikari's clothes began to glow. Next thing she knew, she was wearing a navy blue uniform with a skirt. It looked kind of like a scout outfit but way neater. She had a gold belt around her waste, there was gold trimming on her sleeves and the end of her skirt. Hikari wore brown boots, that felt comfy enough to run in and she had a rucksack wrapped around her skirt.

"Wow." she said.

"It looks like the alien outfit only cooler!" Collin commented.

Hikari noticed that on both her right sleeve and her left, there was a patch with a symbol of a red version of the Harvest Goddess's wings on it.

She smiled "Thank you." Then she remembered her ocarina.

"My...My ocarina...where is it?"

"Look on your neck."

Hikari felt it on her neck, it was now a necklace.

She smiled "Thank you."

"Oh it's nothing."

"Hikari, what is earth like?" Finn asked. Two days have passed, and Hikari had to say that this planet was really nice, I could get used to living here. She thought.

"Oh, well...it's kind of like your planet...in some places."

"What do you mean?"

"The population of humans has grown a lot, and we need a place to stay...so places like cities and towns are made, which takes up a lot of the earth."

"What are towns and cities like?"

"Well...many families live there, they are usually very big...especially the cities. A lot of pollution gets into the air, so our skies aren't as clear and a blue as yours."

"That stinks...the they sound like cool places..."


They were quiet for a few seconds "Oh, I got something for you!"

"What is it?"

"You like animals right?"

"When they aren't attacking me, yes." she smiled.

"Here is a special whistle! Blow on it and any animal will obey you, I made it myself." Finn said proudly.

Hikari grinned "Thank you! I really like it." She put it on the same chain as her ocarina.



"Can I listen to your ocarina? I've never heard one before."


Hikari started playing a few small songs for Finn. This time, no pissed animals came.

"Huh...looks like the Harvest God gave us a new toy to play with." Devil Hamil said with a chuckle.

"Yeah...she was fun to chase...but that ocarina of hers can be of annoyance."

"Why is that?"

"It interferes with my control over those animals...I almost lost control of them if I didn't make them attack her at that time."

"Well...Commander Gilligan...I say it is time to greet our new friend."

Gilligan smirked "I'd love to."

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With that, their ship flew North, toward where Hikari and the Sprite Rangers were.