The Twilight Twenty-Five
Prompt: Worry
Pen name: vi0lentserenity
Pairing: Charlie
Rating: T

Disclaimer: Twilight and any/all recognizable components belong to SMeyer.

I knew all of the risks that young love offered first hand, knew the lingering effects that they could leave. But, to see it in her, my daughter, left me at my wits end.

In her waking hours, she went through the motions but never left her numb isolation, always keeping herself miles away.
At night, my inability haunted me through her screams brought on by nightmares beyond my imagining.

I understood how this depression could play out if someone didn't get through to her soon; all the routes that it could go and the ways I could lose her.

A/N: All thanks goes to gypsysue for her extremely last minute pre-read and stolenxsanity, who got my ass in gear. Without her I would have nothing to post, literally. Seriously, I can't thank you both enough.