In Infinitum


0300 hours, unknown date and time(military calendar). Unknown location within Micro Dyson Sphere.

Inside the small, yet large world of the Micro Dyson Sphere. Dr. Catherine Halsey was staring off into the seeimingly undending grasslands with a contemplative expression. How long has it been? Feels like minutes…but I know it's been longer. she thought to herself, her eyes drifted to where Chief Mendez was running the SPARTANs through some drills in full gear to keep them sharp.

Halsey suppressed a smile as she watched them, but also felt a pang of regret and sadness for those that weren't here, but could have been. Holly, Dante and so many more. Not now… she thought with a shake of her head. I still have to figure a way out of here and then get them up and about she turned her gaze to team katana, all of which were still in a form of suspended animation.

"Dr. Halsey!" The blond woman turned her head to see it was Kelly who addressed her.

"Yes?" Halsey inquired. Cocking a brow at the SPARTAN as she adjusted her glasses.

"Care to join us?" Kelly asked, gesturing to a spot in the grassy meadow they called 'home'.

Halsey smiled, sitting and dusting off her skirt before making her way over to the group, taking a seat between Kelly and Fred. "What exactly have I joined?" she asked with a curious glance to them.

"Story circle, ma'am," Chief Mendez replied from his place across from her, to his left was Lucy, Olivia sat to Lucy's left, and to his right was Linda. "We're exchanging our past war stories, to pass the time and keep our minds sharp." he explained seeing Halsey's curiosity.

Halsey nodded and noticed the lack of two SPARTAN IIIs. "Where are Ash and Mark?" she asked.

"Patrol." The senior chief replied, "They insisted." he added.

Halsey raised a brow. "They do realise there aren't any Covenant here, correct?" she asked, to which Mendez shrugged.

"I have one…" Linda said from her spot, "During this Op in the outer colonies, me, John and Victor were ordered to destroy a Covenant outpost on a meteor station," she explained. "During the operation, John told me and Victor to watch his six, middle of the operation a Grunt got behind him with a plasma pistol," everyone was aware of the amusement in Linda's tone as she spoke. "When I shot the grunt, John turned and I was sure he was embarrassed." the group shared a chuckle, the closest to laughter they'd come since the last few days.

If only you were here, John… Halsey thought of her most prized SPARTAN. We certainly could use your luck about now.

Suddenly, a rippling in the air caught the doctor's right eye, turning she squinted at it. Then realization dawned on her features. "Another slipspace rupture…" she said.

Chief Mendez snapped into action as the commanding officer, "Fred! Kelly! On point with me," he turned to the two SPARTAN-IIIs, "Tom, Lucy, Olivia. Protect Halsey." when the three nodded Mendez turned to Linda, "Provide overwatch."

Linda nodded, reaching behind her and taking her SRS99D-S2 Anti-Material rifle from her back, quickly popped the magazine, when she saw the four rounds she slid back in and nodded to Mendez.

Mendez gave a small nod and lead the two SPARTAN-IIs towards the rupture, which was slowly becoming bigger. Stopping Mendez raised a close fist and the three simultaneously raised their MA5B assault rifles at the rift, the three began to take small cautious steps towards it in a V shaped formation.

When they reached the anomaly it was already in large form, able to fit Mendez easily. But the SPARTAN IIs would have to duck to get through, "Permission to enter, sir?" Fred asked from behind him.

Mendez nodded.

Slowly Fred stepped past him, Kelly moving behind him as the three kept their weapons trained on the portal, hesitantly Fred reached his hand out and slipped it through the portal.

He jerked forward, Kelly grabbing his arm as she too was pulled through the portal like a rag doll. "Kelly! Fred!" Mendez called before following them through with a leap.

"Sir!" Tom and Olivia called in unison, in an instant the three SPARTAN IIIs were running towards the rupture, Halsey behind them.

Linda raised her head away from the scope, stood and rushed forward while slipping her M6C pistol from her side. By the time she got there Lucy and Tom had jumped through after Kelly, Fred and Mendez, leaving Halsey and her.

Soon Ash and Mark joined them, standing with their weapons aimed at the portal.

"After you." Halsey said politely to Linda.

Linda jumped through with Ash, Mark and Halsey following close behind.

End prologue

The lack of descriptions is cause I'm saving it for the actual first chapter, so yeah. hope it was good.