Welcome to my second story, thanks to those who have supported me thus far. This story is something that I've had in mind for sometime, and didn't know if I could do it justice. And decided just to give it a chance and see what may occur, enjoy for your reading pleasure.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own nor do I want too own Love Hina and all the wonderful anime and manga that was spawned from the brilliant mind of Ken Akamatsu, I hereby declare myself a no-talented loser!! Who the heck am I kidding I want to own it all!!

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He always wondered what if life had taken another turn back then, and like a fool he would spend this time sitting on the train heading home after another back breaking day in the office – day dreaming of what ifs and maybes!

'Get a grip old man....you made it... now lie in it...'

He stared out the window as he train sped along towards the main station, he on the other hand just smiled as he wondered what became of his friends those years ago. Just thinking about them made him feel a slight jerk to his heart, he suddenly straightened his back and looked around quickly!

'no...good no one saw that...phew!!'

'for a moment there I thought I nearly lost it...C'mon wake up!!'

The train was packed as usual at this time of day, especially as it was official the beginning of a national holiday!

'Yes the next two weeks...I'm free from work....free from mundane existence....free from family.....'

'Damn! Why did I think that?'

He shook his head in shame and regret, it was true he didn't hate his family; then again he found out many years ago that he didn't love them anymore the way that they did! He became a means-to-a-end to them someone who went to work each day earned a very good salary, and at the end of the day he would come home to his large house that money could provide. And with all the trappings of wealth he and his family could live the 'high' life that they had come use too. He on the other hand felt as if they were using him to feed their lifestyle, and try as he might he just couldn't get the feeling out of his head – nor heart.

True he worked hard, damn hard and earned he respect from all of his colleagues and the eye of his bosses daughter, he lived worked and loved the life he had. He could provide the very things which fed her desires and gave into her needs, in time she gave him the love he craved and the blessings of three wonderful daughters. Who in turn gave him acceptance and respect that a father wanted – needed – yearned...

But oh how sad that dream became his reality... His wife was having an affair with his closest friend and his job became more demanding because of his skills and dedication, and his loving daughters grew to resent and ignore him unless it was either their birthdays or christmas. Inside he grew tired and his yearning became stronger to a point that he didn't realized that the train pulled into the stain, nor did he realized that he had gotten onto his connecting train heading to Sapporo and taking his seat his mind still wondered of what ifs and maybes...

"Excuse me sir but would you like a drink...tea..coffee?"

"Ara!...Gomen... I'm sorry I didn't realize you were speaking to me!"

"Thats alright sir....I'll come back again"

The young women smiled as she push her service cart along the carriage way to greet another passenger, he quickly looked around and thought of one thing...

'Where the heck am I?'

Looking around and suddenly feeling fearful, he realized that he didn't recognized any of the passengers on the train with him.

'What's going on, usually there Tanaka either reading or laughing away with Ken, and where's the college girls and their 'ring of death'?'

Getting up he walked along the length of the carriage and realized that he was on the wrong train, quickly sitting back down he looked out of the window to confirm his doubts. And true enough he didn't recognized the area, and not matter how much he looked he didn't know where he was heading. All he could see was that he was heading along the coast line of somewhere,and that the sea looked so peaceful – pity that he wasn't!

Taking a deep breath he looked up in time to see the young woman come back down the carriage towards him, she looked up and smiled and asked him if he had time to choose a beverage. After selecting a coffee he asked her.

"Excuse me miss....but where are we heading to...I think I got on the wrong train by mistake!"

"Oh....sorry this train is heading towards Hinata City...we are nearly there"

"I'm sure that if your quick enough you can catch the returning train when we pull into the station!"

"Oh....Ah....thank you for that...my mistake I should off watched what I was doing....thank you for your help"

Keitaro smiled and the young lady carried on further up the carriage.

'What the hell!...Hinata City...why of all places...okay what am I going to do?'


Somewhere far above the train, far above the city, far above the country and further still far above the planet. Further still into the dark expanse of space, past worlds and suns no human could ever in their wildest dreams could ever imagine. Further to the very edge of existence to a place only whispered in hushed tones, or in dreams a place that light and dark and time stood still.

A woman stands and watches a train slowly make its way to the destination that will bring either happiness or a end to a life of a mortal man...

"Now Mr Urashima you have a chance to begin life again, and pray that this time you will listen and not with just your heart..."

"Take care of what you wish and dream for Keitaro, life can offer you hope, or offer pain.... you must choose which one is for you"

"Take care my love..."

Well there you go! You know the drill, and I know what I must do...

Take care and enjoy life.