The Plan Continues

In case you didn't know, this is the sequel to my first story, Operation Takari, so I recommend you to read that story first if you hadn't read it already. And of course, I don't own Digimon. Wish I did... *sigh* but enough with my rambling, on with the fic!

Phase 9. Conspiration, once again

-July 18th, 2008, 9:00 pm, Ishida Residence-

"T.K's later than usual," commented Gabumon. "That publishing thing must be pretty hard."

"The kid's twenty years old, and he still lives with you? Talk about brotherly love," said Tai to Matt from the couch while watching TV, shaking his head.

"Kari still lives in your house, Kamiya." Sora retorted from the kitchen. "I'll bet she's saving up like T.K is. They're not as senselss as you are, Taichi."

"Sure, sure, sticking up for your brother-in-law," shrugged Tai nonchalantly. "And to think that he's gonna be my brother someday. Gives me the chills."

"Hey folks," said a redhaired man (he is a man, I suppose, as he's twenty-one and legally nineteen) as he entered throught the open door with an oversized ladybug at his side.

"Izzy, Tentomon, welcome!" biyomon chirped enthusiastically as everyone else added their greetings to the Bearer of Knowledge.

"So, Iz-man, wha brings a genius such as yourself to Ishida/Takenouchi's little love nest? Your research going well?" Tai asked grinning.

"All smooth," said Izzy cooly. "Not that such a research concerning the fundamentals of the Digital World and the Melded Universe has an ultimate end, anyway... oh right, I was passing

by when I got an e-mail from Mimi. She's comeing home from the honeymoon, first thing in the morning."

"Cool," grinned Matt. "During her wedding, I was so shocked that I didn't get to tease Joe enough. Looks like I get a second chance after all."

"I can' believe you never noticed that Mimi and Joe truly loved each other," teased Sora. "I think it all began during our first adventure, when Joe stayed behind to take care of Mimi.

Apparantly, she saw then that Joe was something more than just a shoulder to cry on."

"I guess we never believed that Joe was capable of being a romantic guy, like Matt when he's with you," shrugged Agumon. "Or Ken with Yolei. They're engaged, right?"

"Yeah, sure happened in a flash," agreed Tentomon. "It's kinda interesting that all the DigiDestined girls seem to be falling in love with another DigiDestined. You know, Takato's dating

Jeri and Ryo's suddenly going out with Rika and all."

"Then again, they were like that since forever," commented Biyomon, just as T.K walked into the house with Patamon on his head as usual, shouting "We're home!"

"Hey Teeks, just in time for a party!" Tai called out to him, and noticed that the Bearer of Hope seemed uncharacteristically nervous and awkward about something.

"Hey squirt, I've heard that you've finally finished your book," said Matt, also noticing. "So what's with that dying-animal expression? Had a fight with Kari or something?"

"No... I'm planning on something rather opposite..." mumbled T.K, looking a bit embarassed and fingering something small in his right pocket. "I'm glad I found you all here. I could use a

little advice on something..."

"Oho!" Tai exclaimed , suddenly bolting up from the couch and louging at T.K. The years spent in the Digital World and on the soccer field had toughened up the Courage-Bearer's body to

an extent he had no trouble at all somersaulting, landing in front of a startled T.K and swiping the object in his pocket, all in less than two seconds.

"Hey!" T.K protested indignantly as Tai triumphantly held the little box into the air and yelled: "It looks like we'll be holding yet another wedding within months!'

"Thanks for announcing it to the whole world!" T.K groaned and snatched the ring box from the gloating DigiDestined leader just before he was attacked by a huge group hug.

"T.K, you're finally proposing to Kari!" Sora cried in delight.

"The two of you will be perfect together," said Gabumon, looking very pleased.

"Prodigious, this is more than a simple congratulations," said Izzy. "So the question is: Why the crappy expression then?"

"Yeah, you should be on cloud nine..." Tai cut himself off mid-speech, observing T.K's closely as if having detected something. "Aha," he said, a childlike grin speading across his face. "I

see what's the problem, Takeru Takaishi. You're damn freakin' nervous."

"Does it show that much?" T.K murmured, blushing a little. He then straightened his face and said: "But of course I'm nervous, Tai. I have absolutely no idea how the heck I should be

proposing to Kari, and this is one event in my life that I seriously don't wanna screw up, you know?"

"We know, man. We know," said Matt comfortingly, claspig his brother's shoulder. "I'd love to help, but if you want a really good advice - and a plan - on how to propose to the love of

your life, it's better to stick with the experts."

"Experts?" T.K asked blankly, a th Bearer of Friendship retreived his celly from his pocket and began to diala number. Izzy peeked in to see the address, then paled.

"My guess was correct, then." Tai chuckled, seeing the Knowledge-Bearer's expression.

"Hello, the Royal Knights Headquarters," spoke a cool female voice from the receiver; only one being in the universe could speak those words in that tone.

"Me and my big mouth, muttered T.K, slapping his hand over his face.

-Next Morning, the Royal Knights Headquarters-

"Welcome back, Sir Kido and Lady Tachikawa," said Alphamon politely as the Royal Knights and the DigiDestined warmly greeted the newlyweds and their Digimon. Joe and Mimi certainly

looked very happy, and Gomamon and Palmon seemed proud as well. "You're just in time to hear the good news."

"What good news?" Joe asked, a bit puzzled. "And why isn't Kari here? I thought all of us were going to gather here."

"'cause I've gotten better at keeping secrets, Joe," chuckled Tai.

"Explain away, then," said Dynasmon with a smirk, having already guessed the topic from T.K's expression.

"Right... so, you all know that my band's farewell concert is being held in August 1st, right?" Matt asked, mostly getting positive answers.

"A special event for a special day," chuckled Omnimon.

"Aw, why did you have to go in hiding, man?" Davis complained. "I liked the Teenage Wolves!"

"Thanks, kid, but so do legions of crazy fangirls that keeps knocking on my dressroom begging for entrance, autographs, and Sovereign-knows-what-else," said Matt dryly. "And besides,

I'm not so teenage anymorenow that I'm a married guy of twenty-three and about to become a dad, right?"

"WHAT?!" About thirty people and Digimon burst out at once. All eyes turned on the Bearer of Love, who smiled meekly.

"Surprise," she said cheekily.

"I'm so happy for you, Sora!" Yolei, Mimi, Jeri and Crusadermon squealed (A/N: A Royal Knight squealing?!) all at once.

"You're goin to be a mother," said Palmon, her grin threatening to split her face.

"Real congratulations, Matt." T.K told his brother sincerely, as Tai slapped him on the shoulder.

"Just felt like I'd tell you all here," he murmured.

"Indeed, and you did good to tell us." Magnamon replied.

"Yes, but back to the point!" Tai yelled out for attention, which he got. "Like Matt said, the concert will be held in August 1st, our first anniversary to the Digi-World. But now, it is required

that you all attend the concert, because our loverboy T.K here has certain plans to make the day even more special!"

"How did you know I was going to propose on August 1st?!" T.K exclaimed in shock, then turned beet red upon realizing what he had just said.

Deep silence. And then -

"OH MY SOVEREIGN, T.K, YOU'RE FINALLY GONNA PROPOSE TO KARI!!!" Yolei screamed, looking as if she would start kissing the person nearest to her; in fact she did, as it was Ken.

Her outburst snapped the others out of their shock, and they all warmly congratualted the blushing T.K.

"Now none of us will be missing out of this concert," said Terriermon with a smile.

"That was the idea," spoke up Leopardmon. "But there's one more thing. I've already thought of the basic plans for the proposal, so I was hoping that you would help us add some flesh

to the specifics. Are you up for it?"

"Such kind, altruistic beings we are," began Tai with a grin.

"HELL YEAH, WE WILL!" Everyone roared out at once, even Rika and Renamon.

"Oh boy," T.K muttered, sweatdropping. Crusadermon let out a pleased chuckle.

"May we see the engagement ring, Sir Takaishi?" Alphamon requested to the Bearer of Hope politely. Nodding somewhat reluctantly, T.K slowly took out the little box and opened it to

reveal a pair of beautiful golden rings, gleaming in the morning light.

"Plain but pretty," commented Jeri approvingly. "Kari will like that."

"But it could use a little special touch," said Dynasmon, leaning down and whispering something into T.K's ear. Whatever he had said had apparantly enlighted the Bearer of Hope greatly,

for when the Exalted Knight pulled back and said "Do I have your permission?", he answered: "If you give your word that you will make them perfect for me, Dynasmon."

"Upon my honor as a Royal Knight," vowed the Passionate Warrior solemnly as T.K handed the box over to him.

-That Afternoon, Kamiya Residence-


"Coming, Tai!" Kari and Gatomon scrambled over to the door and opened it quickly, only to step back in surprise as a ten-feet-tall warrior ducked under the door frame and entered with a

grunt. Then Kari pulled herself together and said "Oh, sorry, Omnimon. I'm not exactly used to you entering the house in one piece."

"I was in a hurry," chuckled Omnimon even as his data dissolved and reformed into four entities, who were now so used to merging together and splitting back apart that they didn't even

stagger as they greeted Kari and Gatomon.

"I just came here to ask you for a favor, Kari," grinned Matt, continuing where Omnimon had left off.

"Oh, okay," said Kari, a little perplexed. "What can I do for you?"

"Well, you know that my band's farewell concert is in August 1st, right?" Kari nodded. "Well, I've invited some of the DigiDestined in it to sing a few songs for us, so I was just wondering..

would you like to be interested?"

"What, me?" Kari asked, startled. "I-I'm not sure if I'm good enough...I mean, I have a stage fright and all..."

"Sounds like a good idea to me." Gatomon put in.

"You're too modest, Kari. It's not as if you're tone deaf," snorted Tai. "I mean, you should sound better than Gennai singing, you know. We literally had to bully him to participate..."

The idea of Gennai singing on-stage was so hilarious that they six people all got a good laugh out of it for a full minute before Kari agreed to join.

"This is your song," said Matt as he handed several sheets of music over to Kari. Her face brightened immediately upon seeing the title of the song.

"It is your favorite," shrugged Agumon. "You've got the song memorized."

"You still need to drop by a few times to rehearse, Kari," said Gabumon a little teasingly.

"I'll be there," assured Kari, smiling. "Does T.K get to sing as well?" She couldn't help asking.

"He will sing right after you; what are we going to do without my sweet little brother?" said Matt with a knowing laugh. "The idea suits you, yes?"

Kari nodded happily. Perhaps, she thought. this concert might just turn out to be awesome.

To be continued. R&R!