Hakuren didn't have time to think. His feet froze as he saw the approaching soldiers; weapons at the ready. He couldn't move. He couldn't think. His mind urged him to run, but his body remained still. "Hakuren!" Teito yelled out to his friend. "Move!" He urged the young blond, but his efforts were in vain.

A young blond soldier ran ahead of the group, aiming his perfectly manicured sword at Hakuren; a sinister smile played upon his lips. But before the blade could befall the young bishop, strong hands were suddenly on his waist and, before he could even register what was happening, violently pushed him to the side.

The force was enough to knock Hakuren off his feet. He fell ungracefully to the ground as he stared up at the owner of the lifesaving hands. Frau's face met the blond's gaze; eyes cold as steel. "Take Teito and get out of here!" Frau growled lowly. It took a minute for the older bishop's words to sink in, but when they did Hakuren wasted no time regaining his feet.

He ran over to where Teito was just beginning to fight off a soldier; a tall man with dark sunglasses. There seemed to be an everlasting maniacal smiled plastered on his flawless face. The sound of his friend's voice distracted Teito just long enough for the soldier to get an edge in.

The blade slid in easily, almost too easily considering where it pierced the young boy. Time seemed to freeze all around them. Soldiers and bishops alike stopped to gaze. Stare in awe at what caught everyone, even Ayanami, off guard. Teito coughed horrendously, crimson running slowly down his face and staining his front.

The soldier's face hardened. He watched with mild interest as the boy slumped down to his knees, taking the blade inside his stomach with him with a sickening squish. Once again, Hakuren couldn't move. His mind was screaming at him. "Move! Do something!" All his body allowed him to do was to watch, in horror, as his best friend slipped away from him.

The bespectacled soldier moved to grab his blade, eying it with disgust at the amount of blood on it; almost like he had never seen this amount of blood before. He turned to face his commanding officer, "Well Ayanami?" The silver-haired soldier glared angrily at him. The soldier flinched, "What! What did I do this time?" He whined.

Ayanami gave a huff, but soon regained his composure and turned away. "The boy is of no use to us in this state." He said gruffly. The soldier stiffened, "What?" He asked incredulously. Ayanami turned to his subordinate, "Hyuuga, you screwed up." He stated bluntly.

The soldier called Hyuuga shrugged his soldiers, "I guess I just got caught up in the moment." He laughed lightly and turned to face the intruders. He looked them over, amused with their ragged appearances. He chuckled lightly, "Looks like you guys have been through Hell and back."

None answered him. This made the soldier sigh loudly, "Yeah, whatever, no fraternizing with the enemy and all that jazz. I get it. Eh, I guess you get to keep him. For now." The smirk on his face only grew wider as he strode over to Ayanami's side.

"So, are we seriously going to just let them go?" He asked his leader quietly. Ayanami simply grinned, "Yes. They've already been quite the help for us. Let them be. But make sure they realize that this is far from over." And with that, the commander walked briskly out of the room, leaving behind confused soldiers and even more confused intruders.

"...He's not serious, is he?" Frau asked incredulously. Hyuuga shrugged his shoulders lightly, "Eh, I'm not one to question Aya-tan's orders." He yawned and waved his hand like he was shooing a fly near his face. "I guess you can leave now." He turned quickly on his heel and headed for the door. The baffled soldiers followed suit too. Soon, the group was left alone.

"What the hell just happened?" Frau asked incredulously. Hakuren could do nothing but shrug his shoulders lightly. He, too, was incredibly confused at this strange turn of events. Although, at the same time, he was extremely relieved. He suddenly was reminded of his best friend. He turned on his heel and yelled out "Teito!" The blond found his cousin cradling his friend's head in his lap.

Hakuren couldn't bring himself to look upon Teito's stomach, knowing full well the extent of the injury he sustained. He stumbled over to his cousin and fell to his knees beside him. His mouth seemed to run dry as the words that he wanted to say so very badly just didn't seem to come out. "Labrador will be able to take care of that." Frau's deep voice rang out from behind him. Hakuren whipped his head around to find the tall bishop looming over him, staring at Teito's impaled body.

Hakuren eyed him warily. The look on Frau's face was impassive, but Hakuren could see something deeper. He could see the pain hidden behind his azure orbs. But he didn't question his elder. Instead he helped Frau gently take Teito into his arms. Shuuri remained on the floor, feeling powerless to help.

Hakuren walked silently over to his cousin and took his hands in his own. He brought them up to his face and rubbed them against his cheek gingerly, "Thank you." He whispered, voice hoarse and raspy. Shuuri's sky blue eyes revealed all his feelings; he had no need to voice them.

Hakuren held on to his cousin's hands for just a few lingering seconds before letting them go reluctantly to rejoin his friends. He glanced back over his shoulder to find Shuuri still standing there, smiling the first true smile he had probably ever seen his cousin make.

Hakuren inwardly thanked his cousin once more before finally returning to Frau's side. He noticed Frau gazing at Teito's face, almost longingly. Hakuren felt his mouth twitch upwards, "Ready to go?" He said suddenly, snapping Frau out of his self-induced daze. "Uh, yeah. Let's hurry." He said as he motioned for Hakuren to follow as he ran out of the door, taking special care not to hurt Teito any more than he already was.

Hakuren knew that he saw something behind Frau's impassive gaze. Something was there. He just couldn't put his finger on it. He decided not to push it as the group hurried towards the exit. Hopefully when they got back to the church, everything would work itself out. Maybe Frau would finally open up a bit and stop bottling up his emotions when it came to Teito. Only time could tell.

Please excuse this lame ending. I apologize deeply, but college has been kicking my butt lately. I just haven't had as much time to actually sit and ponder on this story like I did in high school. I'm on my way to completing a year and a half of college in two semesters while balancing a job and paying the rent. So yeah, times are tough. If I'm ever given the motivation, I might rewrite the ending. But for now, it is what it is. And there shall be no more. I'd like to thank all who read this derpy story of mine and hope to see you in the future! =]