Dear readers, random people, and bored persons,

Yes, I know. This is horrible.

She's starting with a letter.

Does that mean she's stopping or is this story going to be on Hiatus?

Well, unfortunately, yes, in a way.

This story is going to be UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

I just re-read the story and realized that I gave Leon/Itachi a much different image then I want him to be. I need to re-organize, re-construct, and re-write the whole thing. -.-

That's the whole reason I haven't written anything about this story for the past 5 months. It just seemed so different from the image I had in mind. So yeah, repeat from the very start.

I'm sorry, I really am.

Yours truly,


PS. to broser, I'm pretty sure you have a lot of ideas to continue that story of yours without basing on mine. :D. Though if you write your story with your own ideas I probably won't read it. Not because I don't like it, but because I'm afraid of copying your ideas. -.- And I don't like copying. Whether you continue yours or not, I'll be looking forward to it. (I'll read it if I ever finish this)

PSS. Can I ask you guys a favor :3?

As you all know, I'm very lazy and tend to forget about my stories.


I urge you guys to pester/threaten me with PMs to get this thing up and going quickly. Maybe, just maybe, (with the luck of a flying panther and 7 rabbit's foot wearing a 4-leafed clover bracelet each) I'll have the reconstruction finished by 10-12 days.