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Pairing: Xion x Axel

Warning: Characters will be mildly out of character; slightly AU — due to the fact no one forgets about Xion.

Summary: Xion is dead and Axel — who had 'feelings' for Xion — is left behind. This is his journey to acceptance.

Step one; Denial.

The room was dead silent as four cloaked figures sat calmly in 'Where Nothing Gathers'. The tension in the air was thick, the figures' faces concealed by the hood of their cloaks. Patience were running thin as they waited on word of what had happened. Though it seemed as though the silence was getting to one of the figures.

The red head sat, staring down at the Nobody symbol on the floor. His emerald green eyes seemed distant, pieces of his fiery red hair poking out from the hood. His mouth turned down into a frown, as his mind began to fill with morbid thoughts of things that could have happened. Yet he couldn't let himself believe such a thing, the girl was fine — she had to be.

"Axel," the highest seated being spoke. His voice was deep and slow, he spoke almost like a father would to his very young son. "What seems to be the matter?"


Axel's answer echoed dryly off the white walls. It seemed like the younger nobody was trying to convince himself, instead of convincing the man seated above him. The man noticed — so did the other two in the room. Yet the other two did not say a word, they weren't even sure what they could say. Or even if they were allowed to speak, neither wanted to speak out of turn around the man on the highest chair.

"Are you sure?"

The man eyed up the red head for a moment, a deep frown taking over his expression. He could sense something was different about his underling — something was different, maybe even wrong, with Axel. He didn't like it, and he disliked the fact that he didn't know what was wrong. Axel could sense this coming from the highest figure, and it would normally have amused him.

"Sure." Axel answered, "Nothing is the matter, Superior."

A grunt echoed from one of the other figures, causing the Superior's gaze to move over to the figure. Under the gaze of the superior, the figure flinched and turned his own gaze upward. Lifting a hand, the superior motioned for the figure to drop their hood — even though he already knew who it was. With some hesitation, the hood came down to reveal the azure locks and yellow eyes.

Axel wanted to smirk at the sight of the diviner but he knew better, just kept a straight face. It was well known that when you interrupted the Superior, you were in for trouble. Even if you were Saïx, who was second-in-command to the Superior. Though Axel supposed that the fact it amused him was that Saïx hardly ever did it, always in control the diviner was.

"Is there something you would like to say?" Xemnas questioned darkly, eying up his second-in-command. It was clear that the superior wasn't pleased with Saïx's out burst, even though it was a single grunt. "Well?"

"No, Superior." Saïx spoke as calmly as possible under the man's gaze. "I apologize."

"I see," Xemnas responded dryly.

No more was said. Silence engulfed the room as Saïx pulled his hood back up, turning his animal-like eyes to the red head. Axel only returned the gaze at the azure haired man, forcing an amused smirk that probably would have been there before. Those yellow orbs never blinked, though they sparkled for a moment — it seemed to Axel that Saïx knew what was going though his head.

Axel didn't like it. He knew that this was going to end badly — at least for him, for Xion as well. Saïx was getting it, all of it. Why Axel chose 'the puppet', why he seemed so concerned about the doll. It seemed to amuse the azure man, but him knowing it did not amuse the red head.

Suddenly, a swirling sound echoed off the white walls and through Axel's head. His emerald eyes snapped over to one of the chairs, darkness fading from the seat and revealing a man with graying hair sitting. Axel wanted to speak — ask about what happened, where she was — but when he parted his lips nothing escaped. He could only stare at the new comer, hope shining in his emerald colored orbs.

"Xigbar," Xemnas called out dully. "The news?"


Axel almost let out a growl at the sound of the new comers mocking. Not because it was towards the superior, but because it involved Xion. Now wasn't the time for the Nobody to be acting like this — yet he was sure that because of the mocking, Xigbar would report that Xion was fine. Then all Axel had to do was go get the girl.

Xemnas growled, "Xigbar."

"Well if it's about Poppet," Xigbar's expression changed to that of seriousness — almost sadness. "It's nothing good."

If Axel had a heart it would have dropped and shattered to pieces. Yet he couldn't help but feel that Xigbar was just joking. He had to have been — Xion had to be alright. She just had to, she was stronger then that. Besides, for Axel's sake, she had to be alright.

"So she is no more?"

Axel closed his eyes and twisted his head to the side, inhaling sharply and holding it in. He couldn't believe how calm the superior was about this. He couldn't believe how the superior stated a question about Xion. He wanted to summon his chakrams right there and slice the superior in half — but he just bit back the action.

"Poppet?" Xigbar frowned, "Yeah. She's 'no more', Superior."


All eyes snapped over to Axel, who had slammed his hand against the arm of his chair. His hood fell as he lunged forward, his lips still parted from his out burst. Silence followed his out burst, all four pairs of eyes stared at the red head — disbelief, confusion, and anger shining through at him. He ignored them and narrowed his eyes, gripping the stone throne's arm as he sat.

"No." He spoke again, a little less harsh. "She can't be gone. She was stronger then that."

"Are you saying that Xigbar is lying," Xemnas smirked. "Well, Axel?"

"No," Axel muttered. "I think he just has it wrong."


Xemnas raised a brow at the red head. He was clearly amused by this moment, he had never seen Axel behave like this. Not even when Roxas was involved did Axel act like this. It amused the superior highly — he had even come up with an idea for this situation.

"Yes." Axel nodded, "Xion is stronger then you all—"

"As if!" Xigbar snapped, "I liked Poppet too, so I wouldn't lie about this — not when there's a chance to bring her back. Besides, I watched it—"

"Damnit!" Axel growled and glared at the other nobody, "She isn't gone!"


"Shut up!" Axel glared once more, "I—"

Saïx watched as the two argued, already knowing what was happening. Xion was dead — they knew that, they accepted it. All of them in the room, and once the others were told they would too, everyone but Axel. He knew why. Axel had 'feelings' for that doll, Saïx would never understand why — she was just a doll, worthless really. It annoyed him.

"Well then," Xemnas spoke dully. "If you think that Xigbar is wrong… then go find her, bring her back."

"I'll do just that," Axel glared at the superior. "And I'll bring her back, like I always do!"

The sound of the swirling darkness echoed off the walls once more, the pitch blackness surrounding Axel's form. All eyes watched as the darkness disappeared — taking the red head with it. Silence filled the air for a moment, eyes moving back to the superior with curiosity. He knew what they wanted to know, but he wouldn't say a word without being asked.


The voice was new, different from the others. It came from the only figure in the room that hadn't spoke yet. Xemnas was certainly surprised that this one was the one to speak up first. He thought for sure it would be Xigbar, but nonetheless, he turned his head in the direction of the speaker — his amber eyes staring directly at the hooded man.

"Yes, Xaldin?"

"Why would Axel deny that the puppet is dead?" Xaldin muttered darkly, "And why is he pretending to care so much? Roxas isn't involved anymore."

"He has gotten lost in his pretending," Xemnas answered slowly. "We must watch him closely from now on. Who knows just how lost he really is. Correct, Saïx?"

"Hm," Saïx turned his head towards the superior. "Correct. He believes he can actually feel."

Xigbar smirked, "So he's in denial in more ways then one?"

All eyes turned to Xigbar, who shrugged his shoulders dully. Engulfing himself in darkness, Xigbar disappeared. Xemnas lifted his hand, informing Saïx to spread the news. He nodded and disappeared like the eye-patched processor before him. Xaldin glanced up at Xemnas, who nodded, and the dreadlocked nobody disappeared as well.

"Axel." Xemnas smirked, "That fool…"

A/N: There will be five chapters to this fiction — the five stages of grief. I really do like this pairing, so I might do something a bit more then this simple little gloomy story. Reviews would be nice nonetheless :]