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Burning Memory

Chapter 1



That was the third muddy puddle of water I've stepped in. My pant leg was getting soaked but I didn't care. I was running late for Mrs. Shikuzo's math class again, and I was sure that if I was late again she would send me to detention.

I was running up the school's front steps when the school bell rang. 'Oh, no! I'm late! Mrs. Shikuzo is ganna kill me!' I ran down the hallway with my school bag at my hip, bouncing to the rhythm of my foot falls on the tiled floor.

When I got to class I burst in panting from the long run from my house to school. 'Damn alarm clock!' Mrs. Shikuzo stood in the front of the class room next to a student I didn't recognize. She stopped talking in the middle of sentence and glared at me with her hazel snake-like eyes. "Mr. Niwa, I would like it if you joined my class on time when you arrive. Take your seat and join the class. I was just introducing our new student."

I walked over to my seat with a light blush on my face. 'Well, at least I don't have a detention.'

"Alright class," turning to the new student she continued with the introduction. "This is Mr. Dark Mousy. He'll be joining us at the academy for the rest of the year. Mousy, take a seat next to Daisuke Niwa, please."

Turning to start writing on the board Mrs. Shikuzo started her lecture for the day. Mousy was left walking straight towards me. For some reason I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He had amethyst eyes that seemed to glow. His hair was jet black with a purplish tint to it. He was tall and lean, and made every step seem like a stride. Even in the school uniform he looked, dare I say it, Sexy!

'What am I thinking? Why would I think another guy was sexy? I'm a guy, I should like girls. I'm not gay…am I?'

I tried to look away from his majestic eyes, but I found it difficult to even blink. I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks as he came closer with every step he took.

When he finally reached his seat I was completely red from head to toe. He sat down and took out a new math book and a pencil.

"Mr. Niwa!" Mrs. Shikuzo yelled from the front of the class, making me jump. "Could you please answer the question on the board?"

I stood up and answered the algebraic question, looking at the board and not at her face. Hoping nobody noticed the bright blush on my face I sat back down in my seat when I was done talking.

"Thank you Mr. Niwa. Maybe next time you'll pay more attention to the class." I sank deep into my seat and buried my red face in my math book.

When a loud ringing from the bell signaled the end of class I gathered my books up as fast as I could and ran out of the classroom.

Reaching my locker I let out a sign of relief and exchanged my book for my next class. I slammed my locker door closed and turned to get to class but ended up on my butt after running into someone.

"Sorry," while rubbing my lower back I looked up to see who I ran into. It was Him.

He looked down at me with a smile on his lips that looked like it could belonged to an angel.

"That's alright. It was my fault anyway," he extended his hand to help me up. "I wasn't watching where I was going."

I looked up at him, heat rising to my checks again. I looked down quickly so he wouldn't notice, while he continued to talk. "Um…actually I'm lost. Can you tell me where I can find my next class, Its block D."

'Block D?' That made me look up at him with my mouth open. Closing it as fast as I could I stammered my answer. "Well…um- actually, that's where I was just heading."

"Great! Then you'll show me the way?"


"Then get up off the floor and lets go," he exclaimed, his smile getting bigger.

I grabbed his still extended hand, it felt firm and strong. I stood up and grabbed my books up off the ground. I started for class again with the tall, black haired boy following close behind me. I made sure I was in front, not only because I was leading the way, but because I had a deep blush on my face that I didn't want him to see.

He started to talk, "So, Daisuke is it? I can call you Daisuke right?"

I tried not to shudder when he said my name, rolling off of his tongue with every syllable. "Y-yeah, that's okay."

"So, I was wondering if you have anything planed to do after school. Maybe we could hang out sometime."

'Wait a minute, he wants to hang out with me? Me? I was just a short red-headed boy with only one friend since the 1st grade. Why would he want to hang out with me?' I thought, making me walk a little faster. "Um…sure. Sounds like fun."

"Great, then meet me at the fountain in the town square at 7:00" he beamed.

Just then we walked into Mr. Ejibo's History class. He was sitting at his desk as usual. He was a very fat man who had memory problems due to an accident a few years back. Now everyone has to sit in alphabetical order, otherwise he would forget their name.

He called Dark up to the front of the class as soon as class started and had him introduce himself to the class. As soon as he was done with that he had Dark sit next to me. 'Stupid alphabetical assigned seats! Now I have to sit next to Dark!'

This is ganna be a LONG day.

Again, for the second time today I was the first to leave the room. Quickly walking through the halls to my locker. 'I wish I didn't have to stop at my locker every time I have to go to another classroom.' Just as I thought I was safe and was about to leave, he showed up again.

"Hey again," He waved to me with a smile on his face that could melt chocolate. 'Why am I thinking like this!'

"H-hey, yourself," I stammered, trying to hide my constant blushes I got whenever he was around.

"I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm lost again, and since you helped me out the last time I thought you could help me again"

"Um… sure. What's your next class?"

"It says block B," he said, pointing to a piece of paper he held in his hand.

Just then my oldest and best friend walked by. I grabbed his arm and said "Hey Satoshi, you have block B next, right?"

"Um, yeah," the blue-haired boy with glasses just stared at me, wondering what I was thinking.

"Could you show Dark where his next class is? For me?" I asked him, more like pleading than asking.

"Uh, sure. Follow me," he said to a Dark. Then he whispered in my ear so Dark couldn't hear, "you owe me."

"Fine, just leave already," I hissed back.

I watched them as they walked to class, seeing that Satoshi was mad. I didn't care, as long as HE was gone. Even now I still had a light blush. They turned the corner, leaving my sight. For some reason Dark looked disappointed that I wasn't the one to lead him to his class. No, I'm just over thinking it. He wasn't disappointed, much less because of me.

For some reason I felt let down now. Maybe I should have escorted him to his class? I turned around to head for class. 'So what if he was gone? It's not like he's leaving for good. You'll see him again at the fountain tonight.'

I reached my art class and took my seat. 'I don't know what this feeling is in my chest. Some might say it was love. But not me, I lost that feeling long ago, thanks to…HER. I'll never love again.' I blinked back the tears that were about to come and went to work on my sketches.

I always found it relaxing whenever I was drawing. Hoping it'll keep my mind off of Dark…and her.

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