"Be careful, Rosalie!" "Yes, don't drop it!" "I've got it! Don't worry!" The three nuns walked through the vast hallways of the Barsburg Church carrying mattresses to the bishop applicant's rooms.

Somehow, there had been a shortage. They had their suspicions about where the mattresses that were already there had gone, but they decided not to investigate too far into it.

As they began their ascent into the hall, they ran into a familiar pink dragon. "Burupya!" The small fur ball squeaked sadly.

Rosalie set down her mattress gently and picked up the small creature. She cradled it in her hands, "Oh, are you looking for Teito?" The dragon squeaked happily.

Rosalie smiled, "I take that as a yes." Libelle stroked the dragon gingerly, "I thought I saw Teito out in the courtyard with Bishop Castor." She said.

Athena carefully took the small creature out of Rosalie's hands. "I'll take you to him, if that's what you want." She told the dragon. "Burupya!" The creature squeaked again.

"Do you want me to take your mattress, Sister Athena?" Rosalie asked as she nonchalantly picked up her mattress plus the one that Athena had set on the floor.

Athena giggled, "Sure Rosalie, you can put that superhuman strength of yours to use." Libelle nodded and led the way as she and Rosalie continued to ascend the stairs. Athena turned around and began her descent into the courtyard.

She sat the tiny creature atop her head. He sat patiently and quietly, anxious to see Teito once more. They reached the courtyard quickly and, to their surprise, found nobody there.

"Huh, that's odd. I could've sworn I just saw Bishop Castor and Teito here a few hours ago." She said quietly to herself.

She sat there pondering this for a few minutes, but was quickly brought back to reality by the sad whimpering coming from atop her head. She reached her hand up and pet the dragon once more, "Don't worry, we'll find him. I promise."

And with those reassuring words, the two set off again on a quest to find the missing pair.

They had been searching for what seemed to be forever until they finally ran into a familiar face. "Oh, it's you." The boy said as he approached the sister in the west tower garden.

Athena turned around and smiled, "Oh, hello Hakuren. Hey, have you seen Teito? Or Bishop Castor? They were in the courtyard just a few hours ago, but I haven't seen them since."

She figured that he of all people would probably have some idea of Teito's whereabouts, seeing as they were roommates.

Unfortunately, Hakuren shook his head, "I haven't seen them since this morning.

Although, I also saw them in the courtyard. They seemed to be training." Athena sighed, "I see." She said sadly as she retrieved the small dragon from atop her head.

The creature jumped from Athena's hands onto Hakuren's shoulders. "I guess he would much rather be with you than with me, huh?" She said awkwardly.

Hakuren gave a halfhearted smile, "I guess." He replied.

Hakuren snatched the pink creature off his shoulders and held him up to his face, "So, you're Mikage?" He asked.

The dragon squeaked happily, signaling a 'yes', Hakuren supposed.

"It really was heartbreaking." Athena's voice came out of nowhere. Hakuren turned to her, "So I've heard." He said quietly.

Hakuren allowed the creature back onto his shoulders as he stared up into the sky. The sun was setting. Brilliant rays of orange and red meshed together as they shone through the glass dome radiantly.

"Mikage's death was Teito's breaking point. After that, he was hesitant to let anyone else into his world because he feared that he would never again be able to protect the ones he loved. So he thought it best to never love again."

Hakuren's words vibrated off the millions of flowers that surrounded them.

Athena quickly broke the eerie silence that was beginning to form, "It was very kind of Bishop Frau to find Mikage's reincarnated soul and lead him back to Teito."

"To always watch over him." A new voice added.

Both turned towards the gate and saw the aforementioned bishop walking slowly towards them.

Athena cupped her hands together worriedly, "Bishop Frau, have you seen Teito? Or maybe even Bishop Castor? They were last seen in the courtyard a few hours ago. However, nobody's been able to locate them since."

Frau looked at Athena curiously, "That's odd. I was just with Castor a few minutes ago."

Athena's eyes widened, "Will you take me to him please?" Hakuren jumped in, "Me too!"

Frau's eyes darted back and forth between the two, "Jeez, I finally get a minute away from the guy and you want me to go running back to him already? You guys owe me."

He turned and motioned for the two to follow him. They complied graciously.

Somehow, they were led straight back to the courtyard.

Athena didn't bother herself with worrying about the logic of the situation, as she wasn't concerned with it at that point.

All she cared about at that moment was returning what was once lost back home. She glanced over at Hakuren. His eyes were fixed on Frau.

Athena sighed and returned her gaze to the fountain which sat majestically in the middle of the courtyard.

What appeared before her now seemed to catch her off guard. A purple head that wasn't there earlier now bobbed up and down in the water. She walked forward and set her hand on her head gently, "Lazet, where's Castor?" She asked.

The mermaid shook her head sadly, indicating that she did not know where the good bishop was.

Athena sighed; she was at a loss for words. That's when she remembered Frau's words. She turned and scolded him, "Frau, you said that he was here! Well, if he's not here, then where is he?"

Frau sighed and said, "I guess he left, the little twerp."

Athena slapped him gently, "Don't call Bishop Castor a twerp."

Frau grumbled something under his breath and walked over to the fountain.

He leaned down, "Did you see where he went?" At this, the mermaid smiled and nodded enthusiastically.

She pointed toward the main gate at the front of the church. "Did they leave the grounds?" Frau questioned.

"Did who leave the grounds?" A familiar voice said behind them.

Frau recognized that voice, "Castor!" He yelled.

Castor stepped ominously out of the shadows and smiled that hundred watt smile of his. Behind him, Labrador followed slowly. He also always seemed to be smiling.

Athena sighed with relief, "Thank goodness you're here! We were just looking for you. Where's Teito?"

Castor looked at her curiously, "Isn't he with you?"

Athena flinched. There was an awkward silence. "No, Frau said that he saw him with you earlier." They all looked toward Frau.

Frau frowned, "I wasn't lying! I know what I saw. Don't you try to deny it, Castor!"

Labrador and Castor laughed, "Don't fly off the handle, now. I'm not saying that he wasn't with me. It's just that he told me he was going to go find Hakuren. And then he left without saying another word to me. Come to think of it, he seemed a bit out of it when I was talking with him." Castor pondered.

He looked towards Labrador. The small bishop frowned and walked over to the fountain. He held a small flower in his hand, "The flowers are dismal. There's a dark aura surrounding them." He said darkly.

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