Emergency! by planet p

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It is warm inside, but her hands shake. The knot that she feels untying inside her is the baby, it's trying to tell her it's ready to come out. She reaches for someone's hand, but she wants her sister's hand. She'd been so horrible to Sadhana for telling her the things she had, to blame her for her miscarriage, for her unhappiness; she is not happier with her sister gone from the house: she misses her smile. She wants to take those words back now, but she can't see Sadhana anywhere, and she doesn't expect to.

Ranveer's warm hand finds hers and she holds it tight. She is scared; she hasn't done this before. She's happy, but she's scared, too. She doesn't want to do it wrong; she doesn't want to hurt this baby. It is family that is really important, she realizes, it is having someone to love and having someone who loves you back.

She finally allows herself to listen to Ranveer's voice trying to calm her, trying to soothe her. "It'll all be alright," he tells her.

She believes him. He loves her, she knows, and she loves him, too.

She wishes Sadhana were there so she could tell her, It'll all be alright, younger sister, and see Sadhana's bright smile telling her, Yes, it will, older sister.

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