Anthrovale high school

What do you get when the government decides to send all anthromorphic Mobians to school? This story! The name is a combination of 'Anthromorphic' and my school name 'Ambarvale high school'. OC's are in it, couples include Sonamy, silvaze, tailscream, knurouge, and maybe one with Shadow (check out latest poll). Oh and this story will reveal stuff about me through the OC Dragonfire.

Ages (different because of storyline)

Sonic- 16

Shadow- 17

Silver- 15

Blaze- 15


Tails- 15

Cream- 15

Knuckles- 17

Rouge- 17

Broc- 17

Clarissa- 17

Dragonfire- 17

Prologue- the letter

A white Hedgehog with orange-reddish spines and blue eyes and black claws on her hands and feet crawled out of bed and put on a pink dressing gown. She walked to the front door and gathered the mail. She opened the only letter and begun to read;

Dear fellow Mobian,

Due to the increased population of Anthromorphic creatures living in and around central city, the government has made it compulsory for all Anthromorphic Mobian citizens to have a public education.

Because of this you, along with your fellow citizens, will be tested and sorted into your correct classes and year groups today at twelve pm. When your year and classes have been established you will attend Anthrovale high the following day and fill out the form for dormitories and you will receive your class schedule.

From the government.

"Damn I hope it's not as bad as my old school" the white hedgehog said with an Australian accent and got ready to leave.

At midday she arrived at the building where the test was to be held. She was wearing brown Velcro strapped sneakers, grey cargo pants and a black T-shirt. She had abandoned her usual black trench coat due to warm weather...and because it was drying on the clothesline.

She saw a variety of different creatures huddled outside the building, including her friends Sonic the hedgehog, Amy rose, Knuckles the echidna, Rouge the bat, Silver the hedgehog and Blaze the cat. She didn't bother walking over to them, sure they were friendly, but Sonic and Silver were too immature, Knuckles was more inpatient than her (and that was saying something), Rouge kept trying to get her to wear makeup- which went against her beliefs, Amy never shut up about Sonic...and the last time she hung out with Blaze they nearly gave Sonic and Silver third degree burns, enough said.

"Hey Dragonfire" said an American accented voice a bit deeper than Sonic's voice behind her, the hedgehog, who was Dragonfire, turned to see a golden furred hedgehog with six spines that stood out straight, triangular shaped eyes, that were red, claws on his fingers and toes and he was wearing one piece leather tracksuit that looked like it was from G.U.N.

"Hey Broc" Dragonfire replied to the golden hedgehog. Broc nodded and walked over to join a white hedgehog with spines that hung down and curled upwards at the tips, she also had claws and they along with the tips of her spines were a light blue. She had blue oval shaped eyes and was wearing a white dress with blue cuffs, who was his sister Clarissa.

Dragonfire turned the other way and went to find somewhere quiet, she hated crowds, not because of the amount of people, it was because she hated being out in the open, it made her feel vulnerable, not to mention some idiot would tease her or try to get her to answer some stupid question or generally find a way to piss her off. She walked round to the side of the building and sat down against the wall.

As long as I'm against a wall I'm safe she thought. This was a habit, she hated people sneaking up from behind or from her left side. She shuddered at the thought of everyone finding out why...

"You ok?' a deep, husky voice asked. She looked up to see the black hedgehog with red streaked spines, Shadow, looking at her from the corner of the wall.

"Yeah just needed some space" she replied as they were called to go in.

Everyone went in and took their seats. Dragonfire stared at her paper and took up a pen.

Name: Dragonfire

Species: Hedgehog

Gender: female

Age: 17

DOB: 9th of September

Preferred classes (minimum of 5 lines

Dragonfire looked at her paper and wrote;

Line 1- English standard

Line 2- maths general

Line 3- biology

Line 4- ancient history

Line 5- visual arts

Line 6-

She left line 6 blank, why bother doing anything else when she had work to do in five other subjects. After finishing that portion of the paper she turned to the dormitories section and filled it out;

Shared dorm: no

Roommates: No roommates

Items you will bring: iPod, DS, Wii, TV, DVD player, chargers, bed ect and food and money

After she filled everything out she walked outside and went home.

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