Title:Sundae Monday
Author: KellethMetheus
Spoilers: It takes place a little bit after Singularity
Category: Gen/kidfic
Summary: Jack sneaks some contraband into Cassie.
Disclaimer: Not mine and I'll put them back when the Muse runs out, maybe.
Warnings: none

Beta: Thanks to Spacegypsy1.

Challenge: None, but I got the idea from Alimoo1971. This one is for you!

I haven't posted to this story for a while but I plan to write a few more. I've been busy trying to finish up some of the projects I have hanging over my head. Got a few out of the way, but still have more to complete. Sigh it never ends, but I should have a little more freedom soon.

I look down the hallway to make sure the coast is clear and then I dart down the hallway with my contraband. I know that if I get caught, I'll be in big trouble so I wait for the nurse and three airmen to pass before I slip out of my hiding spot.

Making sure the way is clear, I make a break for it. I'm almost there when I hear Janet's voice, but before she can spot me, I duck into Cassie's room.

Cassie looks up from her coloring, surprised. "Jack, what are you doing here?"

"I have a surprise for you. Have you had this yet?" From behind my back, I pull out my surprise and show her, but she just stares at it unsure.

Crossing the room, I sit down beside her, holding out a spoon. "Take a taste."

I put the bowl in her lap. "This is a sundae. It has chocolate topping with sprinkles and there is a little bit of healthy, because it's got a banana. Take a bite."

Cassie just pokes the ice cream with her finger. "I don't know, it looks scary and it's cold and squishy."

With a sigh, I pick up the spoon and take bite. "See it's yummy." I hold up a bite for her. Hesitantly, she opens her mouth and takes a taste.

Her eyes light up as she closes her mouth around it. "This is yummy. Can I eat it all."

I smile. "Yep, I brought it all for you."

She inhales the whole bowl and then licks the remains from the dish. She smiles at me with ice cream on her nose. "This is the best thing ever, thank you, Jack."

I hear a rustling outside the room and Sam comes in carrying Cassie's dinner and I know that we're busted. Smiling at her I grab the empty bowl and hide it behind my back. She looks at me funny and then she asks, "Jack, what's going on?"

She looks at me then at Cassie. Her eyes narrow as she see the evidence of the sundae on Cassie's nose. Grabbing my arm she pulls me to the side. "Colonel, did you bring Cassie ice cream?"

I know we're busted so I come clean. "I did. Whatcha going to do about it?"

Sam smiles. "Nothing actually, I was bringing some for her. I thought she deserved a treat. I was going to give her supper backwards after all it is Monday. In my house before mom died we had Sundae Mondays and I thought Cassie would enjoy the tradition."

Grabbing a bowl from the tray, I smile and sit down beside Cassie holding out her original spoon. Carter sits on the other side with her own bowl. "Shall we have seconds?"

She nods and scoops a huge spoonful. Talking with her mouthful she says, "Sam, Jack, this is the best. Can we do this again?"

Sam and I don't say a word, but we decide that Sundae Monday would be a tradition, no matter where Cassie ends up, we'll make sure of it.