Chapter 5- Dragonfire unleashed part one

It was in the late afternoon when Dragonfire returned to her dorm, as soon as she walked into the room Shadow, along with Broc and Clarissa came up to meet her.

"What happened are you ok?" Clarissa asked.

"Why did you run off?" Broc asked.

Shadow remained silent.

"Guys it was Sonic...he wanted me to well I think he wanted me to be his slave or something" she replied.

"Well we should do something, I'll gather the girls here tonight, and Broc send the guys, minus Sonic, to our dorm" Clarissa said, taking authority.

Broc nodded and walked out, Clarissa followed him, leaving Shadow and Dragonfire by themselves.

"I assume it wasn't just Sonic that caused you to run? What else happened?" Shadow asked seriously.

Dragonfire told him about the flashback.


Sonic had made his way into his Private dormitory; he picked the remote for the TV and pushed a grey button on the underside of it.

The large TV flicked to life and the G.U.N commander appeared onscreen.

"Well Sonic how goes operation firestorm?" the commander asked.

"At the rate we're going the subject will show her true and dangerous power within a few days, maybe less" Sonic answered...

That night

Clarissa, Amy, Cream, Rouge, Blaze and even Tikal had showed up in Dragonfire's bedroom to discuss matters.

"I've ordered the Pizza so let's get started" Blaze said and sat on the bed next to Rouge. Amy and Cream were on the desk, which had been cleared, Tikal was sitting on the floor and Clarissa was sitting a chair, while Dragonfire was on her bed, sitting on her pillow hugging the white toy unicorn with a blue mane and blue tuft of fur on the end of its lion like tail.

"Well I say we should teach Sonic some manners" Rouge said, scrunching up her fist.

"No!" Objected Amy "there must be something wrong my Sonic, he wouldn't do anything like what you all told me".

"Face it Amy, Sonic's lost it" Blaze said.

"There's nothing wrong with Faker" Dragonfire said darkly, the use of the term 'Faker' instead of 'Sonic' showed what little respect she had left for him, none.

"Then we should figure out our options" Tikal suggested.

"We can't tell the teachers, they don't do shit" Dragonfire said, everyone got the hint that she had gone from happy and playful to Dark and serious, not to mention rude.

"Dragonfire please, the real reason we can't tell them is because Sonic will lie to protect himself" Clarissa replied.

"Then what?" asked Rouge.

"Can't we just talk to him about it?" Amy suggested hopefully.

The doorbell rang.

"I'll get it" Blaze said, jumping off the bed and making a dash for the front door.

"Hey girls come check this out" she called.

The others walked to the front door to the Pizza delivery boy...

"Silver!" all except for Dragonfire exclaimed.

"Um's your pizza" Silver said sheepishly and blushed.

Meanwhile with the guys

Broc, Knuckles, Tails, Espio, Charmy, Vector, even Jet and Storm had shown up. Broc was leaning against the door, in case the blue blur showed up. Everyone else was scattered around the room, sitting on chairs or tables, Shadow was perched on a desk.

Shadow was the centre of attention.

"Listen up, we've all seen or at least heard about when Sonic attacked Dragonfire, but there's more to it, he's been threatening her, if this continues then I don't know what'll happen" he explained.

"This is strange, even for Sonic" Knuckles commented.

"But why would Sonic do it? It's against his nature" Tails said.

"There's more, I received a tip off from a G.U.N agent that Sonic is working on a project with G.U.N, it's called project firestorm, I say we confront him about it and get all the information we can" Shadow explained.

"we all can't just go up to him, it would be too suspicious, I think that Charmy, Vector and I should have a look in Sonic's dorm for information, while one of us sticks to Sonic and pries out info" Espio suggested.

"Alright, I'll follow Sonic, I'll see if I can get Amy to help" Tails said.

"Meanwhile the rest of us should work together to keep tabs on both him and Dragonfire, Shadow, since your her roommate, could you be her body guard?" Broc asked.

"I was thinking the same thing, no-one should have to go through that" Shadow replied.

"I'll see if Rouge can pull some strings at G.U.N and try to talk to the commander" Knuckles stated, since he and Rouge were going out, it would be easy for her to pass information to him.

"Good idea, everyone else, while you're keeping tabs, scour the school, this place was funded by G.U.N, so there might hidden rooms or storage areas that could hold vital information" Broc explained.

Back with the girls

Everyone was still eating when the doorbell rang. Clarissa opened the door to reveal Wave the swallow and another person standing in the doorway.

It was a pink 14-15 year old cat wearing a black sleeveless top, red pants and white shoes. She had brown streaks in her hair and the tip of her lion like tail was brown as well.

"Hi, I'm Sophie" she said, she had a slight Australian accent.

Everyone heard a high pitched squeal and a white and orange blur rushed up to Sophie and hugged her.

"Oh my god! It's so good to see you!" Dragonfire said rather excitedly, hugging the cat.

"Hey Dragonfire" Sophie replied.

Everyone cracked up laughing...

Later that night...

Everyone said their goodbyes, with Sophie getting to spend the next few days with Rouge and Blaze, who shared a dorm, Sophie of course was thrilled with this, being a major fan of both of them. Their plan of action was pretty much the same s what the boys had come up with, except Amy would be their undercover spy, working with Tails to get information out of Sonic, while Blaze and Rouge would head over to G.U.N with their boyfriends in the weekend and find out what they can.

"Have fun!" Dragonfire called put as they left.

She sat down on the couch, her face plastered with another of her idiotic grins.

Shadow came back only moments later.

"So I see you had fun" Shadow said.

"Yeah an old friend of mine popped in for a visit" Dragonfire replied.

The pair discussed the result of each meeting. Afterwards Shadow led her to his room.

"Uh Shadow what are you doing?" she asked.

"I want to show what I've working on while you were unconscious in the sick bay" he replied.

Dragonfire walked in to find the walls covered in drawings, with a giant one of Maria and Gerald Robotnik above his bed.

She then noticed a drawing that was familiar; it was of a forest clearing surrounded by trees, with golden sunlight shinning down on it, illuminating the small particles that drifted in the air, giving it a magical appearance. Five light brown stones were in the clearing; each one was polished smooth and was large enough to lie on.

"But that's impossible..." Dragonfire said, shocked.

"Broc's been telling me about his home, and it was in such great detail that I couldn't resist drawing it" Shadow replied, sitting on the bed. "I know a lot about you, your friends and what you've been through; I found out because you already know a lot about me".

"I uh...I guess you're right" she replied, sitting down next to him.

Shadow chuckled "I've never met anyone like you, you know that?" he said.

Dragonfire looked sad for a second but replied "Sonic will continue harassing me...and being half wolf I have a bigger temper than most".

".Well then I'll just have to keep on a leash then" Shadow joked and comforted her, the stress and fear of Sonic's previous actions had finally sunk in to her...she began crying.

Shadow sat there and let her cry and he stayed with her until she calmed down, said goodnight and went to her room.

To be continued...

Next time: Sonic drives Dragonfire to breaking point.

This chapter is dedicated to one of my best friends Sophie, who made a cameo appearance in this chapter, hoped you like it!

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