"Okay, it's the next chapter now," Helgafromtoe2bow said "so I can reveal my plan"

Arnold, Helga and everyone else (except Rhonda) cheered.

"Is it…. calling the locksmith?" asked Stinky.

"No, actually it's…." She began again.

"That you are a locksmith?" interrupted Sid.

"NO! It is nothing to do with locksmiths!" Helgafromtoe2bow snapped, she was starting to get irritated.

"B-but then what could it be?" he asked again.

"Shut UP!" Helgafromtoe2bow yelled and everyone was quiet. Sid looked a bit nervous, after all, she had been looking at him while she said this. "My plan is," Helgafromtoe2bow started nervously "….to continue on with the ball as planned.."

"Great plan! Wonderful, let's just go in the gym now then and start." Rhondda said with fake enthusiasm lacing her voice. She paused and then slapped her head "Oh wait, how stupid of me, the gym is LOCKED!"

"Well if you stopped complaining and shut up long enough to listen, Rhondda, then maybe you would find Helgafromtoe2bow actually had a plan that solved that little problem."

"Yes thank-you Helga. Now where was I? Oh, yes, now I remember….. We will continue with the ball as planned but instead of at the gym we will relocate to Gerald's Park."

"That's brilliant!" said Arnold nodding. This could save his first date with Helga.

"Yuck! Who wants to have a ball outside?" spat Rhondda.

Phoebe quietly whispered "I-I think it could be quite romantic, you know, dancing under the stars." She looked at Gerald and blushed sweetly.

"That's the spirit Phoebe! Who else is with me?" smiled Helgafromtoe2bow.

"We are!" everyone said together, everyone that is, except Rhondda.

The group turned towards Rhondda staring her down. She started to go red before mumbling "Fine. Fine. I'm in okay, BUT I'M NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT!"

"Okay we'll need fairy lights, lanterns, some punch, and a few things to snack on. Oh! And music of course." Helgafromtoe2bow said checking off her fingers at each item.

"Well what are we waiting for?" asked Arnold, "Anyone who can get these items bring them to the park in half an hour."

At that everyone chatted amongst themselves while leaving, trying to think of things they had that would be of use.

Helga stayed behind with Arnold, Gerald and Phoebe "So are you coming too?" she asked Helgafromtoe2bow.

"No, as you know Helga, I'm not meant to be here. I just had to stop that Voiceover guy from wrecking this fic…. Bye guys!" She snapped her fingers and disappeared.


Strange Mysterious Male Voiceover was watching unseen from behind one of the buildings "Curse her and her quick thinking, now the night will be even more romantic. I guess it's time for plan 'b'! Muahaha!"


"Sorry guys, for not updating, for more than a year or so. Hope you guys haven't moved on. Hmm never realized how immature my writing style for this fic was, until now. Anyway I'm halfway through my next chapter so that will be up tomorrow. I promise! Thanks to my reviewers. And next chapter is when they kiss, it will be much longer than this one."

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