Monday the 11th of September 2011.

Mary Beth Christine sitting and waiting and wondering how H and Lisa are doing in their exams.

Mary Beth Lacey and Christine Cagney in the Sunny Pot cafe.

The time is 12pm.

Mary Beth.

(Picking her cup up to have a drink of her coffee.)

"Christine I wounder how H and Lisa are doing?"



"I don't know Mary Beth."

"They had been a long time."

Rose Jones had came over to see if Mary Beth Lacey and Christine Cagney wanted any more coffee and any thing to eat.

Mary Beth.

(Who finshed reading the meau.)

"Hi Rose could I have a cheese burger please."


"Make that four cheese burger."


(Popping her pen behind her left ear and her pad in her apron pocket.)

"I'll bring a pot of coffee over and two more cups.

Mary Beth.

"Thank you Rose."


"I will be back with your drinks and food ladies."

Rose left with Mary Beth's and Christine's orders.

Mary Beth.

(Who has gotten up from her set so H could sit between Chris and herself.)

"Afternoon H how did yours and Lisa's exams go."

H now sat down between Chris and Mary Beth.

Lisa where now sitting oppiste H.

The time is now 12.20pm


(Smiling and trying not to cry because she was happy.)

"We both passed our level one litrcay."


(Laughing at H and smiling.)

"Mary Beth you should of see H."

"She was so nerves."


"You would be if it has taken you eight years to pass."

Rose Jones had arraved with their meals and drinks before H could finsh what she was going to say.

All four ladies started eating their meals.


(Who had stopped eating her burger because she was stuffed.)

"I'm stuffed and I can't eat another thing."


"So I'm I can't eat another mouthful."


(Who was now standing at the table?)

"How's everyone's meals."

"Can I get you anything else?"


(Patting her belly.)

"Just the bill please Rose."

"Rose could I have those left over bagged up to take home."



(Clearing Lisa's and H's Plates a way.)

"Sure chick."

"I'll go fetch you're bill for you."


(Who had gotten up from her sit?)

"Bye H."

"Bye Chris bye Mary Beth."

Lisa left Mary Beth H and Chris and followed Rose to pay the bill and to get her doggy bag to take home.


(Sat smiling and had her hand on H's hand.)

"Mary Beth and me we are so proad of you."

"Well done."


"Thank you."

"With my hard work and my tutor Ruth's hard work too."

Both Chris H and Mary Beth had finshed their drinks of coffee and left the Sunny Pot Café.

The End

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