WARNING! This chapter is mostly just porn. I know I try to keep the explicit stuff off of ffnet and only on LJ, but that's not happening right now. If people do actually prefer that I keep a 'clean' version of this fic available than do let me know and I'll get on it, otherwise, if people prefer the porn, then I'm just going to be lazy about it.

Zoro's apartment was average.

Or at least Zoro's couch was average (as far as Sanji could tell from where his face was currently buried in the cushions). Admittedly, he didn't really give much of a flying fuck. The adrenaline and excitement that had gotten him through the last handful of hours had finally left his system and been abruptly replaced with a deep-set exhaustion. The back of the couch faced the apartment's entrance and Sanji climbed over the back of it the second Zoro had gotten his door open.

"Oi. I do have a bed..." Zoro waited five seconds, was blatantly ignored, and then proceeded to grab Sanji's ankles, pulling him from the couch and dragging him across the carpeted floor towards the bedroom.

Halfway down the hallway Sanji finally decided to kick out, breaking Zoro's hold with a muffled "Fuck off." But even he could tell that his heart wasn't really in it. What he did know was this:

Zoro's carpeting was below average.

It itched against Sanji's cheek and fuck on Zoro's living room floor gets scratched off of his mental to-do list.

"Do you need me to Pretty-Princess carry you to my bed or what?"

Sanji finally rolled onto his back and reached up to use a fistful of Zoro's shirt as leverage to pull himself onto his feet. He let go of the shirt and nudged the other man aside, slightly stumbling down the short hallway as he kicked off his shoes.

"You don't even know where the bedroom is, love-cook."

Leaning against the wall, Sanji tugged off his socks and stuffed them into his pants' pockets. "There are like… two doors in this hallway. I figure I'll either get the bedroom or the bathroom. And, honestly, right now a bathtub would be just inviting."

An amused smile tugged at the corners of Zoro's mouth. "Sorry, but I've only got a standing shower."

"Ugh. Of course you do." Sanji flattened himself against the wall as Zoro slid past him and nudged open the door at one side of the hallway.

Sanji stripped off his suit jacket, cringing at the smudges of dirt, ash, and blood rubbed into the expensive threads. "Westwood," he murmured sadly. "Westwood." Sanji gingerly folded it over his arm, hoping he'd be able to find a cleaner who could work miracles. "Thing cost more than this apartment, by the looks of it."

"Says more about your shopping habits than it does my apartment," Zoro called out over the sound of running water drifting from the open door of the bathroom.

Sanji gave the small apartment a cursory look before walking into the bathroom, hip leaning against the doorjamb. Paint was cracking at the corner where wall met floor and dark stains seeped in from the ceiling. The apartment was old and it showed.

But it was surprisingly neat. Not the same clean-and-open-minimalist-neat of Sanji's own flat, but there was definitely a distinct lack of stereotypical-bachelor mess.

No, not neat. Empty, Sanji corrected.

Blue eyes tracked the course of the water pouring from the faucet as it ran over Zoro's head lowered into the sink and watched as the water flattened the short green strands before splashing into the drain below.

"I know my bed's not covered in hand-woven silk sheets…" Sanji's eyes flicked open, not even sure when he'd closed them, surprised by how close Zoro's voice had sounded. The swordsman was no more than two feet away, towel draped around his neck to catch the water still dripping from his hair. "You should get some sleep."

When it was clear that Sanji wasn't planning on commenting nor moving, Zoro took another step forward and made to slip past the cook still standing in the doorway.

Zoro didn't get very far.

The moment Sanji felt the warmth of Zoro's body brush by him, his hand shot out reflexively, splaying against Zoro's exposed hip bone and curling around the muscled sides. His eyes stayed on the point of contact, thoughts fuzzy and slow.

Zoro tucked two fingers under Sanji's jaw and lifted until they were once again face-to-face. He leaned forward and caught Sanji's lower lip between his own. It was a chaste kiss with only the briefest brush of tongue before Zoro pulled away just the slightest bit. "You're exhausted. Sleep here tonight and you can head home tomorrow." Sanji's only response was letting his head droop forward, forehead resting against Zoro's clavicle. The swordsman nudged Sanji with his free hand; murmuring a rough "I really will carry you if I have to, love cook."

"You even try to lift me and I'll-"

"Yeah, yeah, I know. You'll kick me halfway to the moon. Or some bullshit like that." Zoro stood still for another moment. "So, are you going to move by yourself or…?"

With a grumble and a sigh, Sanji stepped aside to let Zoro pass.
Already halfway undressed, Sanji had only to peel off his sooty button up before he was ready to flop onto the modest double-sized bed. Zoro sat on the edge, tugging off his pants before reaching down for his socks. A warm puff of breath and skin pressed into the small of his back where Sanji had rolled into the dip of the mattress.

Zoro looked longingly back at the bathroom- he couldn't wait to take a proper shower and wash off the smell of smoke and the stickiness of recently dried sweat from his body.

"Don't even think about it. It's fucking cold and I've already gotten ash all over your sheets anyways." The words were muffled against Zoro's lower back and were accompanied by a half-hearted wiggle as though to prove Sanji's point.

The swordsman let out a defeated "fine" and lay back where he sat, effectively smothering the other man, who then turned his head and sank his teeth into muscled back.

"Ow, fucking okay. Put away your fangs, I'm moving…"

The bed's soft creaks and shuffling adjustments slowly melted away into the comfortable background murmur of the city's nightlife as the two faded into sleep.


Zoro blinked groggily into the sunlight and breeze streaming into his kitchen from windows he had thought were painted shut. He squinted at Sanji, who was elbows deep in sudsy dishwater. "Why is my kitchen so fucking shiny."

"I think we all know that the real question here is: why wasn't your kitchen this fucking shiny in the first place?"

Zoro walked over, plucking the cigarette hanging from Sanji's mouth and leaning in close. "That shit's gonna give you cancer."

Sanji rolled his eyes, "Beating a dead horse, yada yada..." but closed the distance, hands stilling in the dishwater as his lips pressed moist and soft against Zoro's.

"How dedicated are you to finishing those dishes?" Zoro murmured, trailing kisses up Sanji's jaw.

For a moment, Sanji looked torn. He tilted his head a slowly exhaled, enjoying the feel of Zoro's lips, tongue, nip-of-teeth down the side of his neck. "Alright," he decided, draining the sink and rinsing off his hands before turning around and pulling Zoro close, "here's the plan: I'm going to fuck you on that ratty-ass couch you've got in there and then you're going to put it out on the curb to be picked up with the trash."

"Like hell I am. I love that damn couch," Zoro said, hands on Sanji's hips already maneuvering them out of the kitchen and towards said couch.

Sanji stopped for a moment as they passed his duffel and grabbed the lube and a condom from the inside pocket. "Not as much as you'll love riding my-" he was cut-off by Zoro's low rumble of laughter directly against his mouth.

"Yes, okay I'll get rid of the fucking couch." He stood in front of the couch where Sanji had finally taken a seat and reached down to run his fingers through the still shower-damp hair. "Why should I even bother putting up with your high maintenance demands," he said without any real bite.

Sanji scooted forward until he was sitting at the edge of the couch, face level with Zoro's navel and hands pushing up the hem of his dark blue tank top. "It's expensive to be in first class," his thumbs hooked under Zoro's sweats and boxers, slowly tugging them down muscular thighs, "but the perks are worth it." Sanji's eyes locked with Zoro's as he dragged his tongue across his own palm before reaching forward to wrap it around the base of Zoro's cock.

Zoro schooled his breathing into a steady rhythm as he watched Sanji lower his head, tongue darting tentatively against his sensitive skin. One of his hands found it's way to Sanji's shoulder while the other brushed hesitantly over blonde hair.

Sanji took his time, still not quite used to being this intimate with another guy. First he mouthed along the shaft, lips and tongue working their way from base to tip before finally slipping his lips around the head, already pearling with precome. His eyes slipped closed as he focused on regulating his breathing through his nose, head slowly bobbing up and down as he hollowed his cheeks. Above him he could hear Zoro murmuring his name with slightly panting breaths.

He blindly reached for the lube he'd set down on the cushion beside him and popped it open by feel, letting some dribble onto his palm and fingers. Sanji brought one hand up to press against Zoro's balls as the other hand slipped further back, the tip of one slick finger tracing the puckered ring of muscle before pushing against it.

"Fuck, Sanji, come on come on," Zoro growled above him.

Sanji smirked around Zoro before taking in more with a renewed effort as his fingers stretched and pumped in and out of the other man.

Zoro painstakingly, if clumsily, pushed against Sanji's forehead, urging him off, before fully stepping out of his pants and boxers puddled around his ankles. He straddled Sanji's hips, his knees digging into the couch's cushions, and pulled off his tank top. Zoro's hands pulled impatiently at Sanji's boxer briefs as his mouth found come-slick lips.

Sanji laughed, breathless, between bruising kisses, "Who's the fucking impatient one now?"

"Hey, I was just trying to follow through with your plan for me to ride you into this couch," he punctuated his words by grinding against Sanji's barely clothed erection, "but if you've changed your mind...?"

"Fuck no," Sanji said as he wrapped one arm around Zoro's waist to hold him steady as he shifted himself around in order to shimmy his underwear off.

Zoro worked to pull off Sanji's cotton shirt- which was actually one of Zoro's older university tees, and when had Sanji gotten his hands on that- and leaned down to press a smug kiss against his temple in a gesture that was sweeter than he'd initially intended.

Sanji used his lube-free hand to pull Zoro's head down for a deep kiss, nails scratching softly at the back of his head. Zoro moaned at the sensation, torn between whether to further deepen the kiss or push back against the fingers. "Like a fucking cat," he gasped as Zoro took him in hand, angling and then slowly sinking down onto Sanji.

Zoro shut his eyes and leaned down to press their foreheads together at the same time Sanji's fingers restlessly gripped and loosened against his hips. They both took a few seconds to simply adjust to the feeling, breathing in each other's air. It was another moment before Zoro falteringly began to move.

His knuckles whitened against the back of the couch as he arched against Sanji's chest, slowly building rhythm and confidence along with the slow burn of pleasure pulling his abs tight.

"Jesus fucking Christ you feel amazing," Sanji panted against Zoro's chest as he started to thrust his hips up, counterpoint to Zoro's own movements.

Zoro half-chuckled half-gasped as he nipped at the top arch of Sanji's closest ear, "Should I be concerned that you didn't reach that same revelation when it was my dick up your ass?"

Sanji huffed out a surprised laugh, "You really should. Your ass is so fucking magical I bet you shit unicorns and rainbows."

They both shook with a combination of laughter and exertion and it wasn't long before Sanji slipped a hand between them and started jacking Zoro off in time with his thrusts.

With each pull of Sanji's fingers and thrust of his hips, Zoro could feel himself teetering closer and closer to the brink, which is, of course, when his front door creaked open and Ace stuck his head in.

Zoro froze, brain gearing up to let out a string of profanities, but then Sanji, who was facing away from the door, was muttering an endless stream of "marimo, marimomarimomarimo" into his ear and combining it with a series of particularly sharp, if shallow, thrusts and Zoro couldn't really find it in himself to care. And anyways, it wasn't like he'd never walked in on Ace before and this was Zoro's fucking apartment which had been locked and-

Zoro's eyes snapped shut and he arched forward as Sanji's angle and speed hit just right, "Shit, Sanji, right there. Fuck, just like that." He cracked one eye open to see that Ace was still standing immobile at the open door, mouth half open in an aborted greeting. Zoro flipped him off and then proceeded to grind down at a brutal pace, thighs aching with the effort, but worth the reward of Sanji's increasingly louder groans and gasps.

Ace smothered a laugh against his hand, but bowed out of the apartment with a little wave and just the slightest look of contrition upon his face.

The minute their unexpected voyeur left the room, Zoro let himself fade into the waves of pleasure and his vision greyed, head thrown back and fingers digging into Sanji's shoulder. Next thing he knew, his back was hitting the couch and Sanji was over him, kissing and panting against his cheek as his rhythm broke down to stuttered thrusts before finally stilling with a gasp.

Sanji hovered over him for another second as Zoro did his best to make room on the couch next to him. Sanji still ended up laying half on top of him.

Zoro threw an arm around Sanji's waist and yawned, "okay, you can go finish the dishes now."

Sanji made a half-hearted attempt to elbow him in the stomach and mostly settled for smothering him with heavy limbs. They lay content for a few minutes before Sanji let out a sigh and groused about drying come.

Zoro joined him in sitting up and rubbed at his pleasantly sore thighs, "yeah, and Ace is probably waiting out in the hall."

Sanji gave him a suspicious look, but decided not to pursue it. "I don't even give a shit at this point. I'm gonna shower."

Zoro grunted in response and watched as Sanji bent to pick up the clothes strewn around the couch. He was caught watching, but Sanji just wiggled his hips lewdly and then leaned down for a last kiss before his shower. A whisper of words, "by the way, good morning," lingering on his lips as Sanji pulled away.

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