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*Madame(Mad-aim) = A female adult/elder that's married

*Bonjour(bon-jor) = A formal hello (To be said to elders/adults)

*Ça va?(Sa-va) = 'How are you?'

*Bien(Bee-en) = Good/happy

*Tres bien(tres - bee-en) = Very good/very happy

*Oui(Wee) = Yes/ok/yea(?)

*Ga va(ga-va) = OK

*Samuel(Sam-you-el) = A male French name for Sam(or Samuel)

*Pierre(Pee-air) = A male French name(for some reason, i think we've all heard this one before.)

*Laurent(Lore-aunt) = A male French name

*Emelie(Em-el-E) = A female French name

*Guy(Gee) = A shorter(nickname) version of the full name Guillaume(Gee-ume) A male French name

Exactly The Same But Different

Written by - Kurai Hiruma

Chapter 4:

.:. The New Beginning .:

After 3 minutes of constant play fighting from Sora, I managed to make it to my next class intact(sort of).





Damn French class, who takes French anyway?

'I do... Now!'

I never really knew what taking French would be like, and I never really liked learning new languages, scratch that, I detested it.

I never needed to anyway, mostly because of my job, Marluxia was the only one who wanted to go through the hassle of learning a new language just to go to a mission in France. I guess that Marluxia was the only one stupid enough to actually waste time learning a new language just to go there, you didn't even have to learn the language, maybe he's just that stupid...

As I walked into the classroom I made sure to take in every aspect of the room, only a few students had arrived so far,

'The rest are probably out in the hall somewhere... pfft...' I could honestly care less about what the other students were doing ever since that fiasco in Algebra... That damned Professor Leon...

As my eyes wandered around the room, I found a large desk in the back left corner, behind it sat a woman with shoulder length brown hair with a small beauty mark above her lip, she was very beautiful, I became nervous as I approached her, still unsure about the attitude of all the different teachers here, "Excuse me, Miss...?"

She looked up from her small cup of coffee and into my eyes, smiling sweetly, "Oh! You must be the new student... Roxas Hikari?"

I nodded in confirmation to her.

Setting her mug down she stood up, looking all over the classroom, it turns out she was just about my height, maybe an inch or two shorter. She wrinkled her nose in disgust once she realized the lack of students in her classroom, "You can sit over..." She paused slightly, "There! Front row. Fourth one over from the left!" She cooed happily, landing back on her feet from her original tip-pi-toed stance. I smiled back at her, "Oh! And you can call me *Madame!"

"Sure, Madame!" I waved back over my shoulder as I made my way to my seat, quick turning on my heel and gliding towards the front of the room, sliding my bag over the back of my assigned chair smoothly before falling into the assigned seat. One arm over the back of the chair, the other hand tapping on the desk in a random rhythmic pattern, and using my left foot to rock the chair forward and backward, my eyes wandered aimlessly around the room, landing on a certain someone who had plopped herself down next to me on my right, a certain blond someone.

"Hey, Roxas!" Naminé chimed while placing her back pack to the right of her, turning to me and smiling brightly, "So..." She set her elbows on her desk, covering her mouth with a hand to muffle some giggles.

"What?" I asked, 'What the hell is so funny?'

"You gave quite a-" She giggled, "Show... In Algebra this morning..." She giggled again.

'Wait, what? She saw me!?'

"Y-You were there?" I stammered, I could feel the heat rising into my cheeks.

"Haha, yeah! Nice boxers by the way!" She started full out laughing now, wrapping her arms around her stomach to help ease the pain of her mountainous laughter.

"S-Shut up!"

"What? Is little Roxi embawassed?" She continued to laugh happily.

I slumped down in my seat, hands in my pockets, pouting like a small child, Sora was already starting to rub off on me, "Whatever." I growled, I could hear a hint of annoyance in my tone.

Her laughs simmered down into small giggles until she calmed herself down completely, "I-I'm sorry. " Another giggle...

I looked over to her, "Can we not talk about this anymore? Please?" I pleaded as embarrassment flooded my words, covering my face with my hands, shaking my head back and forth, probably trying to shake off my embarrassment. It didn't work.

She giggled lightly, "OK, sorry if I, embawassed you." She smiled again, I threw my head down onto my desk, receiving a loud THUD! in the return. The bell rang and the rest of the class shuffled in, rushing to their seats.

Once the classroom had settled down, Madame called out, "*Bonjour!" The class immediately responded with, "Bonjour..." In a much more bored and slower tone than their professor had used,

"*Ça va?" She greeted happily, the French accent staining every word she spoke, to this the class replied, "*Bien" or even "*Tres bien!" While holding two thumbs up for affect(Sora) before returning to a more melancholy demeanor(Not Sora), as if they were mocking her.

"Is 'bien' all you know how to say, *Oui?" Giggling a bit at her foolish class.

"Oui!" The class shouted back at once, she sweat dropped, dropping her previous bubbly mood.

"*Ga va..." She sighed dejectedly, " Take out your packets and flip it to the back page, we're going to be doing a simple and easy activity today." The class cheered,


Everyone opened their backpacks and tossed out a thin-ish blue packet, simultaneously flipping it to the backside. Madame walked from her desk in the back of the classroom to the front, flopping an identical packet onto the back of my head(my forehead was still pressed fervently to the desk's surface) I grabbed it, bringing my head up to read the front cover,

French 1

Term 1

Room 305

'Hmm...' I snapped my head up when I heard Madame's voice break out over the murmurs of student's voices,

"Now, I want you to write anything that comes to your mind when you hear the word 'French'. Now, go." And just like that, the class got to work, hunched over their desks in a furious writing spree.

A few moments later Madame called out to her class again, "Alright, pencils down! Let's see what you've got!" A mixture of students around the room raised heir hands, she called on someone near the back, "I wrote 'French toast'?" They responded.

"Oui, I can see why you would write that *Guy, but, actually, French toast, surprisingly, comes from Canada." Just like that, a kid near the front of the classroom did a fist pump, Madame laughed, "I see! Oui, *Samuel!"

Just then, Naminé leaned over towards me, whispering something to me, in which I leaned in closer to hear, "Sam is Canadian, he moved here a bit after he was born in Ontario, his parents are mostly French."

"Ahh~!" I whispered back, both of us sitting back up into our previous positions, 'He must be proud to be Canadian...'

"Well, then why don't they call it Canadian toast?" Countered someone in the back, Madame gave a questioning look up to the ceiling, "You know what... I don't know why..."

Everyone paused to ponder the subject with her, 'Are they seriously thinking about this?' I thought.

Finally, out of the blue to break the silence, came another voice. Someone in the seat behind Naminé's had their hand raised, speaking out about their question, knowing that it would most definitely not be answered if they just kept their arm up long enough for it to become numb, "Madame? What about French fries?" The class turned its attention to the speaker, a slightly tubby kid with spiked back black hair, a big red Dog Street jersey, and light brown eyes. The teacher pondered this thought for a moment as well, though it was quicker than last time, "You know what, *Pierre, I think it would just be safe to say that they come from Canada."

Sam did another fist pump.

Madame's smile stayed vibrant as she called on the next volunteer, "Oui, *Laurent!"

"Uh, what about the 'Eiffel Tower'?"

"Oui, Laurent! That is an excellent example of something French!" Annoyed grumbles bubbled up around the room, though they quickly silenced at the quick glare thrown their way by their French Professor holding the imaginary, but all in all threatening, knife behind her back. "Speaking of the Eiffel Tower-!" She swiftly made her way over to the other side of the room, where she pulled a small cart out of the corner, a sleek new-looking projector sitting on top, "*Emelie! Could you please pull down the screen over there?"

"Oui, Madame!" She hopped up from her seat, bright green eyes aglow with excitement, gliding towards the front of the room,standing in front of the white board, facing its clean and shiny surface, she jumped, and jumped, and jumped. Confused, I watched on as she attempted to reach for something along the top rim of the white board every time she jumped up, her long brown hair swaying wildly back and forth as she did so. 'What is she trying to do?'

I must have looked like I was thoroughly confused, because Naminé leaned over to explain it to me, "Roxas, she's trying to reach the projection screen! There's a cord hanging down from the bottom of it that makes it easier for us to pull it down! I don't think she can reach it..." I nodded in understanding, my eyes not leaving the girl's frantically jumping form. The whole class was watching her in silent interest, the suspense that hung in the air cringed every time she jumped and missed the thin black cord, which was now swaying wildly back and forth(mimicking her hair quite well).

But the suspense came to a close when Madame approached Emelie from the center of the room where she had set up the cart, making sure to align it perfectly facing the front of the room, "Eh-Emelie?" Emelie quick turned around, a look on her face that obviously shown confusion and failure... "Eh- How about I get that for you, Oui?" She slowly nodded once, the same expression still plastered on her face, backing away slowly, she returned to her seat, a defeated expression took the previous ones place. Once she sat down, her forehead went directly to the desk's surface, while the girl next to her patted her back saying reassuring things like 'It's ok!' and 'You'll be able to do it next time!', to the right of her, Guy patted her back lovingly telling her that he couldn't reach it either. I wondered if they were together or not, they seemed too close not to be...

"Ga va, class! As I was saying! The Eiffel Tower!" She spoke as she set up the projector to the perfect angle, "Someone in France attempted to break a world record there-" She moved over to the laptop on her desk and plugged a small cord into it, the projector made a loud BLOOP! noise, the screen was a bright blue with small buttons on the bottom that said, 'Help' and 'Turn off'. All of a sudden, an image popped up on the screen; it was a You Tube video. Madame continued to say, "-he was attempting to break the world record of jumping off the Eiffel Tower on roller blades." Chatter and sounds of amazement bubbled up in the room, she pressed play and immediately the entire room went silent as they watched on to the front of the room in amazement.

A man could be seen standing on a small platform set on the second floor of the Tower, he jumped off, falling straight down, landing smoothly on the ramp before slipping gently onto his side when he came to the curve where the ramp transformed to a flat surface. Someone called out, "I thought he was gonna jump off the top of the Eiffel Tower!"

Madame turned to them with a expression that showed a mix of 'DUH.' and confusion, "Well, of course not, Guy! The Eiffel Tower is 1063 feet tall! A fall like that would surely kill the man."

He shrunk back into thought, he still hadn't grasped the entire concept yet. Madame spared a side glance to the digital clock screwed securely into the wall, the large red numbers read 9:34, the period would end in 26 minutes. "Oh! Class! It's time to move on! We have a lot to do today in little time!"

The class was almost over, the clock read 9:57, signaling the soon-to-be transition to 4th period. Everyone around the room stood up and walked all around the room, talking to friends before the bell were to ring. As I stood up, everyone seemed to swell around me, I was so confused! At least until I realized that they were all hanging around Naminé, but since she was standing next to me, I was devoured by the small mob, people I didn't know stood around me talking. Feeling very awkward and uncomfortable sitting in the middle of a conversation with people I had no idea who they were, I stood up, and quickly glided out between two girls, once out of the small clot the air around him seemed cooler and more refreshing(basically, there was more oxygen for himself).

Looking around, I saw another clot of students in the opposite corner, the only difference was the recognizable traits of guys. Walking over, with a desperate need of contact with something other than what someone else bought at the mall the other day. Getting close enough to the mob that I could hear the conversation, I heard something I was very familiar with, a little too familiar with-

"RROOOOXXXXAAAASSSSS!" It was Sora, and he was bounding towards me in short and simple bounds, "Let me introduce you to the guys!" Wrapping his arm around my shoulder, he dragged me over to the cluster of guys, unaware of the possible impending doom-excessive embarrassment-that awaited me. Once I reached the cluster, Sora didn't stop me right outside the circle, no, he had to go all the way, dragging me into the center, demanding complete attention, 'Way to go Sora...'

"Hey! Guys! This is Roxas! That new guy I was talking about!" One arm still around my shoulder, he used the other to point into my stomach, emphasizing his presence as I winced in annoyance every time Sora jabbed his thumb into my stomach. The others examined me with great intensity, silence overtaking all of them. One of the boys, who was just a bit taller than me, had long silver hair that reached a bit past shoulder length, his arms-along with the rest of his body-were very muscular, his icy turquoise eyes made me shiver slightly as he looked me up and down, giving an amused smirk afterward, causing me to look away.

The boy held out his hand as he introduced himself, "Hey, the name's Riku." I took his hand and shook it, I saw the slightly surprised look in Riku's eyes when I shook his hand, the shake was strong and firm, something that's usually unexpected from someone so scrawny looking like me. I smiled, I remembered this person from earlier in class, his French name was 'Laurent'. Turning to the person to Riku's right, he had jelled dark blond hair, he wore long camouflage cargo pants paired with a vest of the same color over a black tank. He smirked at him, "Hayner." He replied, jabbing a thumb into his chest, I nodded at him in acknowledgment, I remembered this person's name as 'Guy'. The one to the left of Riku was shorter than him, but only by a bit, his long red Dog Street jersey hanging loosely over a white T-shirt, hair black and pulled back by a headband, "I'm Pence!" He waved at me with a smile, to which I returned with another smile, "My French name is Pierre!" He seemed really happy, a trait that looked to fit him perfectly.

I spun around back to Sora who was looking to me with an over-elated expression on his face, his eyes were literally twinkling with happiness, "I'm so happy you got to meet all my dearest and most closest friends, Roxas! Now, hopefully, we can all be the best of friends together!" OK, he was just moshing now, holding me in a tight hug/death grip, everyone in the group sweat dropped. "Hey, Sora, Roxas, the bell's about to ring, break it up?" Sora pouted at Hayner for a minute before returning to his overly-dramatic stage, "Oh, Hayner! Aren't you just jealous that I don't hang on you like this anymore?"

"You've never hung on me like that before."

"Exactly! I'm only increasing your jealousy right now, aren't I? Hmm!" Hayner face palmed.

Just then(to my and everyone else's relief) the bell rang, students poured out of the rooms into the halls, scattering desperately to their next class.

Bing Bing Bing

"Come on now, let's get going." Hayner and everyone else made their way down the hall, I took my schedule out of my pocket, flipping it open and scanning the page, trying to find the listing for '4th Period', "I have... 4th Period Art with..." Sora and Naminé leaned in in anticipation, waiting for the faithful answer, "-Professor Tsukuru? Oh, she's my homeroom professor! I know where to go now." In the background I could hear the explosion of ecstatic emotion from Sora and Naminé as they hurried off with their new friend to their next class, "Bye Pence, Riku, Hayner!" They both cooed together, galloping happily away after me from the rest of the group.

They both struggled to keep up with me, since I had the head start, they had to go through the trouble of making their ways through the crowds of people. I walked along, as the other two powered up next to me, too bad for me they wouldn't stop. The two rocketed past me, grabbing onto my arms along the way, dragging me along behind them, they had already made it up the stairs and around the corner before they had time to slow down, stopping right before the door, they released their death grip on my arms, launching me forward into the room, bumping into someone, "Hey! Watch it!"

"Oh! I'm sorry!" I countered, embarrassment and remorse obvious in my expression.

It was Kairi, she was pushing me away from her form while attempting to hold onto a large folder made out of sheets of paper, "Oh, it's just you, Roxas. You have Art 4th period?"

"Y-yea, so do Sora and Naminé." I pointed my thumb over my shoulder towards the two behind me who had stayed outside the class room just in case they had gotten me in trouble(they didn't want to get caught in the crossfire). Kairi leaned to her right to catch a glimpse of who was coming in the room, a look on her face that shown obvious excitement and anxiety, "Naminé? Naminé's here?" A pause as they exchanged glances, then it happened. In less than-what felt like- half a second the two girls collided in a mega glomp, screaming and squealing to no end.

"I missed you so much, Naminé!" Kairi squealed, "I thought 4th period would never come! WWAAAHHHHH!"

"Please don't cry, Kairi!" Naminé held Kairi's chin up with her index finger, tilting her head back and looking deep into her eyes, "I've missed you, too!"

"Oh, Naminé!"

"Oh, Kairi!"

They embraced in a tight inseparable hug.

I looked over to Sora, trying to find some salvation and explanation in what was going on, but Sora's eyes were dreamy and lost, sparkling with joy, "Oh, Naminé! Kairi!" He was moshing again... He ran over and jump-glomped them, the group was one big mass of happiness, it made me gag a bit, 'Are they always like this?' I knew I could answer myself on this one, 'Yep.'

"Come on you guys, break it up! The bell's about to ring!" They separated with an eye roll and went to their seats, Olette and Hayner sitting across from Naminé again, while Kairi and Sora sat next to Roxas at a table across the room from the others(our homeroom seats). "Where's Pence?" I asked, looking around the room.

"He's in History right now, he had Art during 1st period, when we had history. Basically, our classes are switched." Explained Kairi, I nodded in understanding.

"So, what do we do in this class anyway?"

"Art." Replied Sora almost immediately.

"Really?" Asked Kairi sarcastically, "I couldn't have guessed!"

Sora crossed his arms and made a pouty face, "You don't have to be so mean, Kai!"

She giggled and rolled her eyes playfully, punching Sora lovingly in the arm.

The chatter immediately subsided as the Art Professor stood up(you couldn't tell that well because of how short she was) and called out, "Alright, class, let's settle down now!" It was a good thing she had a loud voice, otherwise she would never be able to get the attention of her students.

And art, like most of the classes to follow, went as such:

Roxas and Sora would get into some kind of petty argument, usually ending with Roxas as the victor

Sora and Kairi would insult each other, say sorry, and hug.

Hayner and Olette would be the only ones not acting up, until Hayner would ruin it by yelling something a little too loud and get people who had nothing to do with it in trouble.

Naminé would create something museum worthy, causing jealousy from all over the room, though it would mostly be admiration, but jealousy all the same.

Someone would take way too long to write the notes down, therefor slowing down the entire class, therefor causing the Professor to scold everyone, not wanting to blame it on one single student.

So, basically, a normal day. Roxas sighed, knowing this would be a tough year.

Bing Bing Bing

'Finally! I thought Art would never end!' Standing up, I moved towards the door, only to be stopped by my favorite person.

"Hey, Roxas! Let's go have lunch together! Come on!" Sora was leading me along down the now calmer halls, "Why now is everyone so calm?"

"That's because it's lunch time, Roxas." Kairi piped up, walking up further next to me to explain, "You don't need to be in the lunch rooms for lunch, you can go wherever you want, even home if you want to, you just have to be back before the next bell!" I nodded in understanding.

"So, where do you guys eat lunch?" Folding up his schedule and slipping it into his front right pocket, they all turned a corner and down the east stair well, as they passed the window, Naminé pointed out towards a large patch of green grass with stone walkways up to the school from all directions,

"In the school courtyard, of course!" They all smiled encouragingly at me, "Pence usually beats us there, History is closer than Art, you know?" Everyone nodded.

The rest of the walk down the stairs and through the halls was a comfortable silence, they soon turned into a large foyer, lit by the sun streaming through the glass doors and lined with plaques all along the walls with print too small to read. Everyone calmly shuffled out of the door, the last one out, being me, hit his head on the door as it came swinging back at me, it was heavier than I thought.

Rubbing my forehead, I proceeded through the threshold into the large courtyard, bringing my arm up in a reflex to protect my eyes from the blinding sunlight.

The courtyard was filled with students, sitting in groups, sitting alone, scattered in the grass, leaning against trees, on benches, and some even just lay in the grass, eyes closed, probably sleeping, 'I don't blame them...'

I almost ran into someone as the group suddenly stopped next to a large tree, plopping themselves down, I did the same. Sighing I looked out along the scene of students, it calmed me, seeing everything so... perfect. When I looked back, everyone had a little sack, taking them out of their bags, thoroughly confused I looked in my bag, 'Nothing...?'

Just as I was about to speak up, Pence jumped to his feet, "Hey, Roxas?" I looked up at him, he had this hopeful look in his eyes, "Yeah, Pence?"

"Do you have a lunch? Cause, you know, if you don't, you could always just come with me to get one at the Caf?"

I opened my mouth to speak, but was cut off by Pence again, "Well, that's OK, I can always go by myself, no biggie!" And he started off.

"W-wait! Pence!" I Jumped up, catching up to him, Pence turned towards me, "I actually don't have a lunch either... I guess I forgot to pack one..." Looking around, I saw that most everybody in the courtyard had some type of lunch sack with them. I felt unusually embarrassed by this, being singled out in a huge group of people as the only one without a lunch, what was even worse was walking around everyone to get there, following Pence like a puppy, I would rather the lunch come to me. I know it sounds lazy, even for me, but I was too hungry to let this slip.

Following Pence across the yard, looking around at everyone, before I realized that something was different. I looked ahead of pence to see we weren't going where I thought we were, "Uh, Pence?"

"Yea?" He sopped abruptly, turning around on the spot to face me, "What's up?"

"Uh- ... Where are we going?" I looked over towards the entrance to the school they had come out of earlier.

Pence sighed, "The Caf? Duh? Weren't you listening to me before?"

"Well, yea, but-"

"But what, man? Did you change your mind or something?"

"No, it's just that... I-I don't recognize where you're taking me."

"Oh, yea, sorry about that... There's another entrance on the other side of the courtyard next to the outdoor seating tables that leads into the Caf, sorry I didn't explain that to you earlier, man."

"It's fine, are we almost there?" I questioned, holding my stomach after a loud growl snarled out from it's depths.

"Yea, yea, it's just through these doors here." Pence pointed towards a small patio-like area in front of a row of tall glass doors, like in the foyer area from earlier. Making his way up the wheelchair ramp instead of the 3 steps it took to get to the top, which I took. Roxas had to wait a few seconds for pence to catch up to him at the top, after taking his time on the ramp, he opened the door for me, letting me in first.

Standing in front of the door, I looked all around, there were still only a few students in there, but not many, it was a large room, it calmed me slightly knowing that the room wouldn't be crowded in winter when everyone would be sitting inside, 'Would I still be here in winter?' I hope so.

Before I knew it, Pence was next to me, "It's great, isn't it?" I looked over at him, "Isn't it Roxas? Doesn't it just make your stomach lurch in anticipation?" Pence looked like Sora had earlier in French, he was moshing as he floated(That's what it looked like to me) over towards the two separate lines for food. I slowly followed him, wondering if it was safe being around Pence when he's hungry...

As soon as Pence reached the line of food he snatched two trays, throwing one to Roxas, who caught it effortlessly between his fingers.

"Hmm..." Obviously impressed by this, Pence threw another tray at me, which I, again, caught effortlessly in the opposite hand, a bewildered expression on my face, "Pence, do I really need-"

The loud echoing SMACK! of plastic colliding with human flesh sounded as I was hit with another tray, square in the face, it fell straight onto the floor from there, bouncing a bit as the flexible plastic hit the cold cafeteria linoleum. A red mark slowly became visible on my forehead as Pence rushed over to me, pleading to me with apologies like 'I'm so sorry!' and 'It won't happen again!' and more 'I'm sorry!'.

I stood up, rubbing the red mark on my forehead, "Pence."

"Oh my gosh! I am sooooo sorry, Roxas! I swear! I didn't mean it!"


"I know! I'll make it up to you! Here! I'll buy you lunch!"


He finally stopped to look up at me, eyes full of remorse and pleading for an excepted apology, "You don't need to do anything, it's fine, really!" I smiled warmly at him, trying not wince as my head throbbed. Pence gave me an incredulous stare before nodding fast, picking up the trays and setting them neatly back on the rack, and taking his own from the stack, he moved on in the line.

It was kind of awkward, what was I suppose to say? And why did he freak out so much? It was just a tray to the forehead! Nothing much! Receiving no answer from my head, I decided to just ask him myself, "Hey, Pence?"

Pence shot his head up again, the same look he had before returning, this time laced with the slightest bit of worry, "Y-yea, Roxas?"

"Why were you so freaked out about before?" I moved along in the line with him, taking a small cup of red Jello from a tray of identical jiggly-mass-filled cups.

"Huh?" He dropped his previous exterior and replaced it with full on confusion.

"You know? When you hit me on the forehead with the tray?" I pointed subconsciously to the point of impact, where the throbbing in my head was starting to go down, "You were freaking out, babbling about random stuff."

"Ohh... haha... That." He laughed nervously, "Well, you see, not to be rude Roxas, but, to me, you just seem kinda intimidating is all! I thought you were gonna beat me up or something." He laughed normally now, he must have realized how stupid that sounded.

"Pence, I wouldn't have beaten you up!" I explained in a 'what-in-the-world-gave-you-that-idea' tone.

"Well, it's just that, you seem really strong and stuff Roxas! You could probably challenge anyone to a fight and win!" Pence exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air for affect.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that..." I chuckled a bit, remembering life back at the organization, no one could ever beat me at a quick scrimmage. Moving up further in the line, I took a look at out trays; mine carried some type of fo-chicken, a small carton of milk pence picked up for me, a small cup of red Jello, and a spork(for multy-food-eating use), when I looked over to Pence's tray, I saw the same things that mine held, only doubled. We moved on along the line, the cash register was just up ahead, 'What the-?'

"Hey, Roxas, you brought money for lunch, right?" He turned to look at me, pulling his wallet out of his back pocket and pulling a five dollar bill out.

"Uhh-duh?" 'Oh, nice one Roxas...' "I mean, uh, no..." I scratched the back of my head nervously, damn, now how was I suppose to eat something?

"Oh! That's OK, I'll pay for you this time, but next time, you should really bring your own money or lunch. I only eat lunch here because my parents can't afford to pack me a lunch everyday. He smiled as he handed the lady his money, as she was ringing him up, he poked me in the side.

Looking down at his hand, I saw another five dollar bill, "Here, take it," He whispered, apparently this was something you weren't aloud to do, "If you don't have money when you get to the register, the lady gets POed."

I stared at it for a minute before quickly snatching it out of his grip and placing it on mt tray, "Thanks man, I owe you one."

"Don't mention it! Just think of it a a school warming gift!" He stood outside the line holding his tray, waiting for me. The lady took my five as if it were a traffic ticket, she must really hate this job.

I followed Pence out again, ready to make the embarrassing trek across the courtyard again, but surprisingly, he turned into the seating area, taking a seat at one of the large circular tables, patting the space on the table next to him. I followed, not wanting to do something stupid on the first day by not listening to someone who actually knows what they're doing.

"We're not aloud out of the Caf with a tray full of food." He explained as I took the seat next to him, he was already at work with the occupants of his tray, "So, dude-" He started, chugging some milk to wash down the food he had previously inhaled, "-how are you liking the school so far?"

I haven't actually thought about that yet; I would be spending a few months here on extra heartless detail, I would need to get used to it here, whether I like it or not. And thankfully, I like it.

"Yeah, it's real nice here." I said with a smile, picking up my spork and prodding my fo-chicken with it.

"Great!" He exclaimed, stuffing a handful of chips into his mouth, "You'll fit in great here!"

'I sure hope so.'

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