Cavaldi pulled out his sword and pulled Violette behind him.

"You-a dare to interrupt this town in peace with your-a damn Frenchmen?!" He stared at the general coldly.

The general could do nothing but laugh along with his men. He hopped of his horse and looked at the girl.

"I never inzerrupted anything in this town filled with liars and thieves." He grunted while pulling the girl away from Cavaldi and placed his pocket knife to her neck.

Cavaldi gasped at seeing her close to death. He dropped his sword immediately, hoping he would drop his as well. Tensions were high as the general began whispering to her.

"Now I have you my little canary." He chuckled darkly as he pecked her cheek.

Flinching from that very kiss, she squirmed to try to get out of his grip. Cavaldis blood began to boil for he couldn't stand what the hell is this about. If he wanted her then he could go piss of.

"Let her go! I'll do anything just please don't harm-a her!" He pleaded.

"Oh my dear sir .... I don't plan to harm her. I plan to zake her." The general grinned, swooning to the horse with Violette on his shoulder.

"Eek!! Put me down right now!! Cavaldi!!!" She screamed trying to squirm.

Cavaldi snatched his sword and began to run to the entrance where they have exited. But those horses were way too fast for him. There was no possible way he could catch up to them now. It's hopeless. She's gone and he has no clue where they could be gone to. The heart in his chest began to feel cold within every second. It hurts so much.

"The one chance I-a get to know what-a love is .. Is gone." He sighed trying to hold back the tears.

Angelika came up with her horse and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and jumped a little from seeing her all of the sudden.

"Go to her Cavaldi. She needs you as much as you need her." She smiled giving the reins to him.

He nodded and hopped on the horse.

"Thank-a you Angelika. You are-a forever in my debt." He smiled lightly taking off.

He didn t know where exactly they would be but they left tracks of their horses and some dropped gun bullets. What a wonderful coincidence.


"How could you do this to me?! How could you?!? I gave you everything and you ran like it was nothing!" The general walked back and forth in a dungeon room somewhere in the french headquarters.

She didn't respond except for a soft scoff.

"It never made me happy. You never made me happy. Your a greedy and selfish man, Bernard."

He stepped up and smacked her across the face causing her to fall.

"Watch what you say little princess! Don't forget i have your country under my control." The general hissed sharply.

She remembered now seeing him for the first time. The very first horrific time. Flames were dancing on houses while a thousand screams were filling the air. The evil grin from the generals face as he and his men watched house to house burn to the ground. She grit her teeth wanting to hit him back. But its best not to provoke him.

"You will never get your filthy hands on my beloved land! Never!" She got up and stood her ground.

"Edin Edin Edin .... such a shame your so stubborn. Thats how i killed your father. Too stubborn to follow what i wanted him to do." Benard chuckled.

"That's because he would never take orders from a suck up man like ye!!" She barked feeling the flash tears running behind her eyes.

The both of them ran into a long pause. Such short notice to hear harsh words from a princess of another country far away and being occupied by the french. Like his own father, General Vavarin Delatombe, died trying to occupy Germany itself. But failed after the sudden death from the Grimm brothers. Benard would do anything to get revenge. All it takes is to do something small then take the jackpot.

"You'll see my little princess. I will be your king of your miserable land and take over Germany as a wish to my father." Benard grabbed her arm furiously.

"Ye will never be my king. Never! My people won't allow that. It takes a true man to be a king of a small country." Edin scoffed, rolling her eyes.

One pure heart the legend says will be the true heir to the throne for the prince or princess. No one else. In her eyes, the general is nothing but emptiness inside just like his cruel father. Wanting nothing but power from one to another. No love can come from a monster like him. Her heart was already taken by the great Cavaldi. Who took her in for shelter, kept her safe, and had the most wonderful time in her life.

"Hmp .... Oh! By the way, i know you were with that Cavaldi," Bernard took out his pocket knife, looking deeply into it. "Looks like i'll have to put senses into that low life Italian man."

Edin's eyes widened. What is he going to do? He wouldn't dare to hurt him. She would do anything for Cavaldi even if it means costing her very life. But she didn't want him to get hurt or even killed. She'll have to give herself to Benard .... for her love and safety for Cavaldi.

Me love .... please forgive me