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Chapter One: Hakudoshi and his Plans

He was part of Naraku, just as the others were. The only difference was, he would kill Naraku.

Because he and Akago were Naraku. The thing without a heart, calling himself Naraku, was not Naraku. It may have looked like him, but without a heart, Naraku was nothing.

Hakudoshi would end Naraku, and he and Akago would rule.

No one thought Hakudoshi knew Naraku would not die unless Akago was killed. Perhaps he did. But if Akago died, Naraku and Hakudoshi would both die. So Hakudoshi worked with Akago and Kagura.

In truth, he died before any of them.

Naraku had discovered their treachery. He had broken Hakudoshi's barrier, and the monk had drawn him in to the Wind Tunnel.

Did Naraku consider the possibility that even his own heart would try to betray him?

If he hadn't, he could have taken a hint from all of his other creations.

Did Naraku consider the possibility that even his own heart would try to betray him?

During his eternity in the Wind Tunnel, Hakudoshi had time to consider the possibilities. He wasn't dead as humans, or even demons understood it. Rather, he was stuck in limbo, unable to pass to the next world, or even return to the world of the living.

So Hakudoshi plotted, and schemed, and thought. What he would do next time, what he wouldn't do; was all reviewed in his head a million times.

Hakudoshi never knew what became of Naraku, Akago, Kagura, or the monk that had sent him into limbo. Had Inuyasha and his 'friends' managed to kill Naraku? Were they all dead? If the Wind Tunnel was destroyed, would Hakudoshi finally be able to pass on?

Hakudoshi would never know. He became less and less aware of time, but his scheming mind remained untouched by endless time in limbo.

He would have another chance.

He knew it.

Notes:Written in honor of the conclusion of Inuyasha the Final Act. Of all the scenes in the last episode, the ending theme's recap of the Final Act touched me the most. It made me realize just how many people died in order for the Jewel to be destroyed.