Guy Face

So I'm just standing in the line, wondering if I should have chips and a burger or just chips (though it totally doesn't matter; as all fat goes to my boobs) when...oh my God the cutest guy appears, then oh my God he's walking towards me, and oh my God he smiles at me, and oh my God I feel like falling to the floor and dying...and then Oh. My. God. I do...fall over I mean. Sadly I don't die, and I say sadly, as dying just then would be a lot quicker and easier than dying the slow painful death of embarrassment.

I pick myself up off the ground (what the hell did I even trip on? I was stationary!) and blush bright red when I notice Mr. Cutey is laughing his head off at me tripping, while his (sexy) friend regards me with cool black eyes...hey wait a minute, something doesn't add up.

Mr. Cutey has turned back around now (though he's still sniggering) so I tap him on the back, he turns around expectantly and his grin completely widens when he sees it's 'me'.

"Umm..." I'm so embarrassed! What am I doing? Damn Hyuga blood! I can't stand for anything. "I think you pushed in front of me in the line..." I trail off. Damn, that did not come out the way it should have.

Mr. Cutey looks at me. All big blue eyes under his blonde fringe. "Didn't." he says childishly, before turning away. I blink, as if!

"No, you did...I was just standing there." I say, my voice rising slightly...great now I sound like a dipshit too.

"Tripping there more like." Mr. Cutey sniggers.

"Naruto, stop being so childish; let the woman buy her food." sexy friend says, before stepping to the side and letting me through, so now I'm standing in front of them, and I am very aware of the fact they're behind me. I'm also very aware of where 'Naruto's' eyes are. Here's a hint: they're not on my hair, my neck, my back or my legs...yeah.

The guy in front of me gets served (three burgers and three extra-large chips! Yeah you better move fatso!) and then it's me. As I order I hear a shuffling sound behind me, then a slapping sound and...

"Oww Sasuke!"

I dread to think why Sasuke slapped Naruto's hand, but…well…I can hazard a guess.

I end up only ordering a coke, cuz; well it's that thing where you so totally do not want to be eating a burger, in front of a cute guy.

"That's a pound." says the chubby guy behind the counter, holding out his hand.

I dig around in my pockets, but before I can get the money out; Naruto's placed a quid in the guy's hand...awwness! I feel like swooning.

"Um...thanks...thank you." I stutter as I take the drink, and step to the side.

"No problemo; was only a quid," Naruto says grinning, before turning to the guy at the counter; who obviously knows him and is now smiling expectantly. "Right Choji I'll have four burgers, four medium chips and four sprites."

"Right you are Naruto." 'Choji' nods before busying himself with the order.

"Are you two really going to eat all that between each other?" I ask curiously.

"Heck nawh." Naruto chortles.

And then these two girls come over; one's quite pretty, with pink hair (that I know I'd never in a million years dare to get) and green eyes. She heads straight for Sasuke and snuggles into him...aww. And then, oh my God, this hideous girl is with Pinky; she's got like loads of eye makeup on, and so much foundation, and oh my God she's snuggling up to Naruto, and now I feel like a complete fool cuz I'm gonna admit; I totally thought me and Naruto were gonna get married, since he just bought me that coke...yeah.

"Here you are Narutard. Four burgers, four medium chips and four sprites." Choji says, handing over the food and drinks.

"Thanks dude." says Naruto handing over the cash. Ugly dog face girl notices me looking.

"Heeeyy! You look totally like some guy I went out with once!" She squeals.

I stare at her in complete and utter fascination. Is she actually completely oblivious to what she just said?

"Min that was so rude!" Pinky says, nudging dog face.

'Min' (dog face) stares at her in confusion for a second before realisation dawns on her face, then she's cackling loudly.

"Oh my God, I totally didn't mean it like that!" she chortles. "No, it's just your eyes look so like this guy called Neji I went out with."

Bitch. "Neji's my cousin." I say, trying to smile.

"Oh my God, coincidence of like the century! So why have I never seen you in town before?" Min asks, guiding me to a table and leaving Naruto to pick up the food.

"It's Neji's birthday soon..." I trail off. Why oh why did my father decide we had to come early this year?

"It's Neji's birthday?" Min shrieks. "Oh my God! When? Is he having a party?"

"I've always thought that Neji guy was pretty stuck up." Naruto announces as he clatters the tray down on the table.

"Considerate of people's feelings, as always, Naruto," Pinky sighs, rolling her eyes as she sits down next to me. Wedging me in-between her and Min...Oh God, I'm trapped. Pinky turns to me. "Hi, I'm Sakura, and he's an idiot, sorry."

I smile, but what Naruto said didn't really affect me...for two reasons: Number one: Naruto is an extremely cute guy, therefore rendering me incapable of getting annoyed with him. Number two: it's true; Neji's extremely stuck up, which is part of the reason I don't understand how skanky dogface ever got even a chance of going out with him...

"Not an idiot." Naruto mumbles before stuffing basically half his burger into his mouth as he sits down. Sasuke sits down next to him, rolling his eyes.

"So? Is Neji having a party?" Min repeats.

Dogface. "Umm, I'm not sure; I think he may just be having a family get together."

"Ah boring," Min complains, sticking her tongue out before grabbing her burger and biting into it...I hate this girl. "Oh my God, we're so throwing him a party though, you know!" Min exclaims, totally spraying burger everywhere...eww.

"Neji doesn't" I murmur.

"Everyone likes parties." Min decides, rolling her eyes.

Oh yeah, I'm sorry, I totally forgot you know my cousin way more than me...bitch.

"So what's your name?" Sakura asks, picking at her chips.

"Hinata." I mumble.

"Aww what a cute name!" Min squeals.

Patronizing bitch. "Thanks." I mutter.

"How long are you here for?" Sasuke asks. He's looking at me with interest, his eyes flicker to Min then back to me...huh?

"A few weeks." I reply before giving a slight shake of my head, Sasuke smirks...ah okay; he doesn't like dogface either.

"Oh cool! We should totally hang out the next few weeks!" Min shrieks.

Die. "Yeah, totally..." I say, trying to smile while wanting to rip dogface's eyes, I'm not usually so quick to hate, but dogface annoyed me straight away. Whereas I lurved Naruto as soon as I saw she said I looked like a guy and insulted my family, within five minutes of meeting me.


I take my phone out to see I've got a text from my childhood and lifelong friend Kiba.

Zomg! Shino just told me you're in town! Come. Here. Now. –Kibalicious

I smile. Oh Kiba, he's always made the visits to Neji's town bearable and he is like the best friend ever. Somehow I'd always avoided seeing anyone other than Kiba and Shino in town before...until now.

"Umm, I gotta go" I say.

Sakura stands and lets me out.

"Wait! I need your number Hina!" Min screeches.

Great...a nickname. I turn and Min shoves her phone into my hand. I type my number in and hand it back.

"I'll totally text you later with Neji's party plan!" Min yelps.

Argh, cow. "Oh cool." I smile.

"Seeya Hinata." Naruto says waving. Sasuke smiles at me, and Sakura waves. I wave and leave the restaurant.

I'm coming Mr Inuzuka

I text Kiba. He text's back almost immediately.

Well give me a chance to get all these extremely hot girls out of my house first :D- Kibalicious

I roll my eyes and smile. As I go to tuck my phone away it beeps again.

Heeeeeeeeey! Wuu2? As soon as you left we started making plans for a night out! You wanna come! Bring Neji! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- Minnie

...Urgh. I ignore the text and keep on walking. Thankfully Kiba's house isn't too far away from Neji's house which, in turn, isn't too far from the fast food place. I arrive within ten minutes and knock on the door; I hear the thundering of feet down the stairs andthen Kiba's there; all messy hair and big grins.

"Hinaaataaa!" He roars before pulling me into a massive, bone crushing hug.

"Wow. Um, thanks and ouch." I say, smiling as I follow him into the house.

We pass his sister who smiles widely at me.

"Hinata great to see you!" She gushes, I nod back shyly.

Kiba throws himself onto his sofa and I stand in the doorway...well I stand until I'm pinned to the floor by Akamaru, Kiba's dog...the most massive dog in the world. He barks (Akamaru not Kiba) and licks my face (again Akamaru not Kiba...imagine that!)

"What do you feed this monster?" I demand as Akamaru gets off of me and pads to lie at the side of the sofa Kiba is currently slouching on, he chuckles in response.

I come and sit down next to him and he grabs me, clutching me close to him. Kiba's my best friend for life, ever… so there, but sometimes I get the feeling he may want to be a little more...Kiba's phone beeps and he lets go of me. I bend down and pat Akamaru on the head as my best friend reads. He finishes reading with a whoop. I look up.

"What?" I ask.

"That Minnie girl asked me if I wanna go out tonight with her and the rest of the guys and gals." Kiba explains, grinning.

I groan and Kiba's grin drops immediately.

"What? Don't you like her? Do you want me to say no?" He demands.

"No, no!" I shake my head quickly. "Don't be stupid. Don't say no...It's just; she's a little bit annoying..." I trail off.

"A little bit? Minnie's like a shit load of annoyingness in a truck!" Kiba laughs.

"You don't like her?" I ask, looking up.

"Hinata nobody likes her, we just have to hang with her cuz she's Narutard's new squeeze." Kiba chuckles.

" know Naruto?" Oh God I'm blushing bright red!


Sensing the amusement in his voice I look up to see Kiba staring at me with interest, a cheeky grin plastered over his face.

"Ah! You fancy Naruto!" He announces.

"No I don't!" I shriek. "I've only just met him!"

"Love at first sight," Kiba shrugs. "Have you never read Twilight?"

"Shut up!" I squeak, pushing him.

"I'm so texting that foolio right now!" Kiba declares, whipping his phone back out. I pounce on him. "Not right now Hinata, my mum's still in the house!" Kiba laughs.

"Text Naruto and I'll break your fingers." I warn.

Kiba chuckles but puts the phone down. "Where'd you meet Minnie and Naruto anyways?" He asks.

"Fast food joint. Naruto and Sasuke pushed in front of me...and Minnie said I looked like a guy." I growl.

"You guys hit it off right away then." Kiba chuckles.

"I'll eat you." I warn.

"Fine, so have you been invited to this shin dig as well?" Kiba asks.

"Yeah...Minnie told me to bring Neji." I mutter darkly.

"Ah but Neji's a total jackass!" Kiba moans.

"That's my cousin." I remind him.

"Your cousin's a jackass." Kiba says, putting a pillow over his face.

"Thank you Kiba." I say.

"What are friends for?" Kiba jokes. "Bit weird that Minnie asked you to bring Neji though...she totally cheated on him with his best friend."

"What?" I squeak, taking the pillow off of his face and leaning over him.

"Yeah she cheated on him with Rock-Lee." Kiba nods, going cross-eyed to look at me.

"Bitch!" I hiss.

"Hyuga pride!" Kiba cheers. "You still gonna come tonight though right?"

"Oh I'm coming, and I'm bringing a shit load of trouble." I mutter.

"Ooh that'll be messy," Kiba winces. "Hard to get out of the carpets."

I roll my eyes...foolio.

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