There was a Vulcan by the name of S'chn T'gai Spock. His name is infamous in our history.

He was the best of our Ang'jmizn. In his many campaigns for Vulcan, Ang'jmizn Spock expanded our territories and enhanced our security. He brought countless star systems under our control, reaching from the Klingon to the Cardassian Empires. While he served Vulcan, we could not be stopped. Ang'jmizn Spock swept through the galaxy, clearing the way for Vulcans to take whatever we so pleased. Our society reached its very pinnacle, the Golden Age of conquest, when he lived and fought. Ang'jmizn Spock was a brilliant tactician, unequaled in his skill and vision, trained for warfare from the beginning of his conception. He was engineered by the scientists of the Academy, a Vulcan mixed with Terran features to produce the perfect instrument of destruction.

When he lived he was honored and revered above all others.

Today among Vulcans, S'chn T'gai Spock is known as sviksu, traitor. He died in samek-yontaya. He died the death of a traitor.

I am T'Pris, daughter of High Councilor T'Pring and Ang'jmizn Stonn. My mother knew Ang'jmizn Spock well. They were once betrothed. It was said that their fates were written together, and the priests decreed that their union would bring everlasting prosperity to Vulcan.

My mother bid me write this account of the last days of Ang'jmizn Spock's life, when he fell from dazzling heights and gave up his great power for the memory of a Terran slave. She recounted this tale to me before her death, as she prepared her katra to take its final resting place in the Ark. I do not report this account as it was related to me, but have taken certain liberties with the narrative. Her telling of Ang'jmizn Spock's story—one that is whispered among Vulcans and has passed into heretical legend—led me to research further into the events surrounding his execution. The Terran speech and intimations of Terran thought presented here has been extensively revised and proofread by a Terran, for the sake of authenticity.

Do not be mistaken. Research falls short of the reality lost. In particular, I know nothing of the last moments of Ang'jmizn Spock's life. Before he faced the Interrogators, the bond between Ang'jmizn Spock and my mother was severed. The entirety of that last scene is fabricated. This tale is one of fiction, woven with truth, entwined with polemic, culminated by plot.

However, there are facts. We Vulcans are thorough, rigorous in our method, complete in our execution. When they opened the sepulcher to confirm that Ang'jmizn Spock was indeed dead, they found two bodies frozen together.

My mother was called upon to verify the identification of the other. It was the Terran slave for whom Ang'jmizn Spock gave up his honor, lying with him in the tomb.

It was a man by the name of James Tiberius Kirk.

This is their account.