The scene changes to the next night the lights are off in the girls room Candace is sitting on her bed with the computer open she is in her night clothes

The scene shows on the computer where she's emailing Zoey:

Hey Mom,

The first day here at PCA has been pretty awesome, you should see our room it's pretty amazing and way bigger then mine at home.

She reach's over and eats a grape then continues

It's 11:30 so Megan and my other roommate Allison are asleep like I should be lol. Our new roommate Allison is pretty cool a little hyper active though. Her mom said today that you and Lola roomed together in high school I think she said her name was Quinn. Dad got me to try sushi and I have to say for a dead fish it wasn't half bad. I'm so ready for my first day of classes tomorrow I can't wait to see what it's like. And…

Before she can go on she hears a wailing out in the hall way

Mom I have to go I think I just heard something out in the hall way.

Love you bunches, Candace

She then sends the email and closes her computer as Allison wakes up and turns on the light Megan sits up on the top bunk and looks over at Candace "What's going on ?"

Candace gets up off her bed and walks towards the door "I don't know"

She opens the door too see a skinny blond sitting outside their door her face in her hands

Allison pokes around from behind her "Isn't that our Dorm Advisor Lilly ?"

Megan looks at Lilly "What's wrong ?"

Lilly looks at them "My boyfriend just broke up with me" She falls down on the floor crying the girls look at each other then start to drag her into their room

The scene flips to the next day Jake, Candace and Megan are walking down the hall Megan looks over at Candace "That woman's crying kept us up all night last night"

Candace looks over at her " I know"

Jake looks at them "correct me if I'm wrong but aren't dorm advisors supposed to help us with our problems"

Megan looks at them "their supposed too"

Candace and them walk over to a door Candace looks at Jake and Megan "Come on guys I need to get some money from dad and we'll go get some lunch"

They walk into a classroom where Chase is standing in front of a class of kids they sneak over to Chase's desk as he continues talking to his class "For the forth time photosynthesis dose not have anything to do with photography Margaret"

A girl in the class gives a nervous as the bell rings

Chase gives a distressed look at the class "Just go"

All the kids jump up and run toward the door

Chase looks out the door as the class runs out "See you tomorrow" he walks back over to his desk running his figure's threw his bush of hair that he never had the courage to get rid off he then looks up to see the kids "hello"

Candace smiles at him as she runs over and gives him a hug "Hey daddy"

Chase looks at her "What do you want ?"

Candace looks at him "Money for lunch"

They walk back over to his desk and sit's down at his desk and pulls out his bill fold and holds up a twenty dollar bill "I expect this to by Jake's and your lunch and I want the change back"

Candace yells back at him as they walk out the door "Sure dad"

Chase sits back in the chair "I'm not getting it back"

The scene changes to later that night Chase is running his hand threw his hair as Michael enters the room Chase sits on his bed and falls back on his pillow rubbing his eyes Michael enters the room and walks over to his bed "Rough day"

Chase looks at him "You wouldn't believe how rough"

Michael looks at him "Can't be worse then being an assistant couch along side couch Keller I actually think he's worse then he was in high school"

Chase looks at him remembering the time couch Keller had his son bet him and Michael up after sushi rox burnt down [1] "Wow that bad huh"

Michael looks at him "Well lets just go to sleep maybe tomorrow will be better"

Chase reach's to turn out the light "I hope so"

The scene changes to later that night in the girls room you can hear crying in the hall way Candace shots up in her bed "That's it" she jumps out of bed

Megan looks at her from the top bunk "Where are you going ?"

Candace looks at her "To sleep in dad's room"

Megan jumps down off the bed as she walks out the door "Hey wait for me"

She runs out the door as the scene fades

[1] Zoey 101: People Auction