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I woke up finally, this time I was on a cold floor. My eyes were slightly swollen from crying in my sleep. I got up and stared at the ground for a moment. Was everything I saw in my dream true? After a few seconds I finally glanced around, taking in everything around me. I was in a prison chamber now "They have everything in this place... including a medieval prison." I muttered.

"Hikari?" I heard a voice say.

I turned around and there was the Harvest Goddess "Harvest Goddess!"

"Thank goodness you are okay, you have been unconscious since I arrived."

I noticed she was tied up, I got up "This means they have already..."

She smiled sadly "Yes... but don't worry. Your companion came and warned us ahead of time. We evacuated everyone."

"Why are you captured then?"

"I wished to stay with the others... but they found where I was and they captured me."

"Are the others okay?" I asked.

"I don't know..." We were both quiet. I walked over and reached to let her go.

"Don't." She quickly said, the locks will shock you if you touch them.

"Are you okay though? Is it shocking you?"

"It is... but I am a Deity, this is nothing. The bars are wired too..."

I fell on the ground on my butt, trying to think of a plan "Has any of them passed by here... as a guard."

"The female alien has several times."

I grinned then "I have a idea then..." I got up and ran over to the bars "Hey Shorty!" I sang. I heard some shoes and Lunarie ran over to the cell, she snickered "Ah, looks like you are up... and locked up. We are right in the middle of attacking your friends."

I glanced back at the Goddess then back at her "I can see that." I smiled "Well Lunarie... this seems like a perfect time to get your revenge on me."

"I will once your friends leave and you are stuck here." She said in a snobbish tone "If you will excuse me..." She started walking away.

"Actually I am okay with staying here... that means I can be with Gilly." I said with a giggle.

I heard her footsteps stop, I smirked "Gilly and I are really starting a good relationship. He has called me cute several times-"

"I know you are trying to make me mad." I heard her say, she sounded mad.

"Is it working?" I called back.

"No!" She snapped.

It was quiet for a moment then I sang loudly "We kissed! It was amazing!"

Next thing I knew, she was in my face, actually red from anger "You will NEVER get my Gilly! Never!" She screamed.

I stuck my tongue out "Really? Why did he kiss me then? I'd say I am way prettier than you shorty." Her face turned violet "Aw, is the little girl gonna cry now because I took her crush?"

"You! Are! Dead!" She ran to the little control panel and unlocked the gate, right as I did so i quickly blasted her with a fireball and she crashed landed a few feet away. I grinned and opened the door all the way. I ran over to her, she was unconscious, not that badly injured though. I dragged her into our cell and unlocked the Goddess' chains and put them on Lunarie. "I didn't actually think that would work..." I muttered "She was actually dumb enough to do it..."

The Goddess smiled slightly then looked at her "Will she be alright?"

"Yep... we will get her out later... she needs time to chill out... Let's go."

We quickly and quietly made our way out of the dungeon, we managed to find our way to the main control room. "You think this would be guarded..." I muttered.

"They all must be outside right now..." The Goddess whispered.

"Yeah... hopefully... wouldn't be good if any of them caught us, we would be in trouble." I glanced at all the buttons "...Great..."

"Do you know how to work this?" She asked.

"Not really..." I laughed nervously "But how hard could it be?"

She gave me a nervous glance. I quickly looked at a huge panel of buttons "Can't be that hard..." I glanced at a few buttons "See? This one says open... this one is for the window right there most likely." I clicked it and the window started to open "I knew it would be easy." I laughed.

"Uh... Hikari..." She pointed at the window as it opened. I followed her finger and saw Hamil floating in front of the window as it opened. His back was turned but we were completely still, the Harvest Goddess finally kneeled down so he wouldn't see her if he turned around "Hikari, get down." She whispered.

I glanced around at the buttons.

"Hikari!" She whispered.

"I am looking for the windshield wipers-"

"Get down here!" She snapped.

I jumped down as I saw Hamil turn around. It was quiet except for the noises outside. Finally something came on the radio "Lunarie! Quit playing with the ship!" Hamil snapped over the radio.

We both sighed in relief, he didn't see us. I glanced up after a few seconds and saw he wasn't there. I also got to see the condition of the city. It was trashed and burning. The Goddess saw too "Everyone is okay... they can rebuild."

"I know." I said "I feel like this is partially my fault though."

We were both quiet "We need to get out of here to help our friends." She said.

"I know..." I whispered back. We heard multiple people walk into the room. I realized it was quiet outside. We both moved backwards under one of the tables.

Everything was quiet for a long time, but I felt that there were others in the room besides us. I made sure the Harvest Goddess was by me and I was ready to fire just in case. I felt my heart racing, I heard one more set of footsteps come in and finally someone spoke "Let us go! What are you guys thinking? Let us go now!" Collin shouted.

Hamil chuckled "They are under our control now, you can't stop them."

I thought back to what Ambrose said before, about tempting Yuki and the others to go home finally. I bit my lip He brain washed them?

"Yuki! Akari! Takeru! Snap out of it!" Finn yelled.

I heard Ambrose laugh "Your attempts are useless."

I was about to jump out from under the table but Harvest Goddess grabbed my arm and shook her head. I stared at her nervously then nodded. We both listened again.

"You won't get away with this!" Alan snapped.

"Really? You and I both know how this whole thing will turn out."

"Hikari will get you." Collin said.

"Speak of the devil..." Ambrose muttered.

The Harvest Goddess and I both froze even more. "She is locked up as we speak, along with your precious Harvest Goddess..." He said.

We both relaxed slightly, but I continued to keep my guard up. "Take them to the cells, I will finish off the city..."

"Yes sir..." Hamil said "Come on you three." I heard footsteps fade away and the doors close. We sat there for a while longer. I carefully peaked out and sighed in relief "Clear." I whispered. She came out too "We need to help them." She whispered.

"I will get them, you need to get out of here. Do you remember where you came in?"

"Yes, but what about you?"

"I will manage." I grinned "I will rescue the others, just you wait."

She smiled then "I know... good luck. And remember... sometimes your words can do wonders."

I nodded "Right, be safe."

She managed to sneak out and I opened the main door slowly, glancing around. It wouldn't be long before Gilligan would notice Lunarie was tied up and we were missing. I made my way down to the chambers again carefully and quietly. I finally made it down there and listened, nothing. I hid for a bit. Suddenly something wet landed on my shirt. I looked up and saw the monkey, face to face with me. I stood there for a moment and he looked back at me. He suddenly opened his mouth and I clamped it shut before he could scream. The monkey was strong though, he grabbed my arm and wouldn't let go. I started shaking my hand frantically "Get. Off. Me." I yelled in a whisper. I heard someone behind me and I turned around, Hamil and Gilligan were standing there. Hamil laughed "Looks like you were right, she couldn't have gotten too far."

"Where is the Harvest Goddess though?" He asked.

"Hiding around here most likely."

"You go on and find the Goddess, I'll take care of her." Gilligan said.

"Alright." He took off.

I watched him waddle off, that man was strange... I looked back at Gilligan "Can you tell your freaking monkey to get off me... he is really annoying me."

He didn't respond.

"Still giving me the silent treatment?" His response said it all. I sighed "Fine then... Come and get me." I took off. He didn't move, but the monkey did. He chased be as I ran through the chamber. I saw something black in the corner of my eye "You got papa wolf too?" I snapped and increased my speed. I needed to find my ocarina, and hide. The wolf came at me and I jumped out of the way before he could take a bite out of my arm. I thought about where they would keep my belongings, they weren't in the control room so they must've been down here. "Hikari!" A voice said as I ran past one of the cells. I managed to whip around as he chased me I saw the sprites in a cell "Hey guys!" I yelled as I ran past them "Have you seen my ocarina?" I quickly yelled as I ran past them again.

"Keep going straight then to the right!" Ben yelled.

"Okay!" I ran to the area they told me to. Before I could turn, the wolf came at me and got my foot. I fell to the floor with a thud and winced as he tightened his grip on my leg. I kicked at him "Let go!" I snapped. Was I bleeding? I needed to get him off me. I glanced over to the room where my bag was. It wasn't too far from my reach. If I could get him off me for one minute, I could get the ocarina. I quickly used all my strength and kicked the wolf off me. He yelped and I scrambled to the bag and took out my ocarina. Just as it touched my lips I felt a huge pain in my arm. The wolf had his jaws clamped down on it. I grimaced as my arm started pulsing from the pain. I looked at the wold who was snarling at me as he bit my hand, his eyes glowed an angry red. "You need to snap out of it." I said. He tightened his grip, blood was dripping down my arm and onto the ground "Roki will die if this continues... he needs you... you are all he has, you need to be there for him." I noticed his grip loosened on my arm slightly. It's working... I smiled slightly "Roki really misses you, you should have seen how determined he is to get you back... he is probably fighting for it now."

The red in his eyes dulled and the wolf yelped and let go of my arm. He fell on the floor whining slightly "Go..." I heard a voice say. I quickly put the ocarina to my lips again and started playing, it hurt to play with my one hand but I continued anyways. Roki's dad stopped whining as I played and when I was done, he got up. His eyes were now brown in color, Gilligan's control was broken on him. He walked over to me "Sorry. Are you okay?" He asked.

I nodded "Yeah, I can bandage this up later." I looked at my arm and made a face at the bite mark, I needed to finish things with Gilly first before I could fix my arm. I got up and heard someone behind me. I turned and Gilly was there, holding one of their guns at me. "Do you think I would be unprepared if this happened?" He asked.

I stood there and saw Roki's dad looking at me "Should I?" He asked.

"No..." I muttered. I looked at Gilly, it looked like he didn't understand what the wolf had said. I kept a straight face "You won't shoot me."

He laughed "Really? You want to test that out?" I didn't respond to that "Fine then, let's try." I heard a click of the gun. I stood there waiting, part of me was actually afraid he would do it. I saw something behind him and smiled slightly.

He saw my expression but it was too late, the monkey jumped on him and grabbed the gun. I ran over to me holding it up I smiled slightly "Thanks..." I took it from him, though I dropped it and kicked it to the wall. "Can we talk?" I asked.

He grimaced and said nothing once again. Finally he said "Haven't you had enough of me?"

"What? You mean with the things you said earlier? Honestly I want to hit you in the face and call you tons of names... But I'm not gonna do that. I want to ask you something."

He did a small laugh "What?"

"Did you join Ambrose because you were lonely?"

He stood there, his glasses hid his expression. Ambrose was right about one thing, his eyes gave away most of his emotions, probably why he wore those most of the time.

"Did you think that if you were accepted by him, you wouldn't have to feel lonely or feel pitied on your planet anymore?"

I saw him frown "How would you know that?"

"Call it a guess..." I muttered.

I heard him growl "Why don't you just leave this planet already... stop giving me problems. Like I have said before, this isn't your planet, you don't have to protect it."

"Giving you problems?" I muttered, then said "We were called here, and my friends are on this planet, I am not abandoning them... You know this is wrong, I know you know. You are only doing this because you will think you will gain some kind of respect."

"What other choice do I have then?" He asked quietly. "There is no chance of our planet surviving, they can live a little longer with our help... even if they still don't except me after that I will look better in our Master's eyes at least."

"He is only using you though!" I snapped "He is afraid of dying and has gone so corrupt that instead of killing himself to save his planet he is going to kill this planet along with the Harvest God in order to save himself. He doesn't care about you or your planet, he just wants to live longer."

"How do you know that?" He snapped.

"Because he basically told me that! And I know you know it too! You just don't want to admit it! You are afraid that if you betray him you will be all alone but you aren't! You have Hamil, and Lunarie, and-" I trailed off then, blushing slightly.

He laughed and put his hand on his face for a moment "Fine then, sure, I have them. Do you really think they would betray Ambrose though? Do you really think they would rather join you guys or fight to save their planet? What if they joined you and our planet was destroyed?" He yelled the last part "What would happen to us then? Obviously the ones on this planet wouldn't want us!" His fists were clenched.

I stood there, silent for a moment, I glanced at the ground "Well... um..." I muttered.

"What?" He snapped.

"If that happens... you could live on earth... with me..." I muttered the last part. I was positive I was blushing. Gilly seemed flustered on that comment too. He quickly turned around, facing the other direction, he put his hand through his air real quickly. "How would that work?" His voice was cracked slightly he then laughed "We would stick out..." He trailed off.

"I know but... we could use a lot of... uh... makeup... cover up... something like that..." I stuttered, playing with my fingers.

"This is impossible..." He muttered with a small laugh afterward.

"What?" I asked.

"No matter what... you always get into my head. Once you are in it is really difficult to get you out..." He sighed.

"What are you saying?" I asked slowly.

He glanced upward "I really wish to help you guys..." He said. He took off his glasses and glanced at them.

"Then help! We can defeat him if you help us as well! " I said, inching a bit closer. "Would you rather face the consequence of destroying a whole planet?"

"That is the consequence I am not focused on..." He muttered. He Finally glanced back at me "If I help you... and we defeat Ambrose... that will mean you will leave and I won't be able to see you again." He smiled slightly, blushing a bit as well.

I was sure my face turned beet red when he said this. I glanced at the floor nervously "Well uh... that is why I suggested coming with us after..."

He walked over to me finally, closing the gap between us "The thing Ambrose said earlier is true, it takes a lot of energy to transport you four from your world to here... let alone adding the three of us."

"The Harvest Goddess could... or you could try and get Ambrose to teleport you there."

He laughed and bent down slightly to meet my eye contact. "Looks like you really want me to come back with you..." He said in his mocking tone.

I frowned slightly but I felt a bit relieved that he was back to his old self. After a few moments I smiled and said "Yeah, I do."

He seemed thrown back slightly by that statement, but he continued smiling again "Let's worry about living arrangements once we get rid of Ambrose."

My smile grew "Then... that means you are helping me?"

He stretched to his normal height again and nodded "I am willing to but in exchange for something."

"What?" I asked nervously as he inched closer.

"I think you know..." He muttered, he cupped my face in his hands. I felt my face heat up again and I squeezed my eyes shut waiting for it to happen. After a few moments he said "You know... this isn't really the right moment for that yet..."

"What are you talking about? You've kissed me how many times already?" I snapped while flailing my arms as he continued to cup my face. He glanced back at me and smiled again "I meant it isn't the right time for a serious kiss."

My blush deepened and I snapped "You meant the last a thousand ones weren't that serious?-" He cut me off with a hug. I mentally groaned as I felt my face heat up even more, as if it couldn't get any hotter.

"The plan Ambrose told you about..." He muttered "About me luring you to trust me... that plan was true originally."

"Originally?" I asked.

His arms tightened around me "As I continued to see you... that plan soon meant nothing to me anymore. I wanted to continue seeing you just so I could get to know you. Even though, inside, I knew this would happen, me betraying you trust. I am sorry for doing so..." He trailed off.

I smiled again and wrapped my arms around him and hugged him back "It's okay, I believe you."

I heard him breath out in relief, like he was holding his breath for that. After a few moments he said "Well?"

I glanced up at him "Well what?"

"Where is the 'I love you' statement I have been wanting to hear?" He smirked.

I playfully hit him on the head then smirked back "Not the right moment." I said in a mimicking tone.

He laughed and ran hid hand through his hair "Looks like I am rubbing off on you."

"Not really." I said rubbing my neck and glancing down the hall, still blushing slightly.

He smiled warmly at me again then glanced up behind me. I turned and saw Roki's dad and the monkey run over. "While you two were having your moment, I found where your human friends are being held. They are still under Ambrose's control though."

"We can get the sprites first then them." I said. I turned to Gilly again "Do you know how to break the mind control on them?"

"I could try... human control is completely different from animal control."

"Close enough." I said with a smile I glanced at the three of them "Let's go then."

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