Bloody Roses


By: Chi~

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Bloody Roses


My Rose

I think my love for roses started when my mother told me they were her favorite flower. They look nice, I guess, and they smell good too – but most flowers look the same to me. But when she told me that and I watched her lean down to smell one, I fell in love with them.

My mother was the most precious thing in the world to me. My father had left us when I was only a day old, for reasons I don't even care about anymore, and it was always Mom and me since that day. I loved her very much.

She worried about me incessantly, made sure I had my lunch for school, my homework, kept her thumb on my behavior and my well-being. It annoyed me a lot, I'll be honest, but those were the most precious moments between us when she would bend down just to check me over and fix my shirt if it was out of order.

We told each other we loved the other every single day, and it was always like that…

But then, she got sick.

We were kind of poor (even though my grandparents helped as much as they could) and couldn't afford insurance for treatment. I hardly remember what my mother had, it's all a daze to me, but I remember her being in a lot of pain and I had to spend most of my time taking care of her and holding her hand.

I had to, she was my Mother. She worried about me. I'd worry about her.

That's how family works.

(It sucks that my Dad hadn't learned that…)

It doesn't matter now, though. She died, and I made sure she did with a smile on her beautiful face. (Thank God I look exactly like her. Wouldn't want to look like my Dad, sheesh.) She deserved it.

My grandparents lived long enough to pay for and to attend her funeral, but not long after that did they pass away. They were old, couldn't take care of me, but I'm glad they're all in heaven together.

I lived on, obviously. To this day, whenever it's either her birthday, mine, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, even Halloween, I go to her grave and put a single rose there. If the rose is dead when I go back again, I pick it up, throw it away, and get a new one.

She loved roses; her husband couldn't shower her in them…so I will.

I was her rose. And she was mine. She died, and I was left alone…but…

"Hey Mom," I murmured, lightly smiling to myself. "It's Len."

I stared down at her grave, read the words on it even though it was practically burned in my mind. (And would be forever.)

Rimmy Kagamine

1974 – 2001

Loving Daughter and Mother

I settled a new rose in front of the tombstone, picked up the old, disheveled and dead one.

"I can't stay long," I said. "You see, I moved out of the orphanage and got an apartment with a very good friend I met there. We're working hard, of course, and we're taking tutoring…"

I trailed off, thinking to myself. "She's my new rose, Mom. Her name is Rin. She looks a lot like me, but she's pretty tough and fun so it's not so creepy to spend time with her…"

I stuffed my hands in my pockets, stared down at Mom's name. "She's beautiful, Mom…I think I love her. And if she's my new rose…I'll protect her with my life."

I smiled as I felt a gentle breeze caress me and run through me, making me shiver.

Mom was smiling at me. I just know it.

As I started to walk off, I looked up to the sky and noticed that it was dusk. Had I really been out that long? I could've sworn I left the house at noon just to come to the cemetery to drop off the rose, but I guess I wandered around longer than I thought.

I'd better get home, Rin was probably on the floor, drooling on the kitchen tiles. She does that sometimes, when she's really hungry.

It makes her seem like a dog, but for some reason it's just funny to walk in and notice your best friend unconscious and drooling on the floor with their butt in the air. There's never something not strange when living with Rin Kagami, that's for sure.

Perhaps that's the reason why I love her so much. She's strange, loud, energetic, kind, funny, and pretty tough. She can't do algebra for shit, and she hates thunderstorms, but she's beautiful, caring, and sweet. There's no reason not to love her.

But, I've never made a move. There are times when I'm about to, but then it just turns into a big fist fight and then we have to nurse each other back to health. I don't know why. I want to confess my love for her, not get beaten to a pulp during the process. She just takes my touching as a way to spite her and then she ends up throwing the first punch.

I hate hitting girls, but this is Rin we're talking about. She took a freakin' hammer to the face and never cried. I think she can take a punch from me.

Oh, yeah, better get home. Don't want her to stay on the floor with her butt in the air for too long. Someone might break in and rape her or something. Ouch.

If somebody does, they'll have to deal with me then, huh? She's precious to me.

If I see her get hurt, I'll do something.

And I won't even care what I do.

• To Be Continued… •

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