Summary: Sakura's staying over with Madison while her father and Tori are away for a week. A little later, though, Madison's mom ends up going away on business. And a while after she leaves…the flu strikes!

Sick Day: Part 1

Eighteen-year-old Sakura Avalon looked out the window as she styled the hair of her best friend, Madison Taylor. The sun was just barely starting to set on this first day of Sakura's sleepover. With her father and Tori away, Sakura got a rare opportunity to spend over at Madison's vast estate. And not only did she get to see her very best friend there, but she also got to see the love of her life, Li Showron, who was staying in one of Madison's guesthouses.

A lot was on Sakura's mind over these last few months and this would really be the first opportunity she'd have to relax. It was an opportunity she wouldn't pass up on.

"How's it looking so far?" Madison asked.

"A few more seconds…I've almost got a perfect ponytail…"

Before Sakura could wrap up that ponytail, Madison coughed furiously. The sudden movement of Madison's head got Sakura's hands out of sync and the ponytail…wasn't so perfect.

"Sorry, Sakura," Madison apologized. "I've just had the worst cough lately."

"Have you taken a cough drop?" Sakura suggested.

"It hasn't really been working," Madison replied. "I hope it goes away soon."

"That cough sounds pretty bad," another voice said. It was little Kero, who was perched atop Madison's cabinet. "You sure you're all right, kiddo?"

Madison nodded. "It's nothing."

Sakura suddenly saw Madison's mom walking through the hall. "Maybe your mom has something. Mrs. Taylor?!"

Madison's mother stuck her head in the room…and saw Madison's hair all tousled. "Madison…it's a nice look. I hope you give Sakura a chance to fix that hair up. She'd probably fix it up really nice just like her mother would."

"Mrs. Taylor, Madison's got a pretty bad cough," Sakura said. "Is there anything she should take?"

"The cough drops should hopefully do the trick. But I can't stay for long. I have to make a business trip."

Madison's face fell. "Aw Mom…again?"

"It'll only be for a few days. Four days at the most. In the meantime, I trust you and Li can take care of yourselves…"

"Yes Mom."

"And take care of Sakura…"

"Yes Mom."

"And keep that Eriol kid out of the house."

"Yes M…………MOM!"

"I'm just making sure. I didn't forget those times I caught you two making out on our porch!* There's something not right about that boy. It's like that Eriol Eli Moon has never been around a girl before."

Sakura thought about that. Eriol retained all of Clow Reed's memories, so she wondered…if Clow ever really HAD a woman in his life. It was an interesting thought and Sakura would have to pose that question to him someday.

"Mom! NEVER say his middle name! Eriol HATES that! And second, Eriol is a wonderful man. He's a perfect gentleman……for the most part. And you don't have to worry about him. I'll keep him out."

Madison's mother raised an eyebrow. "See that you do, young lady. I'll be back in a few days."

Madison's mom walked off with her bags and Madison just shook her head.

"I got caught on the porch ONE time," Madison sighed. "Do you and Li ever have that problem with YOUR family?"

Sakura gave Madison a knowing glance. Madison just sweatdropped when she realized that this was one question she should have already known the answer to. After all, Sakura had a VERY protective big brother.

"Oops…never mind," Madison muttered…before coughing furiously again.

Sakura just blinked. There certainly SEEMED to be something wrong with her best friend. But it couldn't have been anything too serious…could it?

Four hours after Madison's mother left, Madison was coughing worse than before. Sakura couldn't bear to see it, because Madison was getting worse. In addition to the coughs, Madison now had red eyes and was sniffling a lot.

"Madison…are you o…"

Sakura couldn't even finish the question before…she coughed pretty heavily herself. That cough was so loud, it woke Kero, who was sleeping on Madison's bed. Kero flew over and looked at Sakura, who was rubbing her right eye, which had become itchy.

"You sound pretty bad yourself," Kero noted. "About as bad as Madison."

Madison coughed again. "It's nothing. I'm just fine." Then she sniffled.

"Madison, you are NOT fine," Sakura told her. "You sound sick." Then she coughed out loud herself.

"So do you," Kero shot back.

Sakura blinked, making her right eye even itchier. "Huh? MADISON'S sick! I'M feeling just fine!" Then she coughed again, followed by some sniffles.

Kero flew over and felt Sakura's forehead. "WHOA! You are NOT fine! You're burning up!"

Madison's eyes widened. "Sakura's sick?" Of course, when her eyes widened, Sakura could see that they were very red.

Kero flew over and felt Madison's forehead. "HEY! You aren't fine, either! You're burning up, too!"

Madison sniffled. "Kero…if you really think we're sick, then let me call one of the maids to fix some soup or something."

Madison walked over and pushed one of the buttons on the wall. But she got no response. Madison pushed the button again and again got no response. Sakura suddenly noticed something. She walked over to the kitchen and saw a piece of paper on the refrigerator.

"Madison! Come take a look at this!"

Madison wandered over to Sakura and took the paper in her hand. "It's a note from my mom. It says 'Madison, you're becoming a grown woman now and it's time you start learning to become more independent. That's why I gave the servants a vacation until I come back. Make me proud and take care of yourself. Love, Mom.'"

Kero scratched his chin. "Hmm…that…doesn't sound like a good thing."

Sakura sniffled. "So we're on our own?"

Kero looked like he had an idea. "Not…necessarily. I'll be right back."

And with that, Kero flew out the window. Once he was out the window, both Sakura and Madison coughed loudly. Both girls moaned and headed straight for the nearest couch to lie down.

Kero knew the girls were getting sick. And with the servants away, it wouldn't be Kero stuck to take care of them. So he went to retrieve someone who might be able to help. He flew to one of Madison's guesthouses and knocked on the door.

Unfortunately, when the door opened, Kero didn't like what he saw.

"What…do you want?"

Kero was now looking at Li Showron, but there was something wrong. The kid didn't look as feisty as he usually did. In fact, he looked rather fatigued. And to make things worse, he coughed loudly. Kero got a sinking feeling and put a hand on his forehead. Indeed, Li was burning up.

"Oh no! Not you too, brat!"

"What do you mean?" Li asked.

"Sakura and Madison are sick, too! I was hoping you could help, but…"

"Sakura's here?! And she's sick?! Out of my way, stuffed animal!"

Li dashed by Kero (well…as much as a sick person COULD dash, anyway) and headed for the mansion. Kero had a bad feeling about this. If the servants were gone, then it really was all up to him. Or was it?

Kero suddenly had a new idea. And he flew back to the mansion to put it into action.

Kero looked over to see that Sakura, Li, and Madison were all seated side-by-side. They were all lethargic and lacking energy. They all had really hot foreheads and were all coughing furiously. Kero was just thankful he was a guardian beast and not a human being, because this sounded contagious.

But Kero wasn't about to take up the task of playing doctor for THREE people. So he picked up the phone and made a phone call. Unfortunately…

"Hello! You've reached the machine of Eriol Moon. We're not in right now. In fact, we're all out on a brief trip to England, so we won't be back for a few weeks. Leave a message at the beep and we'll get back to you as soon as we return."

Kero sweatdropped. "Oh…no…"

"What happened, Kero?" Sakura sniffled.

"Eriol's…on vacation…"

That got Madison's attention. "He went on vacation without telling me?! That's TWO strikes against him!** Just wait 'til he gets back…"

Kero banged his head against the wall. "No…no…no…I CAN'T take care of three people alone! I'm a guardian beast, not a doctor!" Then a light bulb appeared over his head. "Hey! I got it!"

"What do you have in mind, Kero?" Sakura asked curiously…before coughing again.

Kero sweatdropped as he dialed the phone. "I just need to call for a little help…"

Kero waited by the intercom for something, ANYTHING, because Sakura, Li, and Madison were seemingly getting worse. At this point, they were all trying to lie down on the couches in the living room. The moaning was getting to Kero at this point, since he really didn't know how to handle this alone. After an eternity, the intercom finally buzzed.


"Kero? I'm here."

"Hey Julian…it's great that you came and I'm really glad you're here…but…you know…buddy…I could really use your better half right about now. You understand, right?"

Kero got no response. He tapped on the speaker, but got nothing. He was starting to get scared that Julian left. But…that's when Kero heard a tapping on the window. He turned around to see…the guardian, Yue.

Kero breathed a sigh of relief and opened the window. "Great to see you here, Yue."

Yue flew in and calmly dusted himself off. "This calling is certainly unexpected, Kero. You said you had a problem and needed help. What could it possibly be?"

Kero pointed over at the three…patients. Sakura was moaning feverishly, Li was trying to shake his head and convince himself he was ok, and Madison was about to fall asleep but couldn't because she kept coughing.

"Hmm…I could almost swear something's wrong with them," Yue muttered.

"You want to look a little harder, genius?" Kero growled.

Yue walked over to Sakura and tried to examine her with his eyes. It was a long process, a lot longer than it should have been. Kero knew that Yue wasn't slow by any means, but he should have put two and two together by now.

"She appears…to be sick…"

Kero fell over anime-style. "Gee…I wonder what gives you THAT idea?!"

"Well…first of all, her eyes are…"

"I'm BEING sarcastic!"

"Oh…that sarcasm thing again. You always used to do that around Clow! You'd think after being in the Clow Book for so long, you'd have dropped that habit."

"Hey, I didn't ALWAYS used to be sarcastic. It was just…HEY! Stop that! You're getting off the subject! Don't you see the problem we have?!"

Yue looked down at the moaning Sakura. "The Mistress is sick."


Kero pointed at the other two patients, Li and Madison, who were also moaning feverishly.

Yue blinked. "Hmm…do you suppose the Mistress's best friend and boyfriend are ALSO sick?"


"Well…they certainly don't LOOK well…"


Yue shook his head. "More sarcasm. Just what I need."

"Look, the point I'm trying to make is that we've got three sick people to take care of and I'm gonna need your help."

Yue looked like he was deep in thought. "I don't believe I have a choice. My purpose is to protect the Sakura Card Mistress. I suppose that also means from…disease. So what is it we should do?"

Kero thought about that. "Well…"

Next Time: We get our first looks at Dr. Kero and Dr. Yue in action. But does the issue of inexperience come into play? And are all of our patients willing to stay still and lie in bed? Come back next time to find out!

* - See "Making A Choice"

** - See "Want You Bad" for strike one

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