It comes to the day when Marbaden as at peace at last when the Grimm brothers defeated the queen who longed to feed the youth of the missing girls. Everything seemed so peaceful and so sudden. For the Brothers it seemed they went off to their next adventures somewhere around the world. However, Cavaldi stayed behind just in case something else might happen. But was he enjoying it? It seemed lonely not to follow the Brothers anymore. Everything just seemed so empty and dark for the poor Italian man. He sighed and stood his post by the entrance.

"Ach ... if only-a life were-a sweet as the blooming rose of-a garden." He looked down as the wind blew through his face.

One of the drunken villagers snickered and giggled as he approached to the sad man.

"Why so down lad?? Be happy! The village is safe and sound! You should be celebrating!!" The villager slurred giving him a bottle of wine and left to join the party.

He scoffed and dropped the bottle, letting it spill over the grass, turning it bright red. He sighed again but deep and more depressing than the last. He felt as if a happy village isn't enough for him. A few friends yes but its not enough. What was he missing? He clenched his heart and felt that he had a cold beating.

"Bah!! When will this-a life get to me soon?! What am i-a missing? If only those brothers were-a still here. Nothing but filthy-a fairy tales swim through my mind." He snorted in deep irritation, thinking hard.

He remembered seeing Will and Jakob fall a deep affection for Angelika and will do anything to get a sweet kiss from her lips. Wait? Was that all he's been worried about? Love?

"Bah! Nothing from-a fairy tales." He grunted, placing his hand on his chin supporting his head.

Although the kiss did work bringing back Angelika. He must have wanted it for so long ever since he lost track.... as usual. But did he really need a girl by his side? To love him and care for him? To tell him every day that she loves him? His mind is within doubt that no girl will ever love a fool like him. He continued to stand still by the entrance, having a small tear going down his face.


The air has gotten much colder and windier than it was before. Cavaldi was standing the same post as he was, wearing the same police hat as he did when he met the Grimm brothers. Ignoring the cold, he sighed and saw the breath that escaped.

A small sound of galloping echoed throughout the forest. He squinted and saw a figure on a pure white horse. He got out his sword and came up to the horse.

"Hey! How-a do you-a think you are eh?! Show-a yourself you demon before I spear your heart!!" He yelled grabbing the black cloak from the mysterious figure.

A girl with dark golden hair looked at the soldier with a desperation on her face. Cavaldi took a couple of steps back to see the figure was a woman, a beautiful woman indeed. Her light green eyes were glistening against the pale moon light. He's never seen such a beautiful creature. Not a witch or demon.

She sways back and forth, almost to the point of falling off her horse.

"P—please kind sir …. Do you have some place where I can rest for the night?" She said softly but raspy at the same time.

He raised his eyebrow but nodded carefully. He couldn't say no to a lady. He took the reins of the horse and took her to an empty cottage that was newly refurbished ever since the village was in peace.

"Well uh this isn't-a much but uh … it should-a do for a nice-a lady." He laughed nervously as he saw her almost falling off the horse.

He gasped and caught her in his arms right before her head would touch the ground.

"Oh … uh …. You-a must've came a long-a way," He opened the door with his foot and placed her gently on the bed. "You shall-a rest here until you are-a well." Cavaldi smiled and left her alone to sleep.