The scene is a girl packing a suitcase she looks up to the ceiling in thinking mode counting with her figures all of a sudden a younger girl in pony tails runs into the room and jumps in her suit case

The little girl looks at the older one "Candace help me"

I looked at my little sister "Lindsey what's wrong ?"

Lindsey looks at her " Jake's after me and" before she can go on further a boy a little older then the oldest girl runs in and jumps on the bed and off "come here"

I watched my sister as she jumped out of my suit case and jolted out of the room followed by my older brother Jake but let me start at the beginning my name is Candace Matthews I'm 14 years old my parents name's are Chase and Zoey and as for my siblings that just ran out of my room Lindsey 12 and Jake 16 I love them to deaf but they argue over the dumbest things

All of a sudden my best friend in the world Megan Barret ran into my room and jumped into my suit case "what's up curly sue ?"

Let me explain my friends question my hair is extremely wavy which I blame my dad and his bushy hair for I looked back at my friend "hey I told you not to call me curly sue ?"

Meg looked up at me "I'm sorry so what's up ?"

I looked back at her "Well I'm wondering why my suit case is such a popular sitting place today"

Meg jumped out of my suit case as I let out a small giggle and continued to pack she then looked at me cross legged on the bed "How excited are you about this ?"

I looked at her "Super excited" this was my freshmen year and my dad had got a job as a teacher at this boarding school him and my mom had attended in high school and now so where we Meg and her little brother Josh's dad Michael had also got a job as a gym teacher which made my dad happy that his best friend since high school was going to be his roommate in the teachers dorms that had just been built on campus

I looked back at Meg "Yea we're going to be all on our own total freedom"

Meg looked back at me "Well not exactly our dad's will be there"

I looked at her "Really Meg our dad's are like big kids themselves my mom always says she feels like she has four kids instead of three"

Meg looks at me " you have a point my friend"

I smiled at her a little bit as we turned to see Lindsey past the door then Jake with Josh hoisted on his shoulders the Michael run past "Hey get back here"

Then followed by my dad "Hey no running in the house"

My mom then walked in carrying a laundry basket but not before yelling back at the group that had just ran down the hall "hey play nice"

She then walked into my room and sat the laundry basket down on a chair near my bed and sat down next to Megan "So are you girls ready"

I looked at my mom "Almost"

Megan then smiled over at my mom "So Mrs. Matthews are you going to miss us ?"

My mom reached over and pulled Megan into a hug "Yes I am going to miss you girls very much"

All of a sudden Lindsey runs back by the door followed by Jake with Josh still hoist on his shoulders and then my dad hoisted on Michael's shoulders

My mom looked at us while pointing toward the doorway "Not so much that"

We all smiled as my mom's Best friend and Megan's mom Lola entered the room she pointed back to the hall "What's going ?"

Before she could finish my mom looked at her "you don't want to know…did you get the information ?"

Lola looked at her "Right here baby" she threw the pamphlets onto the bed "Vegas here we come"

I looked up at them as they where acting like they where sixteen again "So ya'll get to go to Vegas while where stuck in school"

My mom scooted over to me as I was now sitting on the bed "Honey a good education is much more important then some stupid Vega's trip besides your father doesn't get to come either" I gave her a smile

The scene changes to later that night my dad walked in the room with pajama bottoms and a tee shirt where me and Meg where sitting on my bed also in our night clothes "Lights out in five"

I looked at him "But dad"

My dad looked at me from the door "No buts we have an busy day tomorrow have to get up early"

I looked at him "I know but you'll be the one we'll have to worry about waking up"

My dad looked at me "this is true"

Meg and I looked at him hopeful as he started walking back down the hall "But five minutes"