The Twilight Twenty-Five
Prompt: Alone
Pen name: vi0lentserenity
Pairing: Alice
Rating: T

Disclaimer: Twilight and any/all recognizable components belong to SMeyer.

Only just becoming aware of my breaths as they filter through my body, I found my way back to reality. The visions were too quick to hold down; nothing more than snap shots of a world I no longer belonged to. Unable to protect myself from psychotic patients or be of any help with chores, I'm kept behind locked doors.

The enlarged crack in the wall allows me just enough to know my surroundings - an empty room with a bed for company. Familial ties were a distant memory.

I'm fine here though, barely conscious enough to notice my solitude.

A/N: All thanks goes to gypsysue for her extremely last minute pre-read and stolenxsanity, who got my ass in gear. Without her I would have nothing to post, literally. Seriously, I can't thank you both enough.

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