Bloody Roses


By: Chi~

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Bloody Roses


Kale went missing.

It's been three months, nobody can find him.

How do I feel about it? I feel relieved, in a way. It was really unexpected. And then I was worried; what if something had happened to him…

But, as the months rolled on and I got to see more of Len's face again, I realized that I didn't really care anymore.

I could finally eat. I could do what I wanted and I got to see Len as much as I used to. This was perfect.

I thought my life was just the way it had to be with Kale in it, doing the things he did to me, but now I realize that this is the life I should've been having. Living with Len. In peace.

I don't know the significance to why Kale came into my life...perhaps...yeah...!

Kale was meant to come into my life. He was meant to teach something to me.

I think he taught me that love was a suffering emotion that would bring you to do things you normally wouldn't do. Kale was yandere…

He loved me, in some way. After thinking about it, his torture made sense.

The almost sick part of it, though, is that I realized that I'd loved him in a way too. It's unexplainable and it doesn't really have a category in my mind just yet…but I had.

He had a big impact; it wasn't a good one, of course…but he still made a difference within me.

I was glad that he was out of my life, though. If things had still gone the way they were, I wouldn't even be alive anymore. Plain and simple.

But I wonder how he's doing…

I just found out on the news that Kale had, most likely, been murdered. I didn't know what to say about it. In fact, I just stared at the screen for a while. My mind was blank. And not only that, but there were skeletons and three fresh bodies of men buried in his backyard.

Kale was a murderer. Why he killed, I don't know...and I don't think I care about it either...but...why...

Then Len came in, took one look at me and immediately asked me what was wrong. I wondered why he was asking me that and then I realized…

I was crying.

And then I couldn't stop. Not for a long time. Even Len did too. He held me as we cried together. I didn't know what he was crying about though, and I felt bad that he was.

And we just cried and cried as the T.V. blasted more news to us that was just useless.

There was no one to torture me anymore; to hurt me, ridicule, degrade and manipulate. And yet, I'm crying like something important to me just just left me behind...

The next four months went by quick and my relationship with Len grew to a new, different level. We weren't really dating yet, but we have kissed and fondled a little. I don't know what our relationship status was yet.

Autumn went into winter and before we knew it, our birthdays were coming up. Tomorrow, actually. (I think we're going to visit his mother's and my parent's graves tomorrow...)

I came home from a quick shift at work and when I was setting my keys down in their usual spot, I noticed a single red, long-stemmed rose and a note under it.

It was from Len, of course. He had this weird love for roses. I don't mind, don't get me wrong; roses are beautiful.

This is the first time he's ever given me one.

This made me wonder.

I smiled brightly to myself, got out a small vase and put some water in it before setting the rose in it. I placed it on the window seal, admired it as it blend in with the pale winter sun shining through the window.

It was truly beautiful.

I turned to the note and read it:

'A rose for a rose.

I'll be home as soon as I can.

Love, Len.'

So brief, so sweet. It made me so warm.

I settled the note in my dresser drawer, where I kept anything he's ever given me – cards, notes, I.O.U.s, little drawings – and set it in there.

I then looked up at myself in the mirror, feeling confident, and almost jumped back.

Oh, crap! This is the first time I've ever actually…looked at myself in the mirror.

I blinked at myself, reached up with my hand and touched my cheek. I opened my mouth a little, felt like saying something, but then I just shut my mouth and fingered at my hair.

It's grown a lot and I haven't gotten it cut.


I trailed my hand down its length, noticed how shiny it was, like it used to be, and for once I smiled at myself. Me with long hair wasn't so bad.

I liked it. My hair's almost down to my waist, but I like it – a lot.

I guess Len likes it too. Oh my gosh! I'm blushing! So embarrassing!

I giggled to myself, all bubbly and excited, as I slipped out of my work clothes and put on something cute. I've been wearing shorts around Len lately.

The wounds and bruises on my body have practically almost disappeared. It's probably from the first-aid I performed on myself every time I could after he hurt me. That really saved me from having life-long scars.

My skin went back to normal after that. I could finally be touched without feeling any searing pain shoot through me from the contact. In fact, I was more sensitive.

I've never observed the things Kale etched into my back. I don't plan to, not for a long time.

I'm not fully ready to see the scars he'd given me in the only place I can't see.

I'd have to ask Len to tell me what he did, or something. I don't know, but that won't happen for a while.

A very long while, that was for sure.

I sighed and settled myself down on my bed, patting at my mattress for a second before leaning back my head and staring up at the ceiling.

Kale had sex with me four times on my bed. That happened only one day.

That was the only memory left of him in my room.

I tilted my head to the side, began to smile.

I would make more with Len, as our lives progressed. A negative for a positive.

But I'll never forget the day Kale showed his first string of mercy.

That had been the only good day I had with him.

I thank him for that…I really do…

I'm sorry for what happened to him...

Whatever happened...

I was taking out the thawed chicken to cut up and bread when Len finally came home. I don't know why I suddenly felt like making us fried chicken, but I did.

"Hey," I called brightly as he rushed in, somewhat dripping in snow. I smiled over to him when he dropped his keys next to mine. "'d you get stuck in the snow?"

He sighed, seeming exasperated. "Yeah," he started off towards his room but still talked to me with a loud tone so I could hear. "And today's shift at work was pretty hectic. I don't know what's with people after Christmas."

Oh, now he's grumbling. "Len, you know that there's really good sales after Christmas," I yelled back to him, sounding amused.

He was quiet, but I knew he was probably grumbling under his breath right now. Hehe~

I wandered over to the silverware drawer, looked around before I found what I was looking for.

I looked at myself through the reflective blade.

Yep, Len's favorite knife would do.

As I set out the cutting board and positioned the chicken correctly in front of me, I began to cut off parts of the whole. The first cut I made amazed me.

Wow…no wonder why Len likes this knife. It's amazing! It just went straight through with ease!

Before I could marvel over his knife anymore, Len sauntered into the kitchen again, dressed in his usual boring yet sexy sweats. I couldn't help it, he looked really hot in them.

He leaned on the counter next to the stove, close to me, and nodded over to the chicken I was currently cutting. "Cooking for once?"

My face turned red and I bellowed, "That's rude!"

He began to laugh and shook his head so I just grumbled and went back to my cutting. I wanted to get this done; I'm hungry.

After a while, I began to notice that Len hadn't moved at all. In fact, he was in the same place in the same position.

I looked over to him, noticed that he was staring at something. I followed his gaze, realized that he was staring at my hands as I used the knife with concentrated and fluid motions.

I looked down and stared, dead hard, as I cut and cut and then…


I wondered…

How easy would it be to kill someone with this?

I looked over to Len again, just to see if he was still staring, and then I noticed that his face was pale as a sheet.

I think I said that thought out loud.

I opened my mouth, he looked up at me and we stared for the longest time. I don't know how long it was until something – something clicked in my head.

Len found out about my relationship with Kale and what he was doing to me…

Two weeks later, Kale goes missing…?

And Len seems like he didn't even care about what was happening even though he knew that I'd been continuously tortured and raped.

(Plus, there's a interesting scar on his forehead...)

When you think about it, and put Len into the situation…you realize that Len would've done something.

And now…this knife…

Kale was determined murdered/dead. His case was now a "cold case" because there was hardly any evidence at all. (The only surprising thing was that Kale had been a murderer...)

And Len was smart enough to…

Blinking to myself and setting down the knife slowly, I looked over to Len and watched as his face contorted from anxiety to horror.


I blinked again, looked at the knife. Looked back at Len. Look at the knife. Repeat.

And then finally, I opened my mouth and bit out softly as I stared him right in the eye…

"You did it, didn't you?"

• E N D •

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