Last Time: It took a while to hunt down Bubbles. And after a confusing exchange, Bubbles finally agreed to stop spreading suds around. After cleaning up her mess, the next day finally came and Sakura recalled Mirror, Sleep, and Bubbles. When Kero discovered that the patients were still sick, he decided to take drastic measures. Now Kero and Yue are ready to make some…HOME REMEDIES!

Sick Day: Part 5

After a full day of dealing with three sick patients, Kero and Yue once again found themselves in Madison's kitchen. This time, though, Kero was determined to stay in that kitchen until he concocted something for that devastating flu. Just like the day before, Kero found himself hovering above a pot, while Yue browsed through the book.

Yue read through the ingredients. "Lemons."

Kero grabbed a lemon and squeezed it into the boiling water. "Check."

"Tea bags."

Kero grabbed a handful of tea bags and dumped them in. "Check."

"Castor oil."

Kero grabbed the green bottle and poured it in. "Check."

"Bitter herbs."

Kero saw the brown leaves of bitter herbs and dumped them in. "Check."

"Cough and sinus tablets."




"And two eggs."

Kero didn't quite understand that last bit about two eggs, but he wouldn't ask any questions. He just cracked the eggs and dumped them into the pot.


"All that remains now is to stir the ingredients together and let them sit on the stove."

Yue grabbed a nearby wooden spoon and started stirring the ingredients together quickly. Once he was finished, he gently set it on the stove and turned it on. Now all they had to do was wait.

A half hour already passed and steam started coming out of the pot. The special medicinal tea looked to be ready. Yue turned the stove off and poured the tea into a kettle. The tea was quite thick and it looked like the three patients would have to be fed by spoon. Kero grabbed the kettle and flew into the living room. As soon as Sakura and Madison saw the kettle coming in, they cringed. Kero scooped up a spoonful of the thick green liquid.

"Ok, who wants to go first?" Kero grinned.


"It can't taste THAT bad," Kero said dryly. "Come on! Somebody take it!"

Silence. Sakura and Madison sunk into their sheets.

Li scoffed. "How bad could it be?"

"Glad you feel that way, brat!" Kero said cheerfully. "Come on! Show the girls what they're missing!"

Li got up and put the spoon full of tea into his mouth. He looked fine at first, but that's because it took a few seconds for the taste to sink in. As soon as it did, Li's face turned green and he fainted.

Kero looked down at the fallen Li. "Hmm…not a bad reaction considering some of the ingredients." He quickly got another spoonful. "Ok, Sakura. You're next."

Sakura's eyes widened. "No way! I'm NOT taking that stuff!"

"Sakura! It's not that bad! Come on now! Bottoms up!"

"Forget it!" Sakura cried. "Kero, get that stuff away from me!"

It was becoming painfully obvious that Kero would need to be a little more forceful. So he started flying closer to the couch Sakura was lying on. Sakura looked to be sweating, knowing what was coming up. So she did the only thing she could do. She leaped off the couch and started running, showing more life than she had in the past day or so.

"Sakura! Come back here!"

Madison blinked. "I didn't know a sick person could run that fast. Good luck catching her, Kero."

Kero suddenly realized something. As long as he was so close, he shoved the spoonful of tea into Madison's mouth in the blink of an eye. Madison, caught by surprise, could only swallow the concoction and turn green herself. She didn't faint like Li did, but she just gagged. That left Kero with only Sakura to give the medicine to.

"Yue! Where's Sakura?"

Yue flew right into the living room and landed by Kero. "The Mistress is missing?"

"She's being a baby!" Kero growled. "We have to find her and get her to take this stuff!"

"Why do you suppose she's reacting like this?" Yue asked curiously.

"I have no idea," Kero sighed. "I mean, this stuff can't be THAT bad."

The little guardian beast dipped a finger into the kettle and took a taste. Kero immediately grimaced and coughed. The taste was beyond awful. And that said a lot, considering that Kero would eat almost anything.

"Ok, so maybe it IS that bad. But she has to take it anyway! Come on, let's find her!"

Knowing what they had to do now, Kero and Yue headed out to find Sakura. And Kero made sure not to forget the spoonful of stuff.

Kero and Yue scoured the entire first floor and found no signs of Sakura. This was like a bad game of hide-and-seek and it appeared that Sakura had found the perfect hiding place. The guardians now had to resort to looking up on the second floor. But after looking through half the second floor, Kero and Yue stopped at one of the bathrooms and took a break.

"Where could she be?" Kero asked.

"She's certainly found a good hiding place," Yue added.

But a certain someone blew her cover…by coughing loudly. Yue flew over towards the shower curtains and opened them, revealing Sakura.


Kero flew over with the spoon, but Sakura still wasn't ready to cooperate. She made a mad dash out of the bathroom and turned right. Yue flew out and over Sakura, cutting off her escape route. But Sakura still wasn't giving up. She made a 180 and starting running the opposite direction. Kero motioned for Yue to stay back as this time, the little guardian beast was the one to cut her off.

He flew over Sakura's head and got in her path, waiting for his chance to shove the spoon in her mouth. Sakura still wasn't ready to comply. She rolled under Kero, but unfortunately didn't see she was close to…the stairs.


Sakura started tumbling down the long flight of stairs, bumping herself every which way until she finally landed hard on the ground. Her eyes were now fixed on the ceiling and she wasn't about to get up anytime soon. And seeing how she down for the moment, Kero immediately flew down and shoved the spoonful of tea in her mouth.

Kero grinned. "There! That wasn't so bad, was it?" His grin soon faded. "Uh…Yue? She ain't moving. That's a bad thing, isn't it?"

That night, Sakura was starting to feel a little better. Her cough was almost completely gone and her fever was finally gone. She looked around to see that Madison was up and on her feet again. Not only that, but she had her video camera out and she was taping Sakura, just like she usually did.

Li was on his feet, too. But of he course he kept insisting that he was never sick in the first place. He also kept insisting that he had to work on his training, but he made an exception for this night.

As for Sakura herself, well she was indeed feeling a little better. Unfortunately…practically her whole body was covered in bumps and bruises from the fall down the stairs. In fact, she couldn't even get up and had to stay on the couch.

Kero shook his head. "Have we learned something from all this?"

Sakura nodded. "Yes we have. Can we get a PROFESSIONAL doctor next time?"

Kero fell over anime-style.

"So is everybody ok now?" Yue asked.

"I feel just fine!" Madison said cheerfully. "I think I'd better go get something to drink. Recovering from the flu makes you thirsty."

As Madison walked towards the kitchen, Kero suddenly realized something. He flew over and perched himself on Yue's shoulder.

"Um…Yue? Did we clean up the kitchen?"


Yue shook his head calmly. "I don't believe we did."

Kero sweatdropped. At least the worst part of this weekend was over.


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