Title: Gone but Never Forgotten

Author: Celestial Seraphim

Warning: Violence, blood, graphic gore, angst, dark themes, a tidbit of OOCness, swearing, failed attempts at humor

Pairing: MaixNaru, AyakoxHousho

Summary: Part 1 of the Forgotten series. Mai's been having weird dreams lately and in her dreams are the two people she thought she'd never see again. She doesn't understand what's going on but she has a feeling something bad is coming and its coming for her.

Disclaimer: I do not own Ghost Hunt or any of the characters in it. If I did Naru and Mai would be together already! I do not own any of the Kagome, Kagome lyrics. Both go to their respective owners.

Author's Note: I'm soooo sorry it's been taking so long to get these chapters out. I've been without a computer for a while now unfortunately since mine crashed. I'm trying to continue writing them on paper while I wait for my new laptop to come in but it's been a little complicated. I hope you guys enjoy this chapter though! Things are going to pick up a little in this chapter also the farther we get into the story the more that's going to be revealed and the more dangerous things are going to for Mai-chan. If anyone is interested in my inspiration for Ryuu here are two pictures:

Detective Ryuu- bit. ly/ 1gAk6XP

Ryuu's looks -bit. ly/ 1hJZBId

The guy from 'Earl and Fairy' which is the second picture was where I got the idea for Ryuu from. His looks are gorgeous after all. Just make sure to get rid of the spaces!

Hōshō – Ho-u-sho-u

Oyabun– Boss

Bou – Monk

Miko – Priestess

Shiki/Shikigami – Spirits under a Onmyōji's command

Daijōbu – 'it's alright' or 'I'm alright'

Moshi-moshi [family name] de gozaimasu – Answering a phone without knowing who's on the other end "Hello? [family name] residence."

Mou – expression of anger or annoyance usually Mou ii (yo) which means "enough" or "that's enough" it's the Osaka/Kansai dialect and informal.

Doushita – Slang/informal way of saying "What's wrong?"

Betsuni – "nothing" or "nothing really"

Douzo ohairi kudasai/shitsurei shimasu – "Please come in"/ "sorry for interrupting" the first is a polite way of inviting someone in while the second is a relaxed/informal way of greeting when entering a room/house

Datte –"but" or "because"

Gone but Never Forgotten

Kagome, Kagome: Bird in a cage

Mai studied the three blue black feathers on her coffee table from her seat across the room. She barely noticed the rapidly cooling hot chocolate in her hands from where it rested just before her lips. Her warm brown eyes were unfocused as she looked at them, memories of each encounter with them flitting through her memories. By her side on the island that she sat in front of was a photo album with pictures of her mother and her together. She couldn't understand what it was that seemed to be tracking her and why these feathers were appearing around her. She hadn't heard the sound of wings in her dream lately but that served to remind her of the soft feline like purring she'd begun to hear in her dreams. Mai wasn't sure which she preferred more but she was certain she'd feel better if neither made an appearance in her dreams. For the past few days since the case where she found out her father had blocked her memories somehow she'd been trying to get Gene or her mother in her dreams but they hadn't come. It was thoroughly vexing that they only appeared when they wanted to. She let out a soft huff as she got up from her stool and turned towards the photo album closing it a little harder than necessary. She picked it up just as a ringing in her ears got intense. Wincing she turned towards her coffee table and narrowed her eyes at the feathers as the ringing grew worse. She jumped when her phone went off and the ringing suddenly stopped. Shuddering, Mai hurriedly picked up her phone and answered it without looking, "Moshi-moshi Taniyama de gozaimasu."


Mai blinked, pulling her phone away and seeing it was Naru and blushing lightly in embarrassment. She never answered the phone like that when it was Naru calling. Clearing her throat lightly she spoke, "Aa. What is it?"

"Why are you still awake?"

The little brunette scowled lightly at his words and huffed lightly in annoyance, "Mou! Why are you calling me Naru if I should be asleep?!"

She caught the soft sigh over the phone and nearly growled out that she should be the one sighing when he spoke again. "Ne, Mai…"

His tone instantly made her go on alert seeing as he was rarely soft spoken to her. "Have you had any more dreams?"

Mai glanced at the feathers on her table and remembered the dream that had led her to be awake at this hour. "Hai demo…doushita?"

"Betsuni…lately you've just been having dreams before we actually get to the case. I expect a briefing about it in the morning. Ja."

Mai frowned but before she could say anything he continued after a moment, "Oh and Mai…go to sleep."

With a telltale click the line went dead and she let out an aggravated yell, sitting back down on the stool as she glared at the phone. Slowly, her lips twitched up and she rolled her eyes as she stood up once again, grumbling lightly. "Naru no baka…if he's worried he should just say it."

She stopped for a second in her path back to her bedroom and shook her head with a rueful chuckle. "What am I saying? This is Naru, no way would he actually be worried."

The petite brunette sighed lightly as another smile played on her lips as she thought it'd certainly be nice if he'd actually been worried about her. Continuing her path into her room and closing the door behind her, Mai never noticed the figure cloaked in darkness in the corner of her living room disappear into the shadows.


Naru looked down at his phone after he hung up with Mai, thoughtfully. He hadn't been expecting her to answer her phone so quickly and neither had he been expecting the polite answer when she picked it up. When he'd gotten the overpowering feeling that he should call her, he'd reacted learning that when it came to Mai it was better safe than sorry. When she had said she had a dream he was a little surprised by how calm she sounded seeing as they usually left her an emotional mess as of late. However, deciding that she seemed fine other than the strange second of politeness from her, he decided to end the call there.


Blinking blue eyes the young man looked up at his somewhat bodyguard/guardian, Lin. "What is it?"

The taller man arched an eyebrow as though asking if he was seriously asking that. He shrugged and said, "It was nothing."

He put the phone down and looked back into his black book, considering all the details he'd gathered about their latest hunt. "Have you found anything out?"

The young man had to repress a low growl in annoyance as he remembered his latest reason as to why he couldn't figure out Mai's past. His personal computer had randomly crashed after a strange virus made its way into it. Now he was without a computer seeing as Lin forbade him from touching his laptop after the incident. It was like something was actively working against him, there were just too many coincidences. "No…nothing has been revealed and I haven't been able to get in touch with that Sensei Mai spoke of."

Lin was quiet for a moment before he asked slowly, carefully. "Maybe you should leave it alone for the time being. Perhaps that is the best path for this particular mystery."

Naru made a little sound of annoyance and merely said, "Perhaps…"

The Chinese man sighed lightly, shaking his head before walking away. He needed his sleep since he would be driving once again and that thought made him wince as he remembered Mai's wrathful anger at him. He'd forgotten Mai hadn't wanted any of the others to know where she lived considering the area and had willingly drove Naru to her apartment for the Twin case. While he was certain the others were too tired to really register her place they were both aware Naru had filed it away. He brushed those thoughts to the side as he collapsed into the bed, hoping this case did not leave them in an equally dangerous situation.


Mai was in a rush the next morning as she hurriedly got dressed and packed clothes for the case, well aware she was running late. Lin had called her earlier to let her know Naru had threatened to pay a visit if she didn't hurry and that was definitely something she didn't want. She hurriedly put some bread in her toaster and began the process of making coffee as she threw the last things into her suitcase. She glanced at her watch and winced when she saw she was going to be at least ten minutes late. She'd tossed and turned for most of the night and when she'd finally fallen to sleep it was well into the night. The petite brunette went to reach for her toast when the sound of feathers caught her attention and she whirled around. Perched on the back rest of her sofa near the three feathers was a rather large Raven with glistening gold eyes that watched her carefully. Mai felt herself freeze as she stared at it, her heart in her throat as they just stared at each other. It let out soft caws as it shifted from foot to foot, ruffling its feathers before they smoothed back down again. She felt entranced by it, fear and curiosity welling deep within her. Suddenly, her doorbell rang breaking her out of it as she started lightly and looked at the door. When she looked back at her sofa the bird was gone but in its place was another feather. She felt herself pale, shivering before she hurried to the door and pressed the intercom button.

"Hello? Who is it?"

"Aa! Mai-chan? It's me!"

She blinked before she put a face and name to the voice. "Ryuu-san! How did you get this address?!"

"Maa! Give me some credit. I'm a detective after all! It's not that hard." She couldn't help the light laugh the escaped her lips at his playful words. "Mai-chaan, are you going to let me up?"

The brunette girl blushed lightly as she thought about it before her conversation with Ayako entered her thoughts. Taking a little breath she pressed the button that would let him into the building and heard him utter a soft thank you. It moment later she heard a knock at her door and she opened it, she was surprised to see him dressed down in jeans and a t-shirt. Suddenly, feeling a little shy she tucked a lock of hair behind her ear as she avoided his gaze. "Saa, where you in the middle of something?"

Mai blinked before remembering she was preparing for work and let out a little cry of surprise. "Aa! I'm supposed to be getting ready for work!"

Ryuu grinned disarmingly, causing her to hesitate and remember she still hadn't invited him in. Blushing she stepped out the way and murmured shyly, "Douzo ohairi kudasai."

She noticed he seemed to hesitate for a second before stepping in as he murmured, "Shitsurei shimasu."

Mai rolled her eyes at his relaxed manner that she noticed he carried around. Petulantly she said as she closed the door, "I hope you don't talk that way to everyone. It's rude."

He flashed a grin that made her stumble slightly and she glowered at his light chuckle. She had a feeling he knew very well what he did to her stuttering heart with those grins. "It's only rude if someone doesn't like it."

Mai looked away from him for a moment as she gathered her breakfast into a plate, excusing herself for a second as she moved her suitcase near the door from her room. She could feel his eyes on her the whole time as he sat by the island and her stomach was in knots from it. Finally, unable to take the silence she turned to him and asked, "Is there something I can do for you, Ryuu-san?"

She noticed his sudden shift from confidence as he fidgeted on the stool he sat on, not meeting her eyes for a second. She saw him take a deep breath before meeting her gaze straight on and she felt her heart speed on. "Taniyama-san…I realize we didn't start on the best foot and my constant teasing doesn't make me appear serious datte…"

He got up from the stool and took a few steps towards her, a part of her wanted to take a step away from him but a bigger part kept her rooted to the spot. When he didn't see anything negative he tentatively took her hands in his and continued speaking. "Datte I'm very serious when I say I'd like to get to know you more…When I say I'd like to take you out on a date…if you'd let me."

Mai couldn't believe what she was hearing and blushed heavily. She wavered for a second between the part of her that was still very much in love with Naru and the part that was curious about the man in front of her. After a moment she gave in, deciding that one date wouldn't hurt and Naru had made it clear very early on that he had no romantic feelings for her. "Okay…Okay. Just one date shouldn't hurt…but you've made me even later to work than usual."

Her light teasing words brought a wide smile to his lips that made her breath catch for a moment. He was amazingly good looking and a small part of her was amazed that this gorgeous man wanted her. He let go of her hands and took a step back from her, grinning that same charming grin he always did. "Saa, as an apology I'll drive you to work. I'll go get my car ready so I'll be downstairs."

Before she could protest he was gone and she was left standing in the middle of the room as what she just agreed to crash down on her. Blushing heavily her knees gave way and she had to balance on the balls of her feet as she hid her head in her arms. She let out a soft groan before shaking herself and grabbing her stuff, forgetting about her breakfast all together.


The drive had been surprisingly comfortable, after the slight confession he'd slipped right back into his teasing ways. She pretended to be annoyed with him and groused at his teasing good naturedly. When they finally arrived at SPR fifteen minutes later Mai was surprised at how reluctant she was to leave him. SPR had become such a dominant factor in her life alone with her feelings for Naru that the slight taste of something normal was relieving. They sat like that for a moment before Ryu turned to her, taking her hand and placing a kiss on it he said warmly, "I'll be waiting for you to come back. We'll have that date then."

She blushed slightly but smiled as she nodded her head in agreement. Exiting the car she grabbed her suitcase from the back and came around the vehicle to say goodbye one last time. However, he reached through the window as he leaned out slightly and grabbed her hand. She was surprised by the gentle look on his face as he said, "I'm sorry about before but…thank you."

Mai blushed lightly once more, a small part of her annoyed that he was causing her to blush so much, knowing he was thanking her for giving him a chance and apologizing for their first encounter. "Iie, Ryu-san. Daijōbu…Ja mata."

He grinned as he let go of her hand and waved with a slight call of 'Ja' then he was gone. She watched until his car disappeared before touching her heated cheeks. 'I'm in so much trouble…' Mai thought ruefully before remembering how late she was to meet with the group. With a little cry of alarm she rushed up the stairs to SPR with her suitcase making a racket behind her as she dragged it along. As she opened the door the first words she heard were, "What took you almost half an hour to get here?"

Mai winced at Naru's frosty words, knowing he was currently glaring at her back since she refused to turn around and look at him. "I think what he and the rest of us really want to know is whose car you just came out of."

The brunette girl blushed at Ayako's teasing words and turned to see her knowing gaze pinning her. Slightly flustered she began to ramble without looking at them in the eye. "Oh! I, um, woke up late because I had trouble falling asleep and then I didn't even pack until after I woke up. Eeto…as to whose car that was…ano…is it really important?"

She ended the question with a nervous smile but Ayako grinned alone with Yasuhara who sat close to the red headed woman. They looked like cats who at the canary and didn't mind being caught in the act. "It was Sohma-san, wasn't it?"

Mai spluttered at Yasuhara's teasing tone and Ayako squealed, enveloping the smaller girl in a hug. "Oh you finally gave in! He's been asking most of us how to get you to date him for a while now. He seemed so nervous!"

The little brunette froze at her words, surprised at how far he went just to get her to say yes to him. She was a little flattered that someone was willing to go so far to gain her affection.

"Enough! Do you all forget why we're here? Especially you, Mai?"

Everyone quieted at Naru's cold tone but Ayako mumbled something that got a glare thrown her way. Once everyone was seated again, Naru leaned back in his seat and began the briefing. "Now this is a very delicate situation considering I was just alerted by the former principle and caretaker that we will be the last investigating unit to enter the building. If we do not find the problem they will be tearing down the school.

Mai felt a lurch in her stomach at the revelation and shook her head adamantly. "That's no good. We can't let that happen. That's-"

"Mai, when have you known me to leave a situation unsolved?"

She was taken aback by his cool demeanor, not having been the target of it since he'd gotten back from England but he had a point. She quieted considerably and let him continue on from where he left off.

"As I was saying we'll be heading there in just a few moments but I was made aware last night that Mai had another dream. I had assumed it would be better to wait for her here so she may tell us but perhaps it would have been better to go on ahead. Obviously her private life is much more important than the case she, herself, requested."


Lin's warning tone did nothing as suddenly Mai was reminded of the time they hated each other's guts during those days in which they could hardly be in the same room together. An irrational anger welled up in Mai as she said softly but no less angrily, "Excuse me for wanting something normal in my life after dedicating it to you and this place."

Everyone was quiet at the petite brunette's rare display of true anger. It keenly reminded them all of those days she too had recalled. Bou laughed nervously as he spoke, trying to break through the thick tension in the room. "Maa, she's here now so what does it matter? So Mai-chan, what did you dream up this time sleeping beauty?"

She took a deep breath to calm herself before she replied, "It was mostly voices and sounds since everything was dark around me. There was the sound of purring at first and it was really loud…there were children's voices too once the purring faded away. They called out to me and spoke to me, they sounded happy at first. Then they started to sound desperate, telling me not to go. Before I woke up this really creepy voice said 'Kagome, Kagome. What game shall we play?'…"

Mai frowned at remembering that and Misako voiced her silent question. "Why is that part of the lyrics different?"

Mai shook her head as she replied gently, "I have no idea. There's a lot that seems weird to me about my memories of the place. Like I'm still seeing things through a filter."

Everyone was quiet for a moment before Naru closed his black book with a soft 'snap' and stood up. "We might as well head to the building while we think. We've wasted enough time."

Mai noticed he wouldn't look at her and sighed lightly, standing up alongside him. As everyone filed out she noticed Bou hold Naru back and say something to him causing Naru to scowl before Bou let him go but not before saying something else. Leaving before they noticed she'd been watching, she didn't notice Naru glance in her direction before she completely disappeared through the door.