So this is my first fan fiction ever!!!!!

Helga and Arnold are still nine years old and the events of the Hey Arnold movie don't exist.

I dedicate this story to suprsingr, whose wonderful stories inspired me to create an account and also to the legend of Hey Arnold, which sadly I am obsessed with.

Disclaimer: The characters and settings belong to Craig Bartlett and Nickelodeon. I don't own anything.

"Watch it Football-head" Growled Helga as she recovered after bumping into Arnold.

"Sorry Helga" he replied, and then walked off without looking back.

Helga went into one of her monologues

"Oh that Arnold, how I despise him………………………and yet how I love him. My beloved why can I not show you the love that you so deserve? Why must I push you away?? Why? Why? Wh…….

She stopped abruptly. Helga could hear heavy breathing from behind her. She turned to confront Brainy.

"Brainy! What are you doing?" Helga spat.

"Err, I don't know."

Rolling her eyes she landed a punch. Brainy staggered back, and his glasses broke. Just as she was about to leave Helga noticed a sheet of paper lying on the floor. She picked it up to examine it. She noticed Arnold's name at the top. His hand was messy, but the note appeared to be some sort of shopping list.

It read:


~2 gloves


~2 Ball

Life or death must have items for …….

The last word was smudged she couldn't see who or what these items were for. 'What could this mean?' Helga thought to herself. Although she had no clue what the note was, it sounded pretty important. She gathered up her things and raced out of school in search of Arnold. But he was too far ahead. Helga couldn't see him anywhere.

"He must have gone to Gerald's Park" She said out loud and changed direction.

As soon as Helga arrived at the park she spotted Arnold. He was not alone. With him was Lila. Helga jumped into the nearest set of bushes and watched the two without being seen. "Oh Arnold, so this is how you hold a baseball bat?" asked Lila.

"No, you're holding it all wrong. Let me show you." Arnold walked over to her. He then rearranged her arms and legs into the correct position. "That's much better." He said, pleased with his work. "Now show me how you swing."

Lila swung. It was horrible. Arnold looked mortified at seeing something so pathetic. Luckily for him Lila didn't notice. She was too busy concentrating. He stepped behind her and held her arms, to guide her swing.

Helga couldn't watch anymore. She looked back down at the list. "Oh well, I guess it can wait until tomorrow."

As she was crawling out of the bushes she heard Arnold say "Of course if I'm going to keep teaching you, we're going to have to get you the correct gear."

'Oh no' Helga thought as she read the list 'gloves, balls, comfortable shoes. This list sounds like baseball equipment, FOR LILA!' Helga was aghast. 'I was this close to helping Arnold pick up Lila!' She thought. There was no way she was giving that list back now.

"Or my name isn't Helga G. Pataki!" She said aloud, and then covered her mouth quickly. But it was too late; Arnold had seen her.

"Hi Helga." He smiled waving to her.

She yelled back "don't talk to me, geek-bait!" With that she left, missing Arnold's saddened look.

Then Strange Mysterious Male Voiceover says "So Arnold wrote a list of items he needs to pick up Lila. But did he really? What will Helga do about it? Did Brainy get new glasses or just tape them back up?

Find out the answers to all these important questions next week (OR WHENEVER HELGAFROMTOE2BOW GETS SOME reviews!!!!!!!!!) on Arnold's List.

This has been a Daytime production, and this is Strange Mysterious Male Voiceover signing off."

*Picks nose* Strange Mysterious Male Voiceover "Oh your still here, um I was just scratching, yeah that's it scratching. Wait your not meant to see me, I'M A VOICEOVER!!!! Can we get on this someone on this, this serious technically difficulty that can only be fixed with a stack of reviews!!!!!"

Helgafromtoe2bow "Can we have him FIRED?"

Assistant "I don't think so, he's the only one who we can get so cheap."

Strange Mysterious Male Voiceover "Hear that you're stuck with me!" *laugh's evilly*

Helga "Shut it bucko, or you'll have Ol' Betsy and the Five Avengers to deal with!!!"

"Helga, you're not meant to interact with us." Helgafromtoe2bow said then nudged Strange Mysterious Male Voiceover.

He then said "We are now experiencing technical difficulties, thank-you for your patients"

The Assistant then pushed a big red button.

*Black and White fuzzy dots*