Guy Face

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I tried packing slowly, honestly I did, but not even superman would be able to fight off my dad when he's on a packing rampage. The man actually shoved me out of the way in order to, (and I quote) 'maintain packing efficiency'.

So, as a result of my dad being MENTAL, I'm seated in the back of Neji's car with Neji at the wheel, my dad at the radio (i.e. turning the station over, every ten seconds) and suitcases slamming into me at every turn.

Soon –too soon- Neji brings us into the train station's parking lot. Sighing heavily, I get out of the car, just in time to hear my dad growl: "Oh for goodness sake,"

I follow his eye line and gasp in shock when I see...everyone in the car park. Shino, Ino, Sai, Sasuke, Sakura, Temari, Shikamaru, Choji, Gaara, Naruto, Hidan, Deidara, Sasori, Itachi, Kakuzu, Zetsu...even Kisame! I nearly faint.

"Fifteen minutes," my dad snarls at me. "You have fifteen minutes until the train arrives."

Neji smiles at me and then he and my father lug the luggage away. I venture over to the massive crowd of people. Something tells me I won't have enough time to say a personal goodbye to everyone.

"Hinaaata!" Naruto yells once he sees me.

"Naruto, hi," I greet. " did you..."

"We're psychic!" Naruto declares.

"Ah shut it Naruto," Sakura scolds, yanking him back as Sasuke mutters: 'Dobe'.

I glance to Ino whose arm in arm with Sai. She catches my eye and then winks.

"Shino told us all you were leaving and where, we all wanted to say goodbye." Sakura explains.

"Well he invited us, Itachi and his friends just tagged along." Sasuke mumbles, he throws a glare at his older brother, who opens his eyes slowly.

"You needed a ride..."

"Yeah a 'ride', we didn't want you to tag along." Sasuke retorts moodily.

"...and Hinata is as much our friend as yours." Itachi continues as if Sasuke never spoke.

"Yeah, she's Kisame's bestie hmm." Deidara nods defiantly.

I turn to him, and he and Sasori crush me into a hug before I can speak.

"We're going to miss you. Don't wait too long until you visit again." Sasori advises.

"And if you ever want to crash anywhere; my place is always open yeah." Deidara grins.

"Your place is a pigsty." Sasori snarls over my head at Deidara.

"It's an artistic 'pigsty', an explosion of clothes everywhere! Boom!" Deidara replies.

"Pigsty." Sasori hits back.

Deidara detangles himself from me before retorting: "Chaotic beauty!"

I leave them to squabble and turn to Itachi. He smiles, before pulling me into a hug.

"I'm sorry you had to suffer so much at the hands of that repugnant girl, these past two weeks." he sighs as we pull apart.

"You made it a little more bearable," I smile. "I'll see you soon?"

"Farewell for now Hinata," Itachi smiles back. "Sasuke and Sakura hurry up your goodbyes, I'm sure Hinata and her father will be wanting to be home soon."

Sasuke glowers at him and whispers something like: "I'll take as long as I want weasel." under his breath, before turning to me.

Sakura pulls me into a hug. "I'm actually going to miss you so much Hinata!" she exclaims.

"I'll miss you too. But I'll be back soon." I assure her.

Sasuke smiles at me, his hands in his pockets. "Thanks for rescuing my best friend from that dog, Hinata," he inclines his head. "Naruto's an idiot, but he's my friend. I hope you let him down easy?"

I blush; of course! Sasuke is Naruto's best friend; he's bound to have told him everything.

Sasuke nods, smiling. "Come back to visit soon. You're a cool girl Hinata."

"She is cool and it's a fucking outrage that she has to leave so fucking early!" declares a voice from behind me. I go to turn, but I'm swept into a bone-crushing hug. It doesn't take me long to work out that it's Hidan crushing me and, well, cursing a lot.

"I'll...I'll miss you too Hidan." I squeak.

He drops me and looks, very seriously, into my eyes. "Hinata, if you want to stay a little longer...I can always go break one or two of your old man's fingers?"

", that's okay." I shake my head, wide-eyed.

"I'm gonna fucking miss that!" Hidan declares, sticking his finger into my face. "That adorable little face of terror! We're all gonna miss you." he turns to Kisame, Kakuzu and Zetsu, menacingly. "Right?"

They all murmur half-hearted affirmation...well Kakuzu and Zetsu do. Kisame just goes: "No." very bluntly. I back away from them as Hidan launches into a tirade of swear words, directed at Kisame. I venture over to Ino and Sai.

"Hinata," Ino exclaims, she wraps me into a hug. "Don't lose touch okay? We need to hang out properly sometime."

"Definitely," I nod, then I smile and look down at her and Sai's hands, clasped together. "You two are looking pretty cosy."

"Yup, we're the hottest couple ever right?" Ino grins.

"Oi Ino-pig! I think you'll find that, that title belongs to me and Sasuke." Sakura calls over as Sasuke rolls his eyes.

"But you've got a massive..." Sai begins, but Ino slaps her hand over his mouth as Sakura's eyes narrow.

"We're both incredibly hot couples, okay?" she placates.

She gives me another hug and Sai waves at me absentmindedly and then I go over to Gaara, Shikamaru, Temari and Choji.

"Hey, see you around Hinata. It was fun knowing someone hated that Minnie just as much as me." Temari smirks as I reach them.

"It's a drag; you leaving so soon," Shikamaru comments, his eyes leave the clouds and settle on me as he smirks. "But I guess I'll always have our phone conversation as a wonderful memory."

Temari elbows him and he elbows her back as Choji, Gaara and I laugh.

"Yeah, I'll always have serving you a drink as a memory." Choji chuckles.

"I don't have any wonderful memories with you." Gaara muses.

"We'll make some, next time I'm here...we'll have a phone conversation while you serve me food." I suggest.

"Good idea." he laughs.

I wave and then move Naruto.

"Don't go!" he wails, launching himself onto me and pulling me into a hug.

Laughing, I push him off. "I...I have to," I giggle. "You know that."

"But you'll be back soon right? Don't stay away for too long."

"I won't Naruto, I promise." I smile.

We hug again and when we pull apart, he sniffs. "I'll miss you Mouse Warrior." he sighs.

Wha? "What?" I question in confusion.

His face lights up with joy. "Mouse warrior! That's your nickname! I came up with it just as you left yesterday!"

I stare at him. "Mouse warrior?" I repeat. "Really?"

"Yup!" Naruto laughs. "You're Mouse warrior and I'm Ramen King, RK for short!"

I stare some more at him. It's sorta weird how I can do it so easily without blushing anymore. I guess it was destiny that we were meant to be friends...nothing more. He whips out his phone and shoves it at me.

"See? I saved you as Mouse warrior!" he exclaims.

"Y...yeah you did." I agree good-naturedly.

"Save me as Ramen King 'aight?" he grins.

"Oh yeah, I'll...I'll get on it." I nod before reaching Shino. I yank him into a hug.

"Thank you for doing this." I mumble into his shoulder.

"It's no problem." Shino shrugs in embarrassment.

"It is," I nod my head earnestly. "Everyone's here! Except...well..."

"Kiba?" Shino shrugs. "I texted and called him, but he hasn't replied. He knows where to come though, so don't worry. He'll be here."

I shrug. "I'm not so su..."


I swear, I have never seen Shino look as alarmed as he does right now, though I'm sure my face mirrors his exactly. Suddenly, Sakura's next to me. She grabs my arm.

"Hinata, I'm sorry, please don't hate me!" she yelps.

"Fo...for what?"

"She asked me to go shopping with her, but I told her I was busy; and she asked with what; and I couldn't lie!" Sakura squeaks quickly.

"Yes you could," Sasuke growls, appearing next to her. "That's exactly what you do with her!"

Only Minnie could cause such full blown panic. She's clomping across the parking lot, on twelve inch heels and not much else, waving madly. I mentally prepare myself. To be fair to her; I did, sorta, steal her boyfriend; she's been through stuff too, I can't exactly push her into a bush...can I? And then she's upon me.

"Hina!" she shrieks. "I can't believe you were planning on leaving without saying goodbye to me!" she engulfs me into a glittery hug. "There's no hard feelings right?"

Is there? I consider for a moment...and then slowly shake my head.

"Oh thank freaking goodness!" Minnie yelps. "Because I was..."

But the sight of somebody making their way into the parking lot, drowns her out for me...Kiba. He's got his hands in his pockets; his head ducked, like he's embarrassed. I just...stare at him, mouth open; because nothing can explain the overwhelming happiness I feel at seeing his face. Shino sees him too and he nudges me.

"I told you." he smiles.

It's like in slow motion or something. Sakura pulls Minnie away from me and nearly everyone –excluding Shino- retreat backwards. And then Kiba reaches us. He coughs awkwardly.

"Uh...hey. Sorry I'm late...I..." he rubs the back of his head and then stares at the floor.

As if! That is NOT the way this is going down!I yank him into a hug.

"You took your time," I whisper into his ear. "And with me having a gigantic question for you, as well."

He draws out of the hug –his hands still on my waist however, causing little electric shocks now and again- and he looks at me questionably. "And what's that?"

I blush and glance at the ground before looking back up at him. "Would you be up for...being more than friends? love you."

Everyone around us gasps apart from Naruto, who whoops. Kiba looks frozen; he stares down at me for a few seconds and for a few terrible heartbeats I think he's going to reject me, but then he bends me over backwards, and presses his lips forcefully onto mine. Never have I known myself to be so happy.

His beautiful, warm, soft lips press down on mine as our friends whoop, cat call and wolf whistle (courtesy of Deidara and Sasori I think). He pulls me back up and grins at me.

"Is that a yes to being more than friends?" I question breathlessly.

"You're too damn beautiful," he chuckles huskily, before bringing me closer to him, he rubs his nose on mine and smiles. "I would say it was a pretty major yes."

I blush and Shino groans.

"Oh fantastic, I'm going to be a major third wheel now." he moans.

Kiba laughs and pushes him a little. "You know it." he nods, before smiling contently back down at me.

"Hinata! Come on! We've got to go now!" my dad's voice comes drifting out to me.

Kiba releases me, but his hand lingers on mine for a few seconds. "I love you." he tells me, his expression serious.

"I love you too." I reply before kissing him.

And then I'm walking towards the station to a chorus of: 'Bye Hinata!', 'Way to get in there!' and 'Hinata you little devil! Bye!'

I stop at the station doors and see all my friends waving. I also see Temari pushing Minnie into a bush.

I'm on the train when I receive a butt load of texts. A text from Ramen King (Naruto); declaring that Kiba and I are adorable, but he's now going to tease Kiba to death. One text from Ino, claiming I'm an adorable, sexy devil that she'll miss. Sakura's text is basically her squealing about the adorableness of the kiss and how it's: 'Like something from the movies!'

Minnie texts me whining about how Temari pushed her into a bush. Shino texts me saying goodbye. Hidan, Deidara and Sasori all text me, reassuring me that'll they'll keep an eye on Kiba and they'll 'watch' him for me.

But the text that makes me smile the most is from Kiba:

I love you- Kibalicious.

The end

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