"Hey, get off," Lionkit mumbled, hiding her face in her paws. It was a rainy day in WindClan, and the golden tabby kit didn't want to set a paw out of the nursery; or even rise. Beside her, Skykit swiped at her ear.

"Hey, that hurt!" Lionkit wailed, spinning around to stare at her brother. His heather-colored gaze was glowing with mischief.

"If that wouldn't wake you up, what would?" He laughed, smiling cheekily. "Besides, moma wants us to see the elder's. They might have stories," Skykit shaded his eyes hopefully; it was clear that her brother was itching for a tale.

"Go yourself," Lionkit snapped, turning around. "Who'd want to charge around in this weather?"

Skykit's face fell. "But…" he gazed at her, "Branchkit, Brookkit, and Palekit are playing; why can't you play with me?" His mew was high-pitched with anger. "Your not a true sibling! You're a stupid cat, who doesn't care about her siblings!" He stomped away, his tail lashing with ferocity.

Lionkit stared at him, stunned. Unease prickled at her golden tabby pelt, making her takes a tiny step backwards. She cared about her siblings a lot! How dare Skykit call her stupid?

Seething, Lionkit padded into a shadowy corner of the nursery, thinking about the taste of rabbit; and how much it could be improved. The scrawniness of rabbits were very deceiving; as they were very plump inside, but their taste wasn't up to the mark.


The golden tabby turned around to see her mother, Heathertail, who Skykit took after. Her heather-colored gaze glinted with anxiety.

"Are you okay?" She asked, clearly concerned. Lionkit nodded, not wanting to express her hurt, and angst. Skykit had flared up with his hot temper once more, and had hurt her badly. Emotions twisted her heart has she glared at the ground. "I'm fine,"

Heathertail nodded, "are you?" She asked, narrowing her eyes. "Not that I want to intrude; but you're my daughter, my special one, Lionkit. I love you, and I need to know if something's hurting you; it's for the best, I promise."

"You don't love me!" The words escaped from Lionkit's lips. "You're busy devoting your time with Skykit; Skykit needs this… Skykit needs that! Don't try and lie through your own teeth!" Lionkit snarled, her amber eyes blazing with hurt.

Heathertail looked shocked, her eyes paled instantly; and Lionkit regretted her words. "I-I'm s-so, s-sorry," Heathertail managed, "I do love you, Lionkit, more than you know." The light brown tabby queen's body shook as she spoke. "And I hope you love me too," with that she stumbled into her nest, curling up.

Lionkit gazed at her mother, hiding the fact that she was forcing sobs back. Her shoulder's shook as she cried slightly, but no tears fell. Silently, she collapsed into the comfort of the shadows, her eyes blank, and dull.

"I'm so sorry," she whispered, closing her eyes. "I swear by StarClan I'll make it up to you, mother, for those words… had no real meaning,"